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Faculty Profile
George F. Barbary
by Ray A. Nearhood and Lee
This week the CAPITOLIST
interviewed a new member of the
faculty, Mr. George F. Barbary.
Mr. Barbary is in the Humanities
and Philosophy Department,
where he holds an assistant
Originally from the local area,
he attended Dickinson College.
There he majored in Mathematics
and History, minoring in English
literature. While there he received
his Ph. D. in 1943. After serving
three years in the Marine Corps as
a First Lieutenant, he resumed his
schooling at Columbia University
from which he earned an M. A. in
Political and Social Science, with
a minor in Constitutional Law in
1948. He then attended the
University of Denver Law School,
was editor of the Law Review and
a member of the Omicron Delta
Kappa honorary fraternity. He
graduated Cum laude and
received his J.D. in 1952.
From 1953 to 1968 he
practiced Law in Denver and in
1968 received a second M.A., this
time in pure philosophy, from the
University of Denver. He then
went to Stanford University to do
doctorial work in philosophy,
and will acquire his Ph. D. in
Prior to coming to the Capitol
Campus, he taught Humanities
while still at Stanford University,
and later taught Philosophy at
Setan Hall University.
Mr. Barbary’s educational
philosophy is that
interdisciplinary studies is the
by Steve Rosenzweig
Hoopla is the Philadelphia
76’ers new word for basketball.
Here at Captiol Campus, we’ll
have no Hoopla, nor basketball.
Student assistance funds to keep
the base gym open just aren’t
there. In fact the student body
can feel lucky that there’s just
enough money to cover the cost
of running the intramural
football program. Not only will
the gym be closed, but the
Athletic building will have such
limited hours that students
wishing to use it, will almost have
to make appointments to use it.
The only time it will be available
is when Bob Stanley can be there.
The problem is that only $5OO
of the $2,400 requested for
;tudent assistance was made
available to the school. That’s
$1,900 short of the budget, and all
that money was to go for student
related jobs and now they’re
Besides having the gym and
athletic building’s equipment
going to waste because of no
money for student workers,
varsity sports such as Cross
Country, Tennis, and Golf were
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basis of one’s becoming a full
person. That is, he sees man a
being triatic in nature. First, man
is an economic animal, which is
man’s making a living, only part
of one’s studies. Second, man has
what he calls a private head,
which may not be what he uses to
making a living, although it may
be. It is what man enjoys doing,
often without any or little
economic value. This is man’s
relationship to self. Third is man’s
relationship to the divine.
Mr. Barbary feels that he has
reached what he calls the “full
man” status. He practiced law as
his economic side. Teaching
philosophy is his private side. As
an enjoyment to him, teaching is
“exciting, stimulating,
challenging, and a thing of
beauty.” And finally, the divine
side of his interests lies in his
interest in Christian Science.
When asked what he sees as
the best system of undergraduate
education, he answered that he
feels that every high school
graduate should take a year off
from school before college. At
the end of that time he should
start on a three year, ten months a
year degree program rather than
the conventional four year, 9
month per year one, and his
studies should be an
interdisciplinary as possible.
When it was pointed out to
Mr. Barbary that many students
use the summer months to earn
money for school, he replied that
America is rich enough to give all
its children a free college
cut out completely. Clubs are
now being formed to raise money
for these activities, if anyone is
The only Varsity sport
remaining is basketball which in
many people’s opinion, including
my own, is a sport which can do
more to promote school spirit
through intercollegiate activity.
We need money for sports and
recreation on campus as well as
for creating jobs for students
which these recreational activities
would necessitate.
We have to get money. But
how? One alternative would be to
sell athletic cards, which would
entitle the buyer to the use of the
gym and athletic building. But it’s
the duty of the state to provide
recreation as well as education in
a State College.
Also we could charge each
team initiation fees for
participation in intramural
programs. But this really
shouldn’t be the burden of
students to pay for their
It was brought out that a small
admission charge for Varsity
Basketball games could be
u LU
Teacher Evaluation
The next issue of the
CAPITOLIST will contain the
initial installment of a new
“Teacher Evaluation” series, for
the benefit of those who want
additional information and
opinions on professors and
courses they plan to take in the
future. These evaluations will
consist of comments made by
students who have been enrolled
in these classes.
All curriculums will be
involved throughout the year.
Professors will be chosen
Any student who wishes to
offer comments, may leave them
in W-105. Although opinions will
be published anonymously, the
student’s name should be
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charged. This could be feasible to
raise money, but we need extra
money in the fall and not in the
Another thought would be to
get some funds from the money
students paid to get Student
Activity Cards. After all, these are
student activities.
Unfortunately there is no
extra money around the school.
We’ll have to go to the state and
get it. It’s got to be done. Write to
your legislator, write to the
governor-just write! And when
you’re writing ask our governor
where our new gym is. Capitol
Campus was promised a gym and
we’re still waiting for the first
brick to arrive. Let’s get the
governor moving. Remind him we
all can vote now and if he wants
some support, we better see
things happening at Capitol
Campus, because we might
graduate before shooting a foul
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