The capitolist. (Middletown, Pa.) 1969-1973, January 20, 1972, Image 2

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“Did You Hear
The One About . .
“We, the Student Government
Association of the Capitol
Campus of the Pennsylvania
State University hereby strongly
recommend to the Office of
Student Affairs and to all other
offices or associations of this
University which deal in the
allocation of University
facilities, that any student or
groups of students who wish to
utilize the facilities of the before
mentioned institution for
educational and/or cultural
endeavors be permitted to do so
without the necessity of such an
endeavor being sponsored by a
chartered student organization.”
This is a proposal by a group
of students which was submitted
to the S.G.A. at their last weekly
meeting. The essence of this
proposal was accepted
unanimously and was sent to
University Park for approval.
Wonderful. How long will it take
to change the rule requiring
charter sponsorship to use
University facilities? In the
words of Terry Wimmer, “A
Granted, the system and its
red tape is extensive. So, in the
meantime, anyone who wishes
Letters To The Editor
Dear Editor,
When the S.G.A., in its first
meeting, stood on its hind legs
like the Great Russian Bear,
dismissing five senators because
of Constitutional conscience, it
descended to an all time low. It’s
preference of paper over people
is just one more example of the
paralytic poppycock that S.G.A.
has introduced into an already
inflexible system. The people
that elected those five senators
cared little about their scholastic
averages. They voted for the
man not the mind. Thus Student
Government, on the basis of a
principle that was popular in
high school - the necessity to
maintain a certain average, once
again has kissed the ass of the
Administration while kicking the
ass of the student body.
This and other fetters, which
reduce S.G.A. to a functional
liaison between the students and
the administration, can only
serve to impede rather than to
improve our campus system.
Those senators were honest,
devoted, hard working
individuals who contributed
their time and effort only to be
repaid by a slap in the face.
That so-called Sacred
Constitution was written by the
Chief Justice of the .Student
Court. That was in violation of
the purest of political science
principles; yet the Government
looked the other way. Last term
the Senate passed a measure to
move the record machine to the
Coffee House. The Executive
Committee of S.G.A. was
supposed to have acted upon
this measure; yet it has not.
Another violation. There have
been others. Each time the
Government refuses to stand on
ceremony. Yet now the
Government ceremoniously
stabs its fellow members in the
back, perhaps because it has too
to use the facilities must use the
regular channels. But what if the
students do not feel that they
should be forced to seek to be
sponsored by a chartered
Well, them’s the rules, baby,
arid you gotta follow the rules.
Can you ever make exceptions,
or ignore the rules? (I hear it
happens all the time.) One
senator asked that question and
was laughed down by most of
the Student Government. It
seems he is always asking dumb
questions like that. And besides,
he disagrees with a lot of things
the S.G.A. does. He even votes
against proposals that a lot of
people favor. Everybody knows
that the way to vote in the
S.G.A. is to watch what other
members are doing and then
raise your hand. No wonder he
gets laughed at. He’s a fool.
Anyone who thinks that he can
offer suggestions that are more
than twenty degrees off the
center of the range of the
left-right continuum must be
crazy if he thinks someone is
going to listen to him regardless
of whether they agree or not.
Keep trying, Fool.
little respect and it is attempting
to attract attention. If we are
ever to gain the least bit of
respect of the student body, we
must discard those bonds which
subordinate the Government to
the Administration, and become
an independent organization.
Perhaps when we cease to act as
a rubber stamp approving
organization of the
Administration, and begin to act
on our own, we can attract some
worthwhile attention and
respect. We can begin now by
admitting that we are wrong,
and that people deserve a greater
amount of respect than
prejudiced papers and
prehistoric principles.
(Senator) Frank Dulisse
I remember being all spaced
out on crystal for about two
months, and one night I was
trying to get off. By this time, it
was a massive art, there were
standard operating procedures,
certain ritualistic pharaphernalia
were all tucked away in a nice
corner of this room. There was
another room, the bath, and the
kitchen in that order.
Sometimes, it would take hours
to go off in so many tangents,
besides looking out every
window in the whole place
twenty or thirty times, and end
up cleaning the whole crib, just
so everything was together to get,
off . . . and remember kids:
HOT LINE -944-1033
What is it that’s happening
here. I mean, it takes us so much
to get it together (energy
expended), and then we truck
off to Capitol Campus, a one
room dog show with enough
cubes for everyone, blue
ribbons, and what have you. Its
not like the red death or
anything fatal like that, but
where’d everybody go. I think I
saw them a minute ago, but
where did they go, I couldn’t
really feel them inside. But wait,
I’m not sure I’m reading you.
What is it that you want, and
what does it mean? Shall we end
up persecuting ourselves for own
negativity in this mass of other
dogs, other days, another time.
Kenneth Clarke has much faith
in the college youth of today,
but what’s happenin’ in a school
where some profs are more
radical than the students. Some
of us people (?) today, find it
totally necessary for change, for
this world to survive, but we
must not care too much. This
dog show exudes vibes of death.
We all play the game, and we
only perpetuate the death we
want to change. We perpetuate it
between ourselves. Some people
get uptight when they hear the
word revolution, but their heads
have stereotyped it into paranoia
and insecurity. They think its a
gun, but if they just look outside
their windows and see the war
that’s ragin’ now. They’re afraid
of losing their security, but still
they truck on a suicidal path. Its
There seems to be a number
of problems confronting many
of the clubs and organizations
on this campus. Among those
problems are the lack of
participation, interest, good
organization and publicity. This
is not to say that no one at all
cares about these activities; there
are always those few who are
willing to take most of the work
upon themselves for the good of
the student body. To those
people we owe a good deal of
thanks. But what about the
people who seem to have
nothing to do but bitch about
the activities here? These people,
for the most part, are the same
people who take the least part in
the social events and
organizations at Capitol Campus.
There are a lot of good
organizations here, organizations
which could do a lot if only
some people would be willing to
take ari active interest. In many
cases a lack of publicity has
hindered some of the
organizations; the students hear
little about the organizations
and the activities they include so
they fail to show any interest.
Some of the problems lie within
the leadership of these clubs, in
cases where the presidents or
leaders have failed to organize a
successful campaign to attract
new members to their
organizations. Also, there is the
problem of organizations failing
to interact with each other,
failing to coordinate their
activities in some way to bring
about more participation and
The President’s Council is one
of the organizations which can
help bring about this closer
interaction between the various
clubs. The President’s Council
was formed to act as a liason
between the student
organization and the student
body. It helps in coordinating
Michael Patti
Now’s Your Chance
by Mike Welliver
Reality: a Fathomless Joke
like beating a child because you
love them, and its for their own
good. I don’t believe in laying
down trips on peoples’ heads
and sayin’ its the right way cause
I don’t know all the answers.
Nothing seems to be ex- or
intrisically right or wrong with
the situation here, its here, we’re
here, blah, dig it, for sure. That
attitude is anti-brain trust, I
mean, if Dick Nixon has think
tanks like the Rand corporation;
why can’t we? If we ever
thought about getting together,
and we all thought about it the
same day, just thinking about
what’s happening around us here
now-we just might be able to
realize each other; at first on
different levels, but in terms of
the whole, we might find
ourselves all in the same place.
Its simple, and from there, who
knows what. If there seems to be
this dilemma in your head about
this rap, SAT NAM, OR--what
have you. Besides, when you
come right down to it, it doesn’t
really matter-we’re in it for the
money. As for myself, I don’t
believe that statement, though I
have become it many times in
the past, and where does that get
you, I ask you. And as the old
cliche’ goes, I got some shit
together to get myself a new pair
of boots, with which I could pull
myself up by the straps.
Let’s see if we can try this on
for size: what we’ll do is declare
this brain trust of singular
entities (that way your
major activities and social
events, and it acts as a
counseling service to the
individual clubs which might
need its help. The President’s
Council is probably the most
important organization the clubs
can turn to, but it too must have
support in order to be effective.
The organizations are asked to
help out by making sure their
leaders are present at all
meetings. Organizations should
be contacting the leaders of each
of the organizations in hopes of
setting up some system by which
the paper can receive news from
each organization on a weekly or
bi-weekly basis. The
CAPITOLIST can help but only
if it receives the cooperation of
all the organizations. So get the
news to us, we’ll print it.
remember that they run the risk
of having their charters revoked
if they are not represented
regularly at these monthly
In the coming months the
CAPITOLIST wifi be working
toward better publicity for the
clubs which are willing to
cooperate. Members of the
CAPITOLIST staff will
Staff of the
Tom Hagan
Lap Nell
Cliff Balson
Steve Calhoun
Thursday, January 20,1972
involvement will be individual),
this session shall be called:
National Garbage Week. We’ll
record all our thoughts on paper
of what we think about all of
this, even comments on this
piece of dogshit are welcome,
anything. Now, if you can get
that together, we’ll submit all of
the raps to this newspaper, and
we’ll rename it the c.c.
blueprint. It’ll be interesting to
see what everybody is thinking
and feeling, then we might be
one step closer to meeting
everybody’s needs.
Just look outside your
window, look beyond your
mind, see outside your grave of
pain, there’s other people to
find. Just look outside your
window, and ojfen up your
mind, feel some of those people,
and see what you’ll find. For
those of you who cannot see,
look-your reflection is in the
(Continued from page 1)
and from present 5 lawyers to
20; bureau now has 32 total
employees with a total budget of
only $400,000
formally backed the
Denenberg No Fault Insurance
called for gubernatorial
appointment of students to state
Board of Education
formed State Education
Committee to provide student
advisory to Education Dept.,
especially on existing Master
Plan for High Education as well
as proposed master plans for
regions of the state.
formed Political and
Legislative Action Committee
which will monitor voting
records of all state legislators,
subkitting them to student
governments; becomes the
lobbying arm of the state
Conference speakers included
Higher Education Commissioner
Warren Ringler, Chief Deputy
Insurance Commission Herbert
Goldstein, Consumer Protection
Bureau Director Joel Weisberg,
National PIRG Coordinator Dr.
Joseph Highland, Health
Security Council Intern Marc
Chafitz, Assn, for Independent
College Aid Chairman Richard
Mils, Assn. Secretary Keith
Warmkessel, Assn. Vice
Chairman Alan Linder, Hubbard
The Association is
headquartered at 2410 North
Second St., Harrisbutg, 17110.
Samantha Bower
Gregg Crescenzo
Russ Matthews
Jane McDonald
Steve Wesley
Kati Lamonica
Cheryl Boyes
Don Lewis
Ray Nearhood
Jim Kuzio
Steve Rosenzweig
Bob Bonaker
Mike Welliver
Doug DeLeon
Tom Black
Michael Blank
Becky Emery