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Vol. 5, No. 8
Security: "It’s Being Watched...”
S.G.A. Pres. Wimmer On Some Problems
“We are into the seventh
week of the term and I know
most students can sympathize
with the fact that, all of a
sudden, there are still a lot of
things to do in a short time. A
lot of things just haven’t been
done. Some are my fault, others
are organizational problems. But
Fm still optimistic.
“My main reason for being
optimistic is due to the recent
student reaction regarding the
library. At times I had wondered
whether the Student
Government and other
organizations were really
working. Then I saw that
individual students were able to
Terry Wimmer, S.G.A. President, discusses some of the campus
New Check
Cashing Rules
New check-cashing rules,
effective as of last Monday , have
been jointly announced by the
Capitol Student Government
Association and the Financial
Office. These new rules are
necessary because of the heavy
student usage of the
check-cashing service and a
change in the University’s check
cashing policy.
Henceforth, those using the
service will be asked to share in
the cost of the service by paying
a service charge of 10 cents for
each check cashed and by
limiting the amount of the check
to $25.00.
University checks such as
student paychecks are exempt
from the service charge and
amount limitation.
An additional service charge
of $4 will be made for each
check cashed which fails to clear
the maker’s bank because of
insufficient funds. For
insufficant funds checks which
are not cleared promptly* the
amount of the check and the
service charges will be billed to
the student.
Income from the service
charges will defray the cost of
providing the service including
the risk of uncollectible
achieve a goal. I realized that
organizations should, and will,
be able to do even more as
structured groups.
“It is to their credit that a
group of students were
succeeding in opening the library
for longer hours on the
weekends, while the Dean’s
Advisory Committee and the
S.G.A. were wallowing in red
tape and wage payroll problems.
It’s ironic that these students
provided the impetus, and a
great deal of the work. I think
this whole episode gave \is
(S.G.A. and others) a good kick
in the ass.
(You said there is a lot to be
Money Man
The appointment of Dr.
William A. Remaley as assistant
professor of finance at Capitol
Campus has been announced.
Dr. Remaley holds an
associate degree in engineering, a
bachelor of science degree in
business, and a master of
business administration degree
from Penn State.
He received his doctor of
philosophy degree in June 1971,
from New York University’s
Graduate School of Business. His
areas of concentration at N.Y.U.
were finance and investments,
quantitative analysis, and
marketing. His dissertation
concerned the selection of
optional investment portfolios.
Dr. Remaley was a
manpower planning analyst for
IBM in Endicott, N.Y., prior to
beginning work on his doctorate
in 1966. Since that time he has
worked in the Marketing
Research and Forecasting
Department of IBM’s Office
Product Division.
During the 1970-71
academic year, Dr. Remaley
taught statistics at University
College of Rutgers University.^
He is married to the former
Barbara J. Maier.
"All The New* That Fit* .... We Print"
done in a limited time. So why
all the optimism over one
“I wouldn’t have run for this
office if I hadn’t been hopeful of
success. But after several
stumbling blocks, I was
disappointed, naturally. But last
week was a good boost.
“Right now, there are two
important problems. The first
stems from the unfortunate
accident that Nancy Colneshad,
along with the departure of
Jerry South in the near future.
This means that the Student
Activities Office is virtually
“The second problem is the
inability of the President’s
Council to be an effective
organization on this Campus.
The President’s Council is, of
course, composed of the officers
of all the Campus Organizations.
This should have helped to
facilitate solid and rapid
“So, with the Council still
struggling, and the absence of
Nancy and, later on in the
winter, Jerry, there is going to
be a great strain on not only my
office but also Mike Bauer and
Don Lewis of the Social
Committee and John Grimm’s
“In the past, my direct
advisor was Jerry South. I had
hoped that Nancy would have
replaced him in this capacity,
along with Dean Grimm. But
now, there is only John Grimm,
which will be quite a strain on
him. An important point is that,
on the whole, the S.G.A. has
never had any major
differenceof opinion pertinent
to the Student Affairs Office.
My immediate concern,
however, is whether or not Dr.
Grimm can be a substitute for
both Nancy and Jerry. I’m not
questioning his abilities as Dean
(con’t. on p. 3)
No “special” guests attended
this week’s Student Government
meeting, but the Senate still had
its share of special problems.
A list of thirty houses from
Meade Heights guilty of tearing
up the grass was presented. As
you can see, Mr. Paul’s
“intensified campaign against
reckless drivers on Capitol
Campus” is moving right along.
During the Social Committee
report, Mike Bauer reported that
Oscar Douglas, Co-chairman, had
decided to resign from his
position due to the fact that he
was unable to handle both urban
term work and the Social
Committee. President Wimmer
moved that Oscar be relieved of
his duties and Eton Lewis replace
him. The Senate unanimously
The Screening Committee
represented by Harvey Brown,
declared that the three Junior
Justice positions could be filled.
The juniors chosen were, Harry
Nancy Colnes Hospitalized
Nancy Colnes, Student Activities Coordinator, is recovering from an
auto accident.
Nancy Colnes, of the office
of Student Activities, was rushed
to the hospital after sustaining a
broken leg and pelvis in an
automobile accident last
Wednesday night.
After tests proved that
Nancy had received no internal
injuries as well, doctors at the
Hershey Medical Center put her
in traction and scheduled an
operation on her leg for
tomorrow. The operation will be
to set her left femur so that it
will heal properly.
The accident which caused
this injury occurred as Nancy
was enroute to pick up Kathy
King, a fellow Student Affairs
officer, for a bowling date. At
Grandview and Spring Street,
another car failed to yield the
right of way and rammed
Nancy’s VW on the driver’s
door. An efficient ambulance
crew rushed her to the Med
Center within minutes after the
To Nancy, those must have
been very long minutes, for she
never lost consciousness through
it all. Now, however, she is in
bright spirits and is feeling quite
Franzrob—Church Hill, Sam
Randazzo-Meade Heights, and
Mickey Wolfson—Meade Heights.
Dean South then brought up
that old headache—residency
requirements. It seems that the
Student Court must be
composed of seven members.
1 from Wrisberg Hall
1 from Church Hall
2 from Meade Heights
2 commuters
The Chief-Justice may
belong to any of the three
residencies. Unfortunately, of
the four existing members, two
now live in Meade Heights. That
would technically make four
Justices from that area. Much
confusion ensued as to past and
present procedures until Len
Thompson requested that the
Senate take the Committee
report back to the Committee to
fulfill the living requirements.
Dean South was again given
the floor to discuss the
Thursday, November 11, 1971
well in spite of the injury.
At first it appeared that
Nancy would not be able to
return to work for as long as
three months. But the Colnes
tenacity has prevailed to the
degree that it is now estimated
that she will bereturning in early
December. This will avert
somewhat of a crisis in Student
Activities since Dean South wMI
be spending most of his time in
University Park after this term.
In the few months since
Nancy Colnes joined our
campus, she has worked very
effectively with nearly every
student activity here. Her early
return can only benefit all the
organizations, but she will be
missed until then.
Those who know her will
miss her friendly greeting in the
office or hall and will be happy
to see her return. It is quite
probable, too, that Nancy will
miss us during her
convalescence. So drop a note to
her or stop in to see her while
she is in the hospital. Her room
number is 557 at the Medical
Center in Hershey, Pa. Good
luck, Nancy. We hope to see you
here soon.
possibility of a meeting between
the Student Government
Association and the Presidents
of committees. He explained
that in the near future, the
Student Affairs Office will suffer
from an overload of work and a
lack of personnel. This work
would then be the responsibility
of the SGA. Dean South further
suggested that perhaps a dinner
would be more enticing to all
participants. Of course, the cost
of the affair would be split
Bob Polis from WZAP
played the “good boy” as he
asked permission to order only
one turntable. He stated that
this still would not exceed the
$550.00 allotted. The Senate
smiled its approval and once
again, Bob Polis was in good
The meeting came to a close
as the Math Marlin Kohler was
finally sworn-in along with the
three new Junior Justices.