The capitolist. (Middletown, Pa.) 1969-1973, October 14, 1971, Image 4

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in the FFL
Last week the intramural Flag
Football League opened its
season. On Tuesday the XGl’s
beat Studs Gold 19-0 and the
Studs Blue beat the Gornik’s
In the XGI win, Cal Yohe-had
four interceptions and Steve
Kagay scored twice to lead the
attack. At half, the XGl’s were
up 6-0 with penalties bothering
them most of the time. They
completely dominated the
second half and the only thing
the Studs had to cheer about
was a pass intercepted in the end
zone by Leroy Howell to stall
another XGI threat.
Studs Blue, with a 19-6 win
over Gorniks, had three
touchdowns by Ryder, Hall, and
Games on Wednesday had
A.M.F. with scores by Bell,
Rable, and Szatkowski beating
the Green Knights 19-14. Bagby
and DeCook scored for the
losers. Also, them with two
scores by Sefchok beat M&M’s
19-6. And the Trojans with two
touchdowns by Garrett beat
Studs Gold 32-0.
Thursday had the XGl’s
winning their second game of
the season thanks to a forfeit by
DMZ. DMZ was last year’s
intramural champs, they
certainly don’t deserve to use
the name DMZ if they’re going
to forfeit games.
Also on Thursday, the Trojans
beat Studs Blue 26-6. The
Trojan attack was started by Bill
Garrett who took an
interception in for a score. The
tenacious Trojan defense held
the Studs scoreless until the
fourth quarter when Denny
Rush threw a TD pass to Jim
Cryder. Other Trojan scores
were by Paul Roberts, Larry
Chupka, and Carl Grozinski.
By Steve Wesley
and Steve Rosenweig
To Professor Schultz and the
other stiflers of intelligence,
from a speech by C. H.
Greenwalt, President of E. I.
Dupont de Nemours and Co.:
“Behind every advance of the
human race is a germ of creation
growing in the mind of Some
lone individual-an individual
whose dreams awaken him in the
night while others lie
contentedly asleep.”
“We need those dreams, for
today’s dreams represent
tomorrows realities... The great
problem, the great question, is
to develop within the framework
of , the group the creative genius
of the individual...”
Sweat, and Tears ... to the Los
Angeles Colliseum.
Our Unabashed Dictionary
(which also happens to be
Playboy’s) defines Virgin as
rookie nookie.
ECO Notes: A dam is being
constructed on the upper
Potomac River, which, according
to Three different water experts,
will be unusable for any
recreational purposes when
completed. The culprit?
Sulphuric acid from coal mines
in Maryland and West Virginia.
Thirty years ago today John
Wilkes Booth was dead.
On October 16 the Nittany
Lions football team will be
arriving at Olmstead Airport at
approximately 7:45 p.m. after
hopefully defeating Syracuse.
It’s about time that we get
involved and show our
appreciation for one of the
finest football teams of the
decade. Pennsylvania State
University, it’s our school,
contrary to some people’s belief.
The team needs and deserves
our support. So far this year we
are undeafeated after crushing
Navy and lowa and getting by
Air Force. Coach Joe Paterno
assures us of a winning season
and a possibility of a bowl bid.
This is why we are asking you,
the members of the student
body, to be out at Olmstead to
welcome the team after the
Syracuse game. Let’s show them
that another campus does exist
besides the one at State College.
After welcoming the team at
Olmstead we will continue the
celebration at the Student
Center. A film of the 1969 Penn
State - Kansas Orange Bowl
game will be shown. It’s free.
New and old members of the
cross-country club meet Monday
through Thursday nights, from 7
to '8 P.M., in front of the
Recreation/Athletics Building.
Ed DeCook, player-coach, can
be contacted at 232-6849 by
anyone interested in this
Birthday wishes to all who are
still counting, and belated wishes
to Gail Shapiro.
Heard a report that last
Monday a Commando Squad
attacked dorms and then wiped
out City Line Diner.
Good luck to the Zappers! If
they are like the Phillies, they
will draw crowds, but won’t win
Penn State 16; Air Force
14. Right on, State!
Hope Bob Stanley soon
decides to do something.
Get well wishes to Phil Wexler
who ate two eggs, bacon, toast,
and pancakes, and topped it off
with two glasses of moo juice at
City Line Diner.
Juniors will soon find out that
Mr. Paul is the General Patton of
Capitol Campus.
Glad they’re having Open
House on a weekend-everyone
goes home anyway.
Teacher evaluation: 20% of
Dr. Patterson’s students have
fewer cavities.
Dick Nixon is going to China.
Prof. Neah should go with him.
Jim Nabors is having a HARD
time STICKING with Rock
Bowling Starts
“Uncle Miltie” used to say,
“Take your kids out of the
streets and put them in the
alleys.” Well, last Wednesday
night wasn’t Jackpot Bowling
but the students were off the
Campus and at Middletown
Lanes for the start of Intramural
A great crowd turned out for
the opening night and after three
meetings with the team captains
it was decided that there was 18
teams bowling on 12 lanes
only at Capitol Campus. It seems
that some teams will have to
bowl on party night (i.e.
Harvey Brown (or is it
Charley Brown) had the first
7-10 split of the season. Poor
Harvey, it could only happen to
Anyway, it was a good night
for the pins. There are still a few
openings for those wishing to
Special pre-season meeting in
Room E-310.
Time - 6:00 P.M.
Date October 14 (Tonight)
Coach . Bill Aungst
All interested competitors are
welcomed and encouraged to
The entry deadline for men
and women is tomorrow,
October 15, at 12:00 noon. Sign
up at the Recreation/Athletics
Building for this single
elimination tournament.
Who is the idiot that thinks
he’s always announcing a horse
XGl’s - F 9; Studs Gold - 0
Sticky fingers Cal Yohe
picked off four Studs aerials -
tough defense.
Congrats to the Bookstore.
It’s easier to register than to buy
You don’t have to wait for
lunch if you want to get sick,
breakfast is now being served in
Venderville. Right on, Daisy.
Sorry, Nicky.
Limerick of the Week:
There once was a man
named McGruder
Who saw a nude and wooed
But she thought it rude
To be wooed in the nude
But McGruder was
shrewder and screwed her.
History’s Scrapbook: One
year ago today, Closmuith
Cozzle was given a ticket for
jay-walking. When he refused to
pay the fine, Mr. Paul took his
shoes away for 30 days.
Trivia Question of the Week:
What was the name of the
old lady that lived across the hall
from Margie in “My Little
Last week’s answer: Victor
was the Son of Silver. The first
How would you like to
receive $l3O worth of food and
merchandise for only $3.50?
This can happen to you if
anyone is interested. The
Business Club is offering a raffle
for food from Foxe’s Market, in
All you have to do is contact
Dan Ekberg, 944-6850; Gary
Gold, 238-9116; or Mike
Fereazzano, 944-7866 and
receive your ticket. Drawings
will be held every week for a gift
certificate of $l5 per week. If
you win, like Len Thompson or
Bob Lopez, your name will be
returned for another chance to
win again.
At the end of the tenth week,
a grand drawing will also be
held. This will consist of a $25
gift certificate. Anyone can
enter, all that you need is the
$3.50. Think of it, FREE
FOOD. You can enter on a
group basis, so let’s get it
Tuesday, October 19, at the
Student Center, 8 p.m. till
midnite. Sponsored by the
Business Club.
There is a Ski Club meeting
tonight in the Student Center.
Capitol Campus vs. Messiah
College at Grantham.
Meet Time - 2:00 P.M.
Date October 16 (Saturday)
Any support from members
of Capitol Campus is
correct answer was from David
Baker, 949 A Rutland. You win
a free copy of the Capitolist
which can be picked up at the
library of Congress.
Remember anyone wishing
to contribute to Smilin’ Faces,
please contact Steve Wesley or
Steve Rosenweig at 944-9710.
Also, trivia answers will be
accepted here.
Burt Coats
Car Coats
Ski Jackets,
the Finest in Men’s West
Thursday, October 14,1971
Are You
The first meeting of the
Capitol Campus Players was held
Wednesday night in the Student
Center. The enthusiasm was
there, but more students
interested in theatrical arts
(acting, direction, set design,
properties, lighting, painting,
sound, etc.) are needed.
If you are such a student, or
would like to be, you are
cordially invited to the next
meeting: Monday at eight p.m.,
in room E-264.
The newly formed group is
under the direction of Tony
Arms, who is also an author and
actor in the Central Pennsylvania
Theatre. Mr. Arms is currently
the Managing Director of The
Players Repertory Company, an
accomplished local organization,
and has directed more than
seventy-five shows, including
works of Shaw, Ibsen, Wilde,
Goldsmith, Coward and
Anouilh. His credits as an actor
list more than fifty shows,
among them, O’Neill’s
“Mourning Becomes Electra,”
and Ibsen’s “Peter Gynt.” The
versatile Mr. Arms’ other talents
include producing and designing.
HOT LINE -944-1033
Give your parents the
opportunity to see where your
“head’s at”, invite them to the
open house. This will give you a
chance to introduce Capitol
Campus to your parents. All
doors will be open and the
teachers will be here to make
this an excellent opportunity for
your parents to see your new
The open house will be
Saturday, October 30th, from 9
A.M. 5 P.M. In the morning
there will be tours of. facilities,
labs, and work areas. Your
advisors and instructors will be
in their offices and labs to meet
with you and your parents. Two
shuttle buses will be available for
transportation on campus.
The student will be acting as
his parents’ private host during
their stay on campus. There will
be no organized lunch, however,
meal tickets will be available.
For those'Who choose to eat off
campus, a guide to the local
restaurants will be available.