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Heads Annonymous?
Los Angeles,
Calif.—(lntercollegiate Press):
Marijuana could become
competitive with alcohol as a
popular intoxicant, a University
of California at Los Angeles
pharmacologist forecast here
“It is conceivable that
marijuana could become
competitive with alcohol,
exhibiting many of the same
qualities for moderate and
excessive use over long periods
of time,” declared Professor
William H. McGlothlin.
“Future patterns of
marijuana use will include
amounts substantially above
those typically observed today,
with daily consumption of four
to six cigarettes not being
uncommon among regular
users,” he predicted.
“With the availability of the
more potent (cannabis)
preparations, some individuals
will likely consume several times
this amount,” Professor
McGlothlin said. At present the
typical, current “marijuana
user” in this country probably
smokes no more than one
cigarette per week, he noted.
“A student who smokes one
marijuana cigarette daily would
be considered a heavy user by
current standards-yet his
consumption is only 15 per cent
of what is considered moderate
in Eastern countries and no
more than one of two percent of
what is regarded as very heavy
use” there, Professor McGlothlin
A “significant increase” in
the number of persons who daily
consume four to six marijuana
cigarettes appears likely in the
next few years, he added.
“While this level of usage is
not generally considered
disruptive for the Eastern
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countries, it remains to be seen
whether the same conclusion
will hold in a much more
complex Western society. It
would not be surprising if some
individuals daily consume 40
marijuana cigarettes or more, an
amount that greatly exceeds that
presently observed in this
Four factors contribute to
this prediction, he explained: 1)
the majority of marijuana users
are still in the “experimenter”
stage; 2) in comparison with
other countries, the doses of
marijuana now being used in the
U. S. are “quite low”; 3) in spite
of earlier conclusions to the
contrary, tolerance to cannabis
apparently does develop,
especially for the more potent
preparations”; and 4) hashish or
other strong preparations are
likely to become more available.
“It should not be concluded
that a relatively high percentage
of future marijuana users will be
considered to consume excessive
amounts,” he declared. “Rather
the standards of what is
considered light, moderate, and
heavy usage are likely to be
shifted upward.
“Also, the more potent
cannabis preparations will not
necessarily replace preference
for marijuana among many
users, any more than the
availability of distilled liquors
eliminates the demand for beer
and wine.”
At present, he concluded,
the prevalence of one or more
trials of marijuana among
students at urban West Coast
colleges appears to be around 60
per cent. The rate for urban East
Coast schools is slightly less,
while those for Midwest and
Southern colleges probably are
no more than half to two-thirds
the West Coast rate.
Returned the same day
if in before noon.
9 AM to 7:30 Pm|
10 AM to 2 PM
Samantha Bower
Gregg Crescenzo
Russ Matthews
Jane McDonald
Steve Wesley
Nancy Shane
Cheryl Boyes
Don Lewis
Ray Nearhood
Jim Kuzio
Steve Rosenzweig
Bob Bonaker
Mike Welliver
Doug DeLeon
Tom Black
Michael Blank
As mentioned in last week’s
CAPITOLIST, a new literary
magazine has been established at
Capitol Campus. It’s name is the
TARNHELM and hopefully it
will provide means for literary,
and aritstic expression that has
not been available at Capitol.
The following interview is with
John Stack, a member of the
editorial board of TARNHELM.
Why was a literary magazine
established on campus?
John - Well, last year some
students felt a lack of
opportunity to express then
literary and artistic talents on
campus. To rectify this sitation,
several students decided to
resurrect a literary magazine this
What does TARNHELM
mean and why that name in
John - TARNHELM is
German for the “Winged
Helmet”. We chose the name
because we feel that it would
symbolize the dynamic quality
we hope will be present in the
How many members do you
have and when will you come
out with the publication?
John Every member of the
Capitol Campus community is a
“member” of the organization.
For administrative purposes,
there are five editorial board
members. The chairman is Gary
Wetterhall and the other
members are Malcolm Gregory,
Karen Hilbert, Tim Rumsey and
myself. Out faculty advisors are
Mrs. Graham and Dr. Tischler.
We hope to come out with the
first issue sometime after the
beginning of Winter term and
have subsequent issues each
Js this going to be strictly a
poetry magazine?
John Well, not just poetry.
We are also hoping for essays,
short stories, and dramas. We
also hope to get some art and
photography although we may
have to wait till spring term to
publish these.
Are you going to censor the
submitted material?
by Bob Bonaker
and Mike Welliver
Among this year’s new
additions to the Faculty of
Capitol Campus is Mr. David
Langmeyer, a member of the
Social Science division.
Mr. Langmeyer, bom and
raised in Brooklyn, N.Y., earned
his B.A. degree from Brooklyn
College where he was a General
Psychology major. He has since
received his M.A. from the
University of North Carolina,
basing his work in Clinical
Psychology. Langmeyer is
currently working on his Ph.D.
Mr. Langmeyer, who prefers
to be called David, “because Mr.
Langmeyer seems rather formal
and cold”, has had extensive
college teaching experience. He
has previously taught at Patrick
Henry College of the University
of Virginia, Frostburg (Md.)
State College, and the University
of North Carolina before
assuming his new position at
Capitol Campus.
David has also spent a
considerable amount of time in
clinical psychology work at a
V.A. hospital in Salem, Va.,
Sommerset (Pa.) State Hospital,
and a number of other clinics. “I
found my previous clinical work
a rewarding experience,” he said.
In his new position here he
teaches Social Judgement and a
Basic Prep course in El. Ed. He
John - One of the duties of
the Editorial Board is to review
all submitted material. If three,
out of five members agree that
the material is of some literary
value and quality, that same
material will be published,
When should material be
submitted and to whom?
John Manuscripts should
be submitted sometime before
November 20. They may be
deposited in the Humanities
Office (W-161) or given to one
of the board members.
We hope ANYONE,
students, faculty, or staff, who
can write and would like to see
their work published, will
submit their work for
publication in the TARNHELM.
they died
in a dream of “where am i
going to’s”
“what for’s” and “why’s”
that only got answered
by boredom and sighs
no reasonn or feelings
around them to find
-only the full droning thud
of tension on their minds
draining all love for life’s
lusts and joys
they were set their pattern
standard to follow
no deviation
no imagination
they want to fly
they.. .want. .to. .fly
in the middle of
“please, let me die’s”
they sigh
and question why
but never cry
no, they never cry
tears are for the hopeful
Faculty Profile:
David Langmeyer, Instructor
in Psychology and Education,
had this to say about the Basic
Prep courses at Capitol:
“It’s one of the best teaching
prep courses I’ve seen. I think
the El. Ed. majors here have a
definite advantage in that they
receive twice the student
teaching experience of most
other colleges.”
David’s colorful array of
interests range from skiing and
motorcycling to baking bread
and whipping up his own
homemade yogurt. He enjoys
flying and is a liscensed private
pilot. He is also interested in
yoga and he enjoys getting
by Cheryl Boyes
David Langmeyer
imber 4.1971
Utters / %
to the Eiitor
(even at Capitol Campus)
To the Editors and Students
“Sugar and Spice and
Everything Nice, That’s What
Little Girls are Made Of,” and if
they keep in their place, this old
saying will extend to the time
they come to be BIG-cap girls. If
they should forget their place,
not only will they lose the
meaning of this saying, but
they’ll be cast aside from
society. After all, from birth,
aren’t women supposed to be
treated like frail pieces of art?
Women! Did you every think
of all the rights you possess? As
it stands right now, it wouldn’t
take much brain power ’cause
you dont possess many. (From a
man’s point of view, that would
include rights AND brain
Sure, things seem cool here
at Capitol Campus. After all, a
lot of women on this campus
wear jeans, and isn’t that a step
towards liberation? But holding
your rights includes a lot more
than an old pair of jeans. Are
you really accepted for what
you are . . . an individual, a true
to life free-thinking individual,
or is your brain neglected in
favor of your body? How many
meaningful relationships here
have been developed in contrast
to flighty nights in bed? To
quote CS&N, “Lover can you
talk to me?”
Women’s rights are not only
suppressed in Middle Class
America, they’re restrained
everywhere, including Capitol
Campus, and it’s time we got to
the core of it. Sisters, let’s get
together to share ideas, feelings,
and experiences of our plight.
Let’s help each other to begin to
realize us, individually and
collectively. Come and share
with your sisters TODAY at 4
o’clock in the T.V. Lounge.
Sisterhood can be powerful, so
let’s prove it!
Kati LaMonaca
Becky Emery
together and meeting people.
Those who frequent the campus
coffee house might have seen
him participating in another of
his many interests, playing the
When asked what he thought
of the students at Capitol he
said, “I haven’t met that many
students since I arrived, but
those I have come in contact
with have been friendly and
enjoyable.” He added that he
particularly likes the atmosphere
of the coffee house, where he
can meet people on a more
personal level. He said he also
finds the small town atmosphere
of the Middletown area pleasing.
A political activist, he
participated in the Civil Rights
movement while studying at the
University of North Carolina. He
was also part of the Free Speech
movement at Frostburg State
College, and played an active
role in antiwar and antipoverty
movements. He emphasized that
local politics hold the key to
reform as opposed to national
politics because politics on a
local level can do more for the
individual. Mr. Langmeyer has
no specific philosophy but says,
“Enjoy doing things and be
comfortable in what you do.”
And he added, “People should
learn to take more control of
their own lives.”