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Gino Giants
Participants 29
Participations 60
Place Name
First Tom Leister
Second Paul Greenberg
Third A 1 Hooper
Fourth Jeff Seaton
Michael Kahl
Team Standings
Last Place 23 5
Dr. Shock 21 7
The Sors of Italy 20 8
The Hermies 17 11
The Studs 15 13
The Sweethearts 14 14
The Wrics 13 15
The Underdogs 11 17
Gino Giants 11 17
The Handicaps 9 19
Team 2 8 20
DMZ 6 22
Next Week
March 3,1971
Lanes 1 and 2—Gino Giants
vs. Last Place, Lanes 3 and
4 —The Studs vs. The
Sweethearts, Lanes 5 and 6—The
Underdogs vs. The Handicaps,
Lanes 7 and B—The Hermies vs.
Dr. Shock, Lanes 9 and
10—Team 2 vs. Sors of Italy, and
Lanes 11 and 12-DMZ vs.
Black Enrollment
The SGA, at its meeting of
February 28th, passed the
following resolution because of
its concern for the necessity to
increase black amissions, staff,
and faculty on this campus. The
vote was unanimous.
“That a letter be drafted and
sent to Mr. Herpel asking for
more recruiting of black
students and faculty and more
allocating of funds from the
administration for this purpose.”
Although there is some
recruiting now being conducted
by the admissions office under
Mr. Slygh, Lee Levan, SGA
President explained that Capitol
Campus has not taken enough
recognition of the facts of racial
discrimination in this country
and in this state. Levan believes
it is time Capitol Campus took
the lead in developing, and
administering vigorously,
programs designed to increase
the black population of this
Campus. “This is one more
chance to implement the
infamous pledge of this Campus
to be an innovative and creative
school. Let us demonstrate our
commitment” said Levan.
Each senior graduating at the
end of Spring Term, 1971,
should have received a Cap and
Gown Measurement Card when
they picked up their
preregistration packets. Those
not receiving a card may obtain
one from the bookstore.
Complete cards must be
returned to the bookstore no
later than Monday, March 8,
Entry Forfeits Total
25 1 ~
25 1 0
25 1 0
25 2 0
25 0 25
25 1 0
25 0 25
0 1
Gino Giants
Varsity Tennis
The Capitol Campus Varsity
Tennis team is now forming, all
interested students should
attend a meeting which will be
held on March 11 at 6:30 p.m.
in the Athletic Building to
determine if there are enough
interested students to establish a
Those students who are
interested, but who will be
unable to attend, please contact
Mr. Stanley at 787-7751 or R.
Steven Pace, 315 Church Hall,
-fcke \Je l/e. T
W 1 LL
S+rike- i
Russ Matthews, David Stacks,
and Gary Gold are the new
members of SGA as a result of
the February 16th election.
Matthews is treasurer, Stacks is
junior senator-at-large, and Gold
is junior business senator.
Matthews and Gold had no
opposition, but Stacks outpolled
Jack Powell and Bob Klugiewicz
for his office.
In the same election, both
ammendments were passed by
an overwhelming vote. A total of
173 students voted in the
Lee Levan, SGA President has
appointed Mrs. Carol Lambert,
413 Eutaw Avenue, New
Cumberland; Betsey Zeiders,
204 Glenview Avenue,
Harrisburg; and Mrs. Ethel
Mohler, RD 1, Newport, to serve
on the committee organizing the
commuting students.
In accordance with the SGA
Constitution, Lee Levan, SGA
President reported at the
February 28th meeting of SGA
that Bill Ducassoux, senior
humanities senator, has
exceeded the allotted number of
absences for an SGA member.
Ducassoux had missed two
previous unexcused meetings
(the limit is one) and also was
absent at the February 28th
Levan notified Ducassoux by
letter of his attendance violation
and requested him to state his
Place Total
Points Points
63 63
0 0
75 75
. 13 13
0 25
100 100
0 25
0 0
Prepared by
American Studies 499 A:
The American Environment
1. Don’t buy colored facial
tissues, paper towels, or toilet
paper. The paper dissolves
properly in water, but the dye
lingers on.
2. If you accumulate coat
hangers, don’t junk them; return
them to the cleaner. Boycott
any cleaner who won’t accept
3. Don’t buy unreturnable
containers. Hold aluminum can
purchase to a minimum.
further intentions. There was no
reply. Levan then suggested
recall procedings as outlined in
the constitution.
Len Thompson, junior
senator from social science, then
motioned to recall Ducassoux
and the motion was seconded by
John Fanelly. Discussion arose
concerning the dedication of any
senator who does not attend
meetings and whether proper
notice was given about meeting
dates and times.
Eric Murray then motioned
to table Thompson’s motion and
to send another letter to
Ducassoux asking him to appear
for the purpose of stating his
further intentions. Ed Frank
seconded this motion and it
passed by a vote of 7 to 6.
The matter will be pressed
again at the next meeting by
Levan who feels that the reason
why SGA is not respected by the
student body is the lack of
enthusiasm of its members.
Sorority, Girls?
The Chi Delta Sigma Sorority
is now organizing. We would like
to take this opportunity to
invite all junior and senior girls
to join with us.
A party is being held March
7, Sunday night at 8:30 at 823 A
Nelson Drive. All girls are
invited. Some members of the
XGI Fraternity will be there,
and I know they’ll be anxious to
meet all the prospective
members of Chi Delta Sigma.
And I know you’ll all want to
meet our mascot. Just look at
the picture. Adorable I know.
Well the person in this picture
will be our guest of honor
Sunday night. So come and join,
have some fun, get involved, and
best of all meet our mascot.
4. At the gas station, don’t let
the attendant “top off’ yohr gas
tank; this means waste, and
polluting spillage.
5. If you smoke filter-tip
cigarettes, don’t flush them
down the john. They’ll ruin
plumbing and sewage systems.
They’re practically
6. Stop smoking.
7. When you see a junked car,
call you local Sanitation
Department. If they don’t care,
scream til someone does.
8. If you have to
car-commute, don’t chug
exhaust into the air just for
yourself. Form a car pool.
9. Bug gasoline manufacturers
to get the lead out.
10. There’s only so much
water, don’t leave it running. If
it has to be recycled too fast,
treatment plants can’t purify it
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satisfying the varied tastes of the
audience. Those others were:
Recording star, Dennis Stoner;
The Sunday People; Locust
Grove; Ed McGovern; Bob
Thompson; Chuch Albert; and
. many more fine performers.
Hopefully this is the type of
social activity we will see more
of in the future. The performers
played before a large and diverse
audience. It was more of a
community affair, having not
only members of the campus
present, but also a number of
area high school students as well,
an excellent opportunity for
discovering some insight into the
kind of people who make the
Middletown-area their home.
Sexy, yes???
March 3, 1971
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Doug: “Would you like to
elaborate further on the
responsibility of your
BUI: “I’d like a mutual
interaction arranged so that we
can communicate with each
other. I’d like more than one
person, so that he doesn’t get
bogged down. In the general
roommate situation, I’ve found
it’s best to pay for their
rooms...a rent-free apartment.”
Doug: “Rent-free for aU four
Bill: “That’s right.”
Doug: “What do you plan to
do after graduation?”
BiU: “I do a lot of joking
about that...l say I’m going to
become a social director at the
Playboy Club. Really, I’m not
exactly sure yet. I want to work
with a service agency of some
kind. My main aim is to make
some kind of worthwhUe
contribution to society. People
like myself often don’t get the
opportunity to make a
contribution. I want people to
see what really can be done.”
Doug: “Would you object to
having girls apply?”
BiU: “No, it would be an
ideal living experiment.”
Doug: “Has the campus
administration done anything to
help you?”
Bill: “Yes, they’ve been
running notices in the Hot Lion.
Also they’ve sent out notices to
most of the students in Meade
Heights and the dorms.”
Doug: “Has this been to any
BiU: “No.”
Doug: “How long have you
been working on it?”
BiU: “,„the last couple of
Doug: “What will the
students gain from living with
BiU: “Personal insight into an
entirely different point of view.
A lot of people are afraid of
getting involved with me because
I’m physically different.”
Doug: “Could you explain
your condition?”
BiU: “I was born with
cerebral palsy. I’ve been able to
adjust to it. ...being confined to
a wheelchair...”
Doug: “What do you want
this interview to say for you?”
BiU: “I hope that there will
be a lot of response, and I’ll be
able to continue, however, I’ll
teU other people in my situation
not to give up. I’ve broken the
ice in coming here in the first
place. I’ve had exceptional
experiences for which I’m
grateful for. I reaUy am
Doug: “Where can you be
BiU: “See me in school. Stop
me. Or call Mr. MiUman. He’s at
Student Affairs and you can
reach him there at 787-7979. Or
caU me at home at 944-6272.
I’m optimistic now!”