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Vol. VI, No. 3
The Student Government
Association held its weekly
meeting Monday night while
only a few members of the
student body observed, two of
them representing the staff of
Terry Wimmer convened the
meeting when a quorum had
been reached.
Sen. Dennis Hassler gave a
report concerning charter
reviews for TARNHELM,
the campus literary magazine;
Delta Tau Kappa; the Black
Student Union; and the Chess
Club, saying their reviews are
pending. Wimmer mentioned an
occurrence during the Faculty
Council meeting where it was
discovered Dean Heindel
advocated an investigation into
the current qualitative standards
of independent studies. The
investigation will be conducted
by a sub-committee of the
Academic Affairs Committee
and students will apparently be
able to serve.
Sen. Lenny Thompson made a
motion to require professors in
It all started December 4
when a good Tennessee team
upset the favored Nittany lions
31-11. Though Penn State didn’t
play up to their potential, much
credit has to be given to
This upset made Penn State
hungry for a win over Texas in
the Cotton Bowl. They had to
refudiate experts’ claims that
Eastern football wasn’t
comparable to the South’s. The
Longhorns gave them that
chance. And the Dons came
through with an impressive 30-6
Texas, as we all know, is the
favored choice for the Cotton
Bowl every year. This year was
no exception. When Penn State
was chosen for the Bowl, two
Penn State students from
Capitol Campus decided to
venture to the state of Texas for
the game. Fortunately for the
two, Steve Wesley and Cal Yohe,
they spent most of their
vacation in New Orleans before
going to Dallas.
In Dallas, they found none of
that famous Southern
hospitality. What they found
I tL
all curriculums to advise
students of grade standing at
Mid-term. ITie motion was
carried. New courses were also
finalized in many areas of Social
Science, Humanities, Business
and Engineering.
Wimmer also announced that
the case where one Program
Head had allegedly usurped the
Dean’s authority concerning
final judgement of whether or
not a student could drop a
course after the 21 day limit had
been referred to the Academic
Affairs Committee.
Other business discussed
included the possible repeal of
the credit-unit system which
would, create numerous 3,2, and
1 credit courses.
The SGA reminds students
that the new Provost of Capitol
Campus, Dr. McDermott, will
assume his post next week. The
SGA continued a desire to
change degree language on the
diplomas to read Bachelor of
Arts instead of Bachelor of
Social Science, etc. There was
Bum Steers
by Steve Rosenzweig
was a Texas team of Longhorns
that played like bum steers and
about 30 Texas fans who were
celebrating their victory on
booze and pot on New Year’s
Eve. But there would be no
Mr. Wesley, being the
gentleman that he is, wished a
young lady a happy new year
from Penn State at their hotel
before the game. Unfortunately,
she was a drunken Texas student
with a boyfriend and about 30
other Texans in the room down
the hall. What happened to
Wesley and Yohe was not an
example of Southern hospitality,
but rather southwest brutality.
And this was before the game!
What would have happened to
them after the game had they
run into the Texas students who
undoubtedly belonged locked in
cages? Here is a short description
of what happened:
The scene was set New Year’s
Eve at the Adolphus Hotel in
Dallas. The Texas fans had their
rooms on the sixth floor which
for some oddball reason was
marked “twelve” on the
elevator. It must be some weird
3 oo p.Tw.j
"All The New* That Fit* .... We Print”
also a continuance in a petition
for Capitol Campus autonomy
from University Park.
There was discussion over the
continuing hassle of the
requirement that SGA members
have a 2.33 average and the
dismissal of five Senators
because they dropped below
that minimum requirement. A
motion by Sen. Hassler to set up
a “suggestion box” for campus
improvement in the SGA office
was defeated.
There was concern over the
impending problems of the
library, and a speed-up of
action was urged. Dean Grimm
mentioned the possibility of the
SGA helping to fund the
purchase of a small grand-piano
for the physical plant, in an
attempt to save money in the
long run.
Sen. Hassler announced that
teacher evaluation forms will be
distributed in faculty offices,
lounge areas and the Library
sometime next week.
system for those tall Texans. As
Wesley and Yohe exited at
twelve for the sixth floor, they
encountered a pretty young
Southern belle. The dialogue
went something like this:
“Hi, are you from Texas?”
Steve asked.
“Yes, I am”, said the pretty
“Well, Happy New Year from
Penn State”, as he planted a
friendship kiss on her cheek.
The girl who was drunk out of
her gourd began screaming and
shouting as she ran down the
hall. Now girls, Steve’s kiss
couldn’t have been that bad, so
he assumed that when 30 Texas
students came running down the
hall, it was because he and Cal
were from Penn State.
Steve and Cal were quite
outmanned but they did the
logical thing when the
Longhorns came swinging at
them. After they both received
shots in the eye, they hit the
floor and prayed. So, the Texans
did the thing of any other
Southern gentlemen and began
kicking them for a few minutes.
Being fine Penn State fans, they
knew they might lose the fight,
but they’ll win the game. So,
they didn’t report this to the
police. Besides, the police down
there would have probably
locked them up. They forgot
about the situation completely
when Penn State crushed the
bullshitting bum steers from the
University of Texas in the
Cotton Bowl.
Penn State had a chance to go
to the Cotton Bowl before, but
instead the players chose the
sunny, friendly Orange Bowl in
Miami. Next time, maybe they’ll
know better. After all, they
already have brandedthe
Longhorns and having nothing
more to prove to the University
of Texas and their “John
Wayne” brawling students who
were found to be loco on cactus
Charter Review Committee
Holds Meetings
The Charter Review
Committee of the Student
Government Association
recently held it’s first meetings
of the Winter Term.
The committee reviewed
organizations applying for
charter recognition, submitting
new constitutions for approval,
changing their names and/or
pending review for inactive
Newly chartered organizations
include: the Capitol Campus
Boosters Club and the Tarnhelm
(the literary magazine); and the
Chess Club which was
recommended for approval to
the SGA by the committee.
Organizations having their
new constitutions recommended
for approval include: Delta Tau
Kappa and the Black Student
Union. The Mrs. Club received
the approval of the committee
to change it’s name to the
Capitol Campus Womens Club,
v c+c
A Simultaneous Chess Exhibition
The Capitol Campus Chess
Club is proud to announce its
first Simultaneous Chess
Exhibition by Mike Shahade.
This exhibition will be held
Thursday, February 3, at 12:15
PM in the Gallery Lounge.
Everyone interested is invited to
register at W-105 as soon as
possible. There is no entry fee!
Plus, the first three winners will
be awarded $25.00 each by the
Pennsylvania State Chess
This exhibition will involve
Free parking Piauers again tontght.
Stor/OD Q 3. Jo q
Thursday, January 27,1972
by Mike Dini
and Zeta Epsilon Omega was
rejected due to the inactivity of
the organization.
Organizations pending review
and/or recommendation and
approval of the committee arc:
the Institute of Traffic Engineers
(ITE) and the Christian Science
The committee also discussed
the procedures for forming a
club and/or organization on
campus. These procedures are
found in Article XVI of Campus
Organizations, Section I of the
SGA Constitution; the Charter
Article of the SGA By-Laws,
Sections l - 3 and the University
Policies and Rules for Students
1971-72, Section 111, Policies
and Procedures for Student
Organizations and Activities,
pages 60 thru 77 of the “CATS’
TALE,” the official Student
by Wendell Leppo
Mike Shahade playing all
registered at the same time. Cgft
he do it? Will Mike-Ch®
Champion of the State for the
past two years-match the moves
of all opponents in simultaneous
chess play and win? This is the
most ambitious event held by
the club here at Capitol Campus.
Everyone is invited to register.
Even if you do not play chess,
come and watch Mike do the
seemingly impossible at 12:15
PM Thursday, February 3, in the
Gallery Lounge.