The capitolist. (Middletown, Pa.) 1969-1973, January 20, 1972, Image 8

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by Michael Patti
There is a certain part of the
earth, which by nature, only my
own, we haven’t seemed at all to
discuss, the city and life at its
finest. Why, just think of
everything that’s there. Yes! It’s
all right outside of your
cardboard illusion, take the top
off and try to look to see the
sky from the pavement, maybe
even a few trees, and green grass
of the capitol lawn. I stop and
rap with a squirrel, he runs up,
and all he sez: Right on, with his
fist raised to sky above his head
and mine.
Things were not well at this
point, but not all is always well.
Just yesterday the city streets,
the buildings, the noises, the
people took on a strange
perspective, and spoke profusely
of their goods, others less
obviously involved in the total
makeup of the picture, spoke of
the ills which seem to have beset
us all. The play was a plight of a
play, a mockery of parody with
true cynics delight. Easing
forward on the bench to observe
the tension, a light beam
through the trees caught me for
an instant and radiated my
presence--it smiled as though
nothing were wrong.
It’s evident that the course of
events is well placed in the
tabloids of the past, only to have
their truth reckon so. . .only
now the squirrel feints and ploys
along the ground through some
faring blast from a tarkus on the
street below. The squirrel’s
deafness muted the raucouity to
a mere chewing on peanuts. The
gladiators now storm from their
doors, an elevators, and quarters.
They’re all out in search of that
daily lunch time activity.
Beastial flights on fantasy,
pushing and shoving, biting in
terror, afraid and unknowing,
Winter-Spring of 1972
Harrisburg, Penna.
Through February 6, 1972
Prints and paintings by Linda
Plotkin of State College, Penna.
Sculpture (Pictorial
Participations) by Roger Shipley
of Williamsport, Pa.
February 19 through March 12,
Scholastic Art Awards the
best of junior and high school
art in Central Pa.
March 31 through May 14,1972
Paintings of Western
Pennsylvania by George Hetzel
April 9 through May 14, 1972
A five woman show of
paintings, prints, drawings and
Florence Putterman,
printmaker, from Selinsgrove,
Dee Blumenthal, painter,
from State College, Pa.
Wendy Snet singer,
photographer, from State
Jean Osborn, painter, from
State College
Mary Cady Ruebenstein,
sculptor, from State College
and only knowing the boredom
insanity of their tarkus,
mechanical live’s. Here we are,
shut off from me and you in
retroactivity. Our space flights
have taken us from many forms
of our own, and some, we might
not know what we are, but
surely back to the point of the
city. . .We stop and think a
minute while waiting for a walk
Meanwhile, eons advances
through time warps, stopping
and catching his breathe a
moment in a lovely wooded
forest stand. Studying the area
momentarily, he immediately
started to rap to his immediate
moment. Not forgetting to
record it well; as a grain of sand
slips from his fingertip, a
snowflake falls and crushes to a
waiting guagmire of it all. The
moment passed, angular
momentum overcomes its own
impetus, ownly to find himself
off at a hurried pace once again,
overcoming his own inertia to
remain constant. Burnin’ off like
a paranoic muth’ fa’, drivin’ that
train blasted out and drunk on
Buzzin’ by the windows along
a narrow path beside this
white-striped black snake,
Dynamic Printing brought to
you by A and P, brought to you
by Heller’s Appliances, brought
to you by Grace Evangelic
Church, brought to you by US
Post Office-West Branch,
brought to you by Grandson’s
Bar and Hotel, brought to you
by Herndon’s Gas, and Eons
passes thusly. . .The light
changes and we cross the street,
findin’ ourselves still alive as the
traffic races madly behind us.
Stay stoned for more details. .
.Well this is all very interesting,
the passing events and such.
Freaky Frank admits to eating
a thanksgiving dinner of
meatloaf at Kresge’s; Billy
Greenstar seems to be floating in
a sea of forgotten teardrops; and
new year’s day was spent
stungout for food and cigarettes.
The day was no less interesting,
due to the excellent stash, which
produced hungries in demand,
I Attention: The Bathtub Race Is Coming!
Clearance Sale
2IK-M% on
All Winter Merchandise
*De *V<MO4
the Finest in Men’s Wear
basically in command. So here’s
this body held in abeyance by
this unsated stomach. Peanut
buttered ends and chocolate
cake, and somehow greenstar
emits abject poverty vibes-this is
mainly due to growing up in the
suburban ghettos.
So its the new year, have a
few raps with your head, and
think yourself to be taking that
first golden step to make it all
better, but wake up with a
hangover in the morning, pushed
out of bed to start the war
games all over again, being
assured every year, that there is
always a new year. It’s a season
of peace, happiness, and etc.
that’s celebrated only once a
year, why not all the time, don’t
be duped. . .Ehh, all i can say
anymore, is it just ain’t real.
Christmas comprimised with this
rap: An Ode To Christmas:
Christmas provided one with
gifts of bestowment and stone,
away and on off among the
trees, and yon’ stream alone, the
cloudy daze raps with hazy sun
to the muttering dogs, just sittin’
Village Dry Cleaning and Laundry |
Olmsted Plaza Rt. 230, Middletown |
Two Pairs
Mens or Ladies Slacks
Cleaned & Pressed $l.OO
Laundromat Hours
Mon. thru Fri.
{ Sat. 9AMto 5 PM Sun. 19 AM to 2PM
and listenin’ to the music on
some old fallen log. The water
had lots to say.
So, you may consider yourself
at an impass. For one to go on
further, is to charge the bushes
fanatically, but awareness is the
fragrance of life. Not being able
to dig it is a lie to your own
living, it’s some sort of
hallucination, or what have you.
So fall in the river, or walk down
the street, it’s all the same. ..
and much more of this music,
and I’ll tear you from the page
and put you somewhere else;
how about the middle of
nothing-you’re to spaced out
and mentally fragmented to
consider cause it doesn’t matter.
Yeah, you’re jumpin’ around all
freaked and diggin’ it—all
because it doesn’t matter. .
.ships, ships, ships, the sky is full
of ships, only to find myself
listenin’ to the music of the
stream, and rappin’ to Punkus J.
Melunkus and Berkley
California, two dog friends of
cosmic consciousness, or what
have you...
with coupon
Students Only
9 AM to 7:30 PM
Thursday, January 20,1972
ikMUI Ins
Shippensburg Wins
by Charlie Carlin
The 1972 edition of Capitol
Campus basketball was unveiled
on Jan. 7, as the lions played
the Shippensburg Frosh. It was
an exciting contest as Capitol
trailed by only two points at the
half. But in the final eight
minutes Shippensburg surged
ahead to finally win'the game by
the score of 82 to 57.
Paul Hook paced the lions
with 17 points and 13 rebounds.
Rick Miller had 14 points and
Ed Sites had 13 markers to lead
the lions, as the team got the
season off to a rough start in the
unfriendly confines of the new
Shippensburg State College Field
Capitol vs. Mont Alto
Capitol’s second contest of
the season was the home opener
against Penn State Mont Alto,
played at the Main Street Gym,
Middletown. The lions played a
ragged first half and at one
stretch went over five minutes
without a score. By halftime,,
Mont Alto had a 45 to 22
With their backs to the wall,
the lions came out roaring in
the second half and treated the
crowd of approximately 180 to
an exciting contest. Capitol
outscored the visitors by seven
points in the second period but
lost the game, 80 to 64.
Sharpshooting Joe Duda lead the
Lions with 18 points, most of
them coming on long set shots
while Paul Hook was a tower of
strength with 12 points and 16
Third Straight Loss
In their third game in seven
days Capitol played Wilmington
College at the Main Street Gym.
The Lions were dwarfed by the
taller opponents and lost, 117 to
88. Again the team had trouble
scoring in the opening frame,
failing to score a field goal until
five and one-half minutes had
elapsed. Steve Hutter, a junior
from Pittsburgh, came off the
bench to spark the team to close
the margin to two points with
five minutes remaining in the
period. In the second half,
though, Wilmington turned the
game into a rout, winning by 29
The Lions resume their tough
schedule with home games
tomorrow night against Spring
Garden and Saturday against
Shenandoah College. Both
tussels will begin at 8:00 p.m.
Recreation/Athletics Build*
ing is open from 12:00 Noon
to 9:30 P.M. on Mondays,
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and
Thursdays, and from 12:00
Noon to 5:00 P.M. on Fridays.
The hours are from 1:00 P.M. to
4:00 P.M. on Saturdays and
The Base Gym is open from
6:00 P.M. to 9:30 P.M. on
Mondays, Tuesdays,
Wednesdays, and Thursdays. It is
closed on Fridays, but open
from 1:00 P.M. to 4:00 P.M.
every Saturday and Sunday.