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It's Your Decision
Last week we suggested that
our $5.00 fee for Cap & Gown
might be put to better use. The
immediate idea was to
contribute to the Bangla Desh
relief fund. But we don't have to
limit it to that. We could - put the
money to use in any number of
But first, does anyone want to
do it? How many of you really
want to wear the traditional
graduation togs? It's
understandable if you do. After
all, a picture with Mom & Dad
just won't be the same if you are
wearing cut-offs and a PSU
And then there is the idea
that tradition is not always done
away with easily. But let's face
it, many of us will not be
wearing the uniform anyway. So
the tradition is shaking now.
We are not suggesting this
course of action just to break
tradition or to upset those who
would honor the tradition. We
do think, however, that instead
of paying five bucks to some guy
who probably doesn't need it,
we can give it to someone who
If anyone is looking' forward
to hanging the tassel on his
rear-view mirror, perhaps the
book store can get a supply for
us. Although I don't know the
exact figure, there must be
nearly 600 of us graduating this
June. At $5.00 a gown, we could
make the possible $3,000.00 do
something good for someone.
Maybe $3,000.00 won't be
much help to Bangla Desh, but it
couldn't hurt. We might also
suggest bringing it closer to
home. There are a variety of
food and health funds for aid to
the domestic poor. We might
keep it on campus the BSU
scholarship fund comes to mind.
But $3,000.00 for sweaty
graduation gowns seems absurd
[ ] I prefer wearing the Cap and Gown at graduation.
I plan to wear the Cap and Gown, but will contribute $5
to the fund.
I I I will contribute my $5 to the fund
[ ] I wish to keep my $5
NAME (please
. 1
Staff of the
Samantha Bower
Gregg Orescenzo
Jane McDonald
Steve Wesley
COPY EDITOR: Cheryl Boyes
Tom Hagen Don Lewis
Lee Nell Steve Rosenzweig
Michael Collins
Associate Editors:
Bob Bonaker
Cliff Batson
Business Manager: Midis Zitter
John Inkekord LAYOUT:
Frank Fox
Or $2,000.00 or $1,000.00.
So look. We've got a
questionaire below yes Ralph,
another one. Please fill it in now
so that you don't forget it, and
so that we can get something
started. There are adequate
alternatives for you to register
your opinion. You may suggest
any worthwhile fund you desire.
Please be serious this could be
of benefit to many people.
But this is the last issue of the
term so DO IT NOW!
Next term we will print the
results and set up the collection
tables. Whatever your opinion
seniors only, please register it
with us so that we can see if
enough support will be
One more thing. Please don't
cheapen this effort by ripping
off 10 CAPITOLISTS and
stuffing the box. And, after we
take a majority from the returns,
if your particular choice has not
been selected, please contribute
anyway. Five or $l5 dollars will
be of more value when included
with a larger amount. If we can,
for once, get together, we can
really be of service. Thank you.
Beginning in the Spring term
of 1972, any announcements
broadcast over the air must be
paid for at the rate of
$l.OO/day. This will guarantee
that your announcement will be
broadcast a minimum of ten
(10) times per day.
All announcements must be
typed on official announcement
reports, which will be obtainable
in the WZAP Studio, W-106.
No announcements will be
read on the air until payment
has been received.
Please Print
by Charles Zitter
and Michael Collins
One of the more unique
personalities on campus is
Ambrose Klain, an instructor in
Regional Planning. Klain, a
native of Czechoslovakia, was
educated at the University of
Technology where he received
his bachelor degree in civil
engineering. Later he attended
Masaryk University where he
studied law for two years. Due to
the outbreak of World War 11,
Klain, a member of the
underground movement for a
Democratic Czechoslovakia, was
arrested and tortured. He
managed to escape to Russian
occupied Poland. In Poland he
was arrested again, only this
time by the Russians.
Klain was placed into forced
labor camps which took him
from the Finnish border, on the
Murmansk, and finally to
Siberia. "I didn't commit any
political crime", he says, "my
only crime was to run away
from the German invasion and
seek freedom." Klain's will to
survive was strong as he lived a
life much like that of Ivan
Denisovich, subsisting on soup
made from onion skins, and a
daily ration of a half pound of
bread. With this meager amount
of nourishment he was forced to
march through the Russian
tundra in fifty below zero
weather wearing shoes made of
old tires.
Two and one half years later,
Main was released by a
international treaty which pve
prisoners amnesty. Of the
Blood Donors Needed!
All Blood Types
We need blood donors
of all types immediately.
For only a few hours of
your time a week, you can
earn $BO per month.
Please call today.
2634 N. Third St.
Harrisburg, Pa.
238-6349 or 2386309
" ' 'I
Meatball Sandwiches
Italian Sandwiches
OF ONE PIZZA Ismsll or large)
IPizza by the dice, too.
g Eat Here or Take Out
1.. 23 & Union Sr.
50,000 who escaped from
Czechoslovakia, only 10%
actually survived the tortous
prison camp life. After
recovering from typhoid and
dysentery, Klain was sent into
the Russian Army where he
joined the Czechoslovakian
brigade which later became the
Ist Czechoslovak Army Corps.
He fought against the Germans
on the Eastern front as an
officer of artillery till the end of
World War 11. Ambrose came
home to find his family had
been destroyed in the gas
chambers. After the Communist
take-over, Klain immigrated to
Canada in 1949.
It was in Canada where Klein,
working for land surveying and
civil engineering firms during the
day, attended night school to
learn English. He continued his
education at Sir George Williams
University and McGill University
The New Stages Drama Group
will sponsor Oscar Wilde's The
Importance of Being Ernest,
Thursday, March 9, 1972, at
8:00 p.m. in the Auditorium. A
small donation to help support
the Group and help pay the
Player's Repretoire Company,
the performers, who are under
the direction of Anthony Arms,
is requested at the door.
Cast conflicts, lack of time,
exhaustion and the progress of
the play to that point resulted in
the scrapping of Edward Albee's
Tiny Alice. We of the Drama
sad reopie mductions
mos loam!
Student Marshals Needed
for the Rock Festival
Think Now! Plan Now!
First Meeting of Marshals
Thurs., April 13th 7:30
in Vendorville.
Letter To The Editor
Thursday, March 9,1972
in Montreal. It was during this
period he met his wife, Phyllis
Margaret Johnson, head nurse at
Queen Elizabeth Hospital.
From 1958 to 1968 he
worked as an urban planner in
Cleveland, Ohio. Most of his
work consisted of urban and
environmental studies such as
problems and issues of the Lake
Erie waterfront in a densely
populated and industrialized
Northeastern Ohio.
From 1964 to 1968 Klain
taught urban and regional
planning at Case Western
Reserve University in Cleveland,
Ohio, where he received his
masters degree in urban
planning. Presently, Klain is the
editor of the Central
Pennsylvania Planning News and
Review which is a publication of
the American Institute of
Planners, and is Secretary-
Treasurer of the local section of
the American Institute of
Klain enjoys teaching the
great variety of Capitol Campus
students coming from all
programs and all social
stratifications in our country. He
believes that the instructor
"should present new ideas and
new solutions to urban and
environmental issues. The
knowledge is important. It is the
student's business how he is
going to apply the proposals."
Klain's ambitions are to be
able to read and learn more for
the benefit of his teaching and
to write more on urgent urban
and environmental issues.
Group are sorry we can't
perform ourselves this term. We
feel, however, that you will
enjoy the Player's Repretoire
Co. in their rendition of The
Importance of Being Ernest. The
reason for the small donation
request is one of poverty. We
need to help pay for the
performance, since it is coming
out of our budget. You will not
be turned away if you cannot or
will not contribute. The
donation is simply a request.
Your attendance will be
V.i%mk x
Joe Ludani