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Picture this scene: Ro calling
Terry in the middle of the night
saying “Hey, could you do an
article on...and get it to me
before seven o’clock in the
Or this scene: Lee missing Dr.
Patterson’s class again because
someone had to make the
printing deadline.
Or this scene: Ro and Tom
convulsed in giggling fits because
they’ve been working on the
paper for six straight hours.
Or this frequently-heard
soundtrack: “Oh, could you
please type it up...Oh, please,
please, pleasepleaseplease...”
These things put together,
and multiplied by a thousand are
what makes up our weekly
CAPITOLIST. No journalism
department, no articles for
credit, no huge staff...just people
who dig making a newspaper.
People who are exhausted from
making newspapers.
No, we’re not going to
discontinue the CAPITOLIST.
But frankly, I’m getting tired.
And so is Lee. And so is Tom.
And so are a lot of wonderful
people who have been writing so
faithfully for us. And we can’t
go on like this.
So now, I’ll give one last
desperate plea: The
CAPITOLIST needs your help.
Write an article or a movie
review, whatever your heart
desires. But write something. Or
help us with the typing. Help us
with some of the work that has
us completely bogged down.
By unanimous vote at the
February 10th meeting, the SGA
suspended the charters of the
Flying Club and the Outing
Cut these out and send to the appropriate Congressman or
Senator, or to:
President Richard M. Nixon
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, D.C.
Dear Congressman/Senator :
As a student and concerned citizen, I urge you to support actively
any bill or amendment which would limit the President’s power to
send our troops into Cambodia, Laos, or North Viet Nam, or to
further escalate the war in Indo-China in any way.
Dear President Nixon
As a student and concerned citizen, I wish to notify you that I
oppose the use of our troops in Laos, Cambodia, or North Viet Nam
for any purpose. I wish to state further that I oppose the escalation
of the war in any way and consider your recent statements and
policies to be a deception of the American people.
Lee Nell Missy Rotundaro
Tom Hagan Ann Ostroski
Richard Marx Michael Rix
Roger Hawkins Terry Wimmer
'John Fannely Chandler Wolf
Don Davis Tony McGovern
Eric Murray Skip Lewis
Jim Benn Paul Snyder
If you like the CAPITOLIST,
help us. If you don’t like it,
that’s even more of a reason to
help. And if we all work
together—we can have a great
paper for the Spring Term. And
that’s well worth the
More On
That Subject
There have been many
statements concerning the policy
a university should have
involving student power. Due to
the events of the past few weeks
at Capitol, it might help to
quote Jerome H. Skolnik, author
“The inclusion of students in
campus policy-making is a
recognition that formal political
means are necessary to provide
adequate representation. It is
neither realistic nor justifiable to
expect contemporary students
to remain content as
second-class citizens within the
university. When the university
was less important, both in
terms of its social and political
significance and in terms of its
decisive influence on the
student’s life-chances, such
representation was
correspondingly less critical.
Today the university—like other
large social institutions
commands such critical
importance in those areas that it
has in effect made of students a
new kind of group with new
kinds of legitimate interests, and
it must revise its structure of
representation accordingly.”
Well said.
by Terry K. Wimmer
Last Saturday, I returned
home from a visit to Washington
D.C. where I and two other
students were researching
Congressional Reorganization
for the League of Women
Voters. But as I sat talking to
Senator John Sherman Cooper,
co-sponsor of the
Cooper-Church amendment
which pertained to U.S.
involvement in Cambodia, I
couldn’t help but think what is
happening to this country.
Rmemeber back in 1965
when our problems in Southeast
Asia were defined as a defensive
conflict, undertaken to insure
the integrity of the free
democratic government of South
Vietnam? Now look where we’re
at. President Nixon has taken it
on himself to expand our
involvement to Laos and he’s
using the same excuses as he did
last Spring when we entered
Cambodia. He has said
repeatedly that our ‘support’ of
the South Vietnamese forces in
Laos is indispensable to our
success in Vietnam. What
success? What about the lives
lost in Laos? Are they not
indispensable? War may be hell,
but the way President Nixon is
running it is sheer treason!
How long will this madness
continue? Will it take another
Kent State or more polls
showing that over 73% of the
people of this land want out, to
make the President realize that
what we’re doing in Indochina is
not what the people of this
country want? Our
‘indispensable’ President has
already proven that the loss of
life, violent campus disorders
and polls (which usually favor
his policies) will not make him
budge from what seems to be his
blind obsession to destroy and
kill every Communist that walks
the face of the earth. Since the
days of the Alger Hiss trial, the
President has been obsessed with
his fear of the ‘Red Threat.’
When will he realize that our
involvement in Indochina is
causing, as the Pultizer Prize
winning author David
Halberstram so aptly puts it,
“The Vietnamization of
There has been much
speculation since the invasion of
that the President and the
South Vietnamese government
are considering the possibility of
crossing the DMZ into North
Vietnam. So much so that
Senator’s Cooper, Church and
McGovern are considering a bill
prohibiting any U.S.
involvement in an invasion of
the North. The Chief negotiator
for the North Vietnamese, Xuan
Thuy has warned that the
Chinese would “not stand by
with folded arms in the face of
U.S. aggression against North
Vietnam.” But will a
Cooper-Chur ch-McGovern
amendment stop the President?
CALL (215) 878-5800
24 hours 7 days
Legal Abortions Without Delay
As he has proven by his recent
actions concerning Laos, it
would not. The comments of the
North Vietnamese government
most likely will not stop the
President either for he will pass
them by, as he has done in the
past, as ‘idle threats.’ But as the
North Vietnamese Army is
proving in Laos, they mean
business and the military defeats
they have recently handed the
Allied forces proves this point
very, clearly. Communist China
has proven that she will not
stand in the wings by their
actions during the Korean War.
There are those who will claim
that times have changed since
1950, but then one must also
realize that history has the
uncanny quality of repeating
What can we do? The
Presidential election in 1972 is
far away. This country cannot
afford another Spring of
disorders as we experienced last
year. Violence is not the answer,
but neither are the policies of
President Nixon. If there is an
answer, it is not to be found in
the White House or Capitol Hill,
but only in the people of this
nation, uniting in a peaceful
effort to end the war and
preserve the sanctity of our land
and people.
by David Stacks
On Wednesday evening,
February 24, 1971, the Student
Government Association
approved five proposals
presented by the Task Force
Task Force proposal number
one, turning the Pat Murphy
decision over to an ad hoc
committee, and Task Force
proposal number two, an
evaluation of the Student Affairs
office with majority student
approval of said evaluation, were
agreed upon by a substantial
majority of SGA senators.
Task Force proposals
numbers three, four, and five,
dealing with student influence in
policy making decisions, were
met with opposition based upon
the argument that students are
not qualified to choose those
who make the administrative
decisions regarding this campus.
This argument was countered by
a group of Senators who felt
that the word qualified, when
refering to the hiring of
administrators, has a plural
definition. Qualified in the eyes
of the Administration or in the
eyes of the student?
Len Thompson, junior Social
Science Senator, commented
that “students are best qualified
to pick who should run this
school”. SGA president Lee
Levan, also expressed approval
of a plan allowing equal student
participation in Administrative
decisions. Other SGA Seantors
expressed a desire to adopt a
plan allowing the Administration
a small edge over the students in
Administrative decisions.
Although none of the Task
Force proposals were agreeable
to all of the SGA senators, the
spirit of greater student
participation in the
Administrative affairs of Capitol
Campus was unanimously
March 3, 1971
Letters To# f
The Edirorf
Dear Editor:
I want to take this
opportunity to recognize
publicly a debt of appreciation
to a friend and dedicated SGA
member, namely, Miss Mary
Jane Lovelick, recording
Mary has served when needed
regardless of the time of day or
night if business called. Never
once has she questioned whether
assigned responsibilities fall
under her office duties. In fact
she has distinguished herself by
performing much more than
what she would normally be
required to do while most others
have tried to do as little as
possible and to “get out <Jf”
whatever they can.
I want to thank Mary for
being there when I and SGA
needed her.
Lee Levan, President
The Capitol Campus SGA
by Roger Hawkins
The incident concerning Pat
Murphy is a prime example of
the enthusiasm that can be
raised when the students are
aroused. When you start
stepping on people’s toes or
what is close to them, they start
to holler. That’s the way to go.
If only the students around here
would remain alert, then
conditions wouldn’t get to an
impossible state.
As I stated two weeks ago in
the CAPITOLIST, that the more,
students who realized that the
school would not exist without
them, they would begin to
realize the power they have, as
students, in regulating policies.
The students are a majority
union, that is they all share the
common interest as being
students. We all are here
basically to get an education,
and should see to it that the
quality of education is
maintained and that we .are
satisfied with the factors that
might directly or indirectly
effect our education. When it’s
your future that’s being
tampered with, then it’s your
duty to see that you get your
money’s worth.
This factor alone should be
enough to make students come
out of their shells and see what’s
happening. How will you ever
know what’s going on if you
never come out and take a peep.
So let’s stick together as
students and let the faculty and
administration know that we are
alive and care what happens
around here.
2 br. 2 bath Rancher
/ \
2 story brick
3 br. + 3 offices
or study
R.C. Kauffman
124 West Main Street