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Vol. 3, No. 8
"Nittany UN-Screw”
Miss Pat Murphy will be
retained in her position as
assistant to the dean of student
Dean John R. Grimm said
“The action was taken in
response to a recognized student
“Through numerous
conversations and discussions
with students in the past several
weeks,” Dean Grimm said, “we
have noted a need to which we
must respond-that of providing
a person who will be on campus
and able to assist students in the
residence areas.
“Miss Murphy evidently
enjoys widespread student
confidence for this role.
“At the same time, we still
believe the two posts we were
planning to fill in the Office of
Student Affairs are vital. In view
of this, we will proceed to fill
these positions—assistant dean
for residence programs and
student activities coordinator.”
Dean Grimm repeated a
proposal he made in the
February 24th issue of the
CAPITOLIST concerning
student involvement in the
operation of the Student Affairs
Under the plan, a committee
by Lee Levan
Two Capitol Campus students
acquired statewide office with
the Pennsylvania College Young
Democrats during the
organization’s annual convention
in State College during the
weekend of February 26th.
David C. Stacks, junior in
Social Science, was appointed
executive secretary to State
President Donald Steighner.
Barbara Brown, senior in Socjal
Sciences was elected second
NEW STUDENT LOUNGE—Attracted many students to see the
comfortable new furniture. The Lounge, located in W-107 next to
Student Affairs, will be the location of Thursday's Open Pot
Happening. Be there between 9:00 and 11:00 a.m. for the
by Doug Megla
of students would be formed to
provide direct student input.
Composed of one student from
each undergraduate academic
program, the group would be
involved in the operation of the
Student Affairs Office. It would
be concerned with programs,
policies, and staff development.
“I formally proposed this
plan to the Student Senate,”
Dean Grimm said, “and I hope
they will act immediately so that
the committee could meet
before the end of the term. I
expect this committee to play a
major role in assisting us in
filling the positions of Assistant
Dean Tor Residence programs
and student activities
“Again, I would point out
that the intent of this committee
is not to bypass the existing
Faculty Student Affairs
Committee, but rather to
complement its efforts and
provide for a more direct means
of student involvement.
“I’ve talked with Dr. Lewis
and Miss Prager about this
proposal and they have both
endorsed the plan as a major
step forward in providing for
direct student input in the life of
the campus.”
vice-president of the
Dave is currently serving as
President of the Capitol Campus
Young Democrats, who are in
the midst of a membership
recruiting drive.
The Young Democrats held a
dance in the student center on
March 2, and also hope to
encourage all students to register
to vote, especially now that the
18-year-old vote has become
"All The News That Fits .... We Print"
Capitol Campus Director
Coleman Herpel has submitted a
proposal to SGA President Lee
Levan with the intention of
avoiding the planned SGA
backed boycott of parking
sticker next term. Herpel
proposed that, in a one term
trial basis, resident students who
park only in their respective
parking areas will pay no
registration fee.
The letter, dated March 5,
1971, sets forth the following
1. All student vehicles will be
2. Unrestricted parking
privileges in designated areas will
require a fee of $7.50.
3. Parking privileges for
students resident on campus and
restricted to residence area
parking spaces will have no
_4. Penalties will be assessed
against students whose vehicles
are unregistered but parked in
unauthorized areas.
In effect, the proposal which
has been endorsed by President
Levan, will result in a savings to
resident students for Spring
Term, and give the
administration a basis of
determining how much demand
exists for a two-fee system of
The background of the
parking boycott, instigated by
an ad hoc group of students, was
given in last week’s
direction taken in the lengthy
controversy will be acted on by
both the ad hoc group and SGA;
the latter at its meeting of March
Please Help!
There is a 2-year old boy that
needs our help: He put a vacuum
cleaner hose in his mouth and it
collapsed his lungs.
He is now breathing 5 hours a
day with a special lung machine,
which is very expensive to
Hillel and Elizabethtown
College are making a drive for
empty cigarette packs. The
purpose for the empty cigarette
packs is this:
For every 100 packs
collected, this child’s family can
use this machine for one minute,
PLEASE!!! Put all empty
cigarette packs in the boxes that
are marked for this cause.
Everyone can and is urged to
help Hillel collect as many of
these packs as possible. This
drive will continue until the end
of Spring term. It is imperative
that we start now, because every
minute that we can give this
child is a precious minute.
Please help in this drive to
help this little boy to breathe.
Thank you for your help,
For further information
Contact: Sam Korson 944-7923.
NANCY SHANE-From the Capitol Campus Head Shop talks with
Otis Morse (center) in the televised broadcast of WEEKEND, on
WITF-TV. Carrie Nell, Charles Cooper, and Iris Praeger watch from
the audience.
Need Someone To Care...?
That is why the Hot Line is
there. For the past few months,
a group of volunteers have given
of themselves to work on a
committee known as The Head
Shop. This immediately leads
people to believe that we are
concerned with drug-related
problems. And this is very true.
However, this is only one
perspective we deal with,
concerning people and their
problems. Yes, we are concerned
about you and we are there to
talk to from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m.
every night!
Every issue of the
CAPITOLIST brings to public
view an article discussing the
activities of The Head Shop.
Each article is very informative
and well-written. However, it
seems that each article has failed
to communicate the feeling and
honest concern this committee
has developed. In November of
last term there was much
attention directed to the
problem of drug use on this
campus. As a result of the
overwhelming paranoia
generated among us, The Head
Shop was formed with the
primary purpose concerning
drugs. What most people did not
acknowledge was our sole
purpose: Communication.
The Hot Line started on a
voluntary basis. For some sort of
criteria we decided that it was
necessary for every member to
have been through a bad drug
experience in order to relate and
understand common problems.
When the winter term began,
there were seven active
members, which meant each of
us had to work the Hot Line
once a week. These people felt
that what they were doing was
important enough to give that
much of themselves. This small
group of people became very
close and now constitute the
core of the Head Shop.
In the past few weeks at least
ten new people have started
training to work on the Hot
Line. The criteria of the drug
experience has been eliminated
because we are expanding to
many other problem areas. We
are all working together, to
dream, to give, and’ to
communicate. It is important to
keep in mind, that these people
March 10, 1971
are not experts in any sense, but
they are qualified in the area of
caring enough to be there just to
talk to you. Complete
confidence is maintained at all
times. Everyone should make
use of this vehicle of
And what will you find at the
other end of the line?
Compassion and a beautiful
person to rap with. Don’t
hesitate to pick up your phone
and dial 944-1033.
Sound interesting? Come to
our meeting some time. And
discover what is happening. We
meet every Monday evening at
836 A Jones Street at 7 p.m.
Bill Ducassoux, senior
humanities senator, was recalled
from office by a 12-0 vote of the
SGA Senate at its March 3rd
meeting. The SGA apparently
felt that Ducassoux’s interest
was no longer in the
organization as evidenced by his
non-attendance at the weekly
meetings. An attempt to recall
Steve Forman, senior senator at
large, failed on a close vote (10
in favor, 1 opposed, and 1
abstention with 12 votes
necessary for recall).
The week previously SGA
had tabled the Ducassoux recall
motion by a vote of 7 to 6 for
the purpose of seeking out the
senator’s intentions. John
Fanelly, senior senator from
social science, reported to the
Senate that Ducassoux was
aware ol the proceedings and did
not oppose them. A vote was
then taken to remove the
motion from the table with all
12 senators in favor. Then the
recall vote occurred. The
vacancy will be filled by a
special election in the near
Again tor reasons of
non-attendance, the SGA voted
upon recall ol senator Forman
but the vote failed by a small
margin. It was announced by
SGA President Lee Levan that
the matter will be voted on again
at the next SGA Meeting with a
letter going out to Mr. Forman
advising him of his status.