The capitolist. (Middletown, Pa.) 1969-1973, October 21, 1971, Image 4

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II nil FFL
by Steve Rosenzweig
One of the more exciting
games last week saw the Trojans
beating Gorniks, 14-13 in
overtime. Garrett and Grozinski
scored for the Trojans, while
Wilson and Gold scored for the
losers. The game was tied 13-13
at the end of regulation time.
The Trojans were able to move
the ball further than the Gorniks
in the four alternating downs
allowed to break the tie and
were awarded the winning point.
In other FFL games last week,
the Green Knights were the
victors in a high scoring battle
with the Hairy Hogs, 25-17.
Guss, Hanley, Bagley and
Rissinger scored TEfs for the
winners. Carlin and Shoemocker
went over for the losers.
Them, behind scores by
Sefchok, O’Shay, Decon, and
Lezoche, overcame the lone
score by Kendall and beat the
Orange Men 26-6. Also, Them
beat Studs Gold 20-6 last week
with White ruining their shutout
with the only Studs TD.
It was a tough day for the
Zappers who were blanked 20-0
by the M&M*s. Pastoric scored
twice and Maeder once for the
winners. The Zappers had lost
earlier in the week to the Green
Knights, 26-6. Two scores by
McKenna and one each by
McHall and Decook overcame
the lone zapper score by
And in another thriller the
XGl’s, with Steve. Wesley scoring
two touchdowns, beat Studs
Blue, 14-13. Hall had two tallies
for the losers.
On Tuesday, October 26, the
XGl’s play A.M.F. These teams
are both considered to be in the
fight for the Intramural
Championship. Don’t miss this
game of the week.
All interested people for' the
Recreation/Athletics Council
should attend the meeting of
October 27, at 9:00 p.m. in the
Recreation/Athletics Building.
All regular members for
1971-72 must -attend this
Bowling League
TEAM STANDINGS (As of 10/13/71)
1. No-Names
2. Gomik’s
3. Hermies
4. Dr. Shock (UTZ)
5. Foul Balls
6. EmausGang
in Limbo
A meeting for prospective
Varsity Basketball players was
held last Thursday. There was
somewhat of a disappointing
turnout for Bill Aungst, who is
afraid of no school support for
Varsity Basketball. If no money
is available to pay him for his
coaching, he will volunteer his
time—if there is enough support
for the team. He wants this
support to come from Student
Affairs and from the
Administration. He wants the
students to show the
Administration that they want
to have a basketball team.
There was not much
enthusiasm last year for the
team and he is fearful of a
similar situation. Both Mr.
Aungst and Athletic Director,
Bob Stanley, agree that this
sport can do much in promoting
the school and it’s spirit.
There is almost $2,300, which
is more than half the athletic
budget, set aside for Varsity
Basketball. Some of this money
will pay for steak dinners for the ,
players before the game.
Fortunately , the money is being
held in limbo until enough
support is shown for the team. If
you would like to see a team at
Capitol Campus, start letting
people know. And don’t worry
about the money going for steak
dinners, it’s not that extravagant
because they’ll be cooked at the
dorms. That’s like going to get a
good screw and finding Phyllis
Diller waiting for you.
The Cross country season will
be in full swing this week and
two home matches are
scheduled. On Saturday, they
will face Eastern Baptist; and in
a triangular meet next Tuesday,
they will face Messiah College
and our own York Campus. The
course starts in front of the AD
Some players on this year’s
team include player-coach Ed
Decook, Mike McHale, Bob
Guss, Tim Rumsey, and Paul
4 0 1.000
3 1 .750
3 1 .750
3 1 .750
3 1 .750
3 1 .750
by Jane McDonald
Until just recently, all
residence lulls on Campus were
still observing the old visitation
hours of Monday through
Thursday, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.;
Friday and Saturday, 9 a.m. to 2
a.m.; and Sunday, 9 a.m. to 7
pjn. On Monday the 11th,
voting began on the revised
schedule. Both dorms piled into
the Student Center at 6:30 and
by 9:00 the same night a new
policy went into effect. Pulling
this off required 75% or 148 out
of 250 students living in
Wrisberg and Church to vote for
the 24 hours, 7 days a week
visitation. Of the 250, 206
students voted for, 3 against and
41 just didn’t.
The “new” hours for the
residence halls appear to be
quite lenient but just try and
make a break to the 3rd floor
Wrisberg without an escort. You
may soon find yourself out in
the cold yelling at the first
lighted window. Although more
people than usual may be
inhahabiting the HOLLOW halls,
“quiet hours” are still most
strictly enforced. Something
new has been added over
previous years visitation policy.
Now everyone in the residence
halls are entirely responsible for
any guest who is visiting,
whether he or she be from
Meade Heights or Middletown,
! I
» {
jK Spaghetti «
i *
* Lasagna £
i i
* Meatball Sandwiches *
s *
Italian Sandwiches
and PIZZA!
Eat Here or Take Out
I 23 S. Union St. ft
* f i
“every good boy s }
deserves favour" £ i
#C ffgsGgr-s : ,
Words From The Other Side or
(con’t. from p. 3)
wh ff- Cheryl, open the door j said—she’s gonna mount it.
and let that last one out. And so
she did. Do you really think
people are going to understand
what we’re writing here?
Speaking of that steering wheel.
No, I’m getting an adaptor for it
so it fits tight.
Noooooo, it’s the good
old-fashioned long-lasting
run-it-into-the-ground type.
Yeah, I really get piggy
sometimes. But what are you
gonna do in a small town?
How do you come around? I
always thought that was very
straight business, but very hard
to do.
Gotta be what?
What are you panting for? I
thought we were talking about
shoes. Don’t get talking about
other clothes. Pants are one
thing, but loafers really sell.
Watch out for combat boots,
you’ll get stepped on.
Personally., I’m laying up for the
No, I was too busy playing ball
Yeah, but I got enough home
runs to compensate. Have you
ever been rained out?
You know we could wind-up
this conversation and go play
Let me show you mine. It might
change your mind.
Goodnight, Gregg.
HOT LINE -944-1033
Fyne - Taste
Assorted Sodas
12 oz. cans
10 f ° r 59Q
with this coupon
and with $3.00 purchase.
Void after Oct. 27,1971
W IsMilliliß
j jmn I
Hi fin Olmtfed Plaza
Thursday, October 21,1971
Who cares if they understand it?
Just as long as they read it.
Just how are you going to
mount it?
If it’s a long ride, won’t you get
Is it one of the new collapsible
steering wheels?
You really go whole hog into
your steering wheels doncha?
If you promise not to use bricks
in your house, ril come around
and blow you down someday.
Yeah, it’s gotta be,
Now (pant, pant)
Sneakers give you the
Not if you’re both laying down,
Did you gather your nuts during
the summer?
Did you ever strike out?
No, I play on astroturf, and I’m
a hell of a pitcher.
I don’t go in for paddles.
Fuck you
Good night, Sam
Folk dancing will be offered
at the Jewish Community Center
under the direction of Iris Prager
and David Langmeyer on each
Tuesday night at- 7:30 P.M. Cars
will leave from in front of the
Main Building at 7:00 P.M.
Fruit of the Loom SCARFS
Reg. 49 cents
Special - 39(
Schick Adjustable
Injector Razor
Reg. $1.95