The capitolist. (Middletown, Pa.) 1969-1973, February 24, 1971, Image 1

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Vol. 3, No. 6
Interviewer Doug Megla
Doug: “What was your
reaction to the article in the
CAPITOLIST regarding Pat
Dean Grimm: “I felt the
article was misleading and in
many places totally inaccurate.
It appeared to be an emotional
Doug: “Since Miss Murphy
was informed her contract
would not be renewed, what
unexpected events have
Dean Grimm: “I knew there
would be concern but I did not
feel it would be quite so volitile.
I felt this was in large part, due
to many of the statements made
Doug: “What is your feeling
about student reaction to Miss
Murphy’s dismissal?”
Dean Grimm: “I am quite
heartened by the interest
students have demonstrated in a
matter which directly affects
them. For four years this office
has been encouraging students to
be involved. I think it shows that
Capitol students are becoming
more aware and concerned. As is
too often the case, many
individuals have not taken the
time to learn the facts. Their
reaction has been an emotional
one. I believe that we will have a
better campus if the enthusiasm
shown here can be continued
and reinforced with rational and
positive programs.”
Doug: “What is the present
situation with regard to Miss
Dean Grimm: “As of today
(February 19) the matter is still
under review.”
Doug: “Will Miss Murphy’s
job be changed if her resignation
is not accepted?”
Dean Grimm: “As is the case
every year, there will be some
realignment if the
responsibilities of all personnel
in Student Affairs. Two of the
problems which must be
considered next year are a
full-time undergraduate
enrollment of almost 1600 and
the fact that some staff members
are requesting or planning to
request leave for graduate
Doug: “What are the main
reasons students have been
uptight about Miss Murphy?”
Dean Grimm: “Miss Murphy
and I have talked together about
this. I feel some students have
come to see Miss Murphy as a
friend while others have
attached themselves to this cause
mainly to achieve changes in the
Doug: “Do you think the
students are sincere?”
Dean Grimm: “For the most
part, yes.”
Doug: “Why wasn’t the
Student Affairs Committee
informed about office changes?”
Dean Grimm: “In the past
the Committee has not
questioned changes in the
internal operations of the office
of Student Affairs. The
relocation of the Financial Aid
Counselor to the Academic
Services Office and the initial
phase of our plan to improve the
services we provide the students
by forming an office specifically
designated as a center for
Grimm Responds To "Nittany Screw”
DR. JOHN GRIMM—Dean of Students gives his views on the Nittany
Screw to CAPITOLIST reporter Doug Megla.
student activities programs are
two examples. Based on the
interest the Committee has now
demonstrated, I shall look to
them for added input.”
Doug: “What changes are
actually going to take place in
Student Affairs?”
Dean Grimm: “Throughout
this year we have been taking
steps which would more
effectively strengthen student
life programs at Capitol. For
instance, we have developed a
monthly campus calendar of
events in conjunction with the
weekly Hot Lion. We have
focused attention on the
development of a student
activities and organization center
which includes organization
offices, television viewing area,
and a lounge to encourage
interaction among students and
between students and staff. As
our campus has developed, we
have perceived a need for more
support in the two prime areas
of student activities programs.
Another individual has worked
with other student service areas.
We recognize a need for an
additional staff member in the
Student Activity Office because
of the increase in the number of
students and campus
organizations. In the area of
residence programs, we find the
need for an individual with
experience in the development
of new and unique residence
facilities and programs. Through
a reassignment of responsibilities
we can accomplish these changes
without adding additional
Doug: “Why weren’t student
ideas solicited regarding Student
Affairs changes?”
Dean Grimm: “Student ideas
"All The News That Fits .... We Print"
are constantly being solicited.
Student input does not
necessarily have to be formal.
Members of the Student Affairs
staff are in contact with students
on a daily basis attempting to
discover areas requiring
development. Recently a letter
was sent to all organization
presidents asking them to
suggest services which could be
provided by the Student
Activities Office.”
Doug: “Is there anything you
want to tell students?”
Dean Grimm: “In the five
years I have been at Capitol I
have sincerely attempted to
develop a Student Affairs
program which would enable
every student to realize the most
from his two years spent on
campus. Some attempts have
been successful; and some not.
As I examine the present and
look into the future, I see a need
for new programs and individual
staff members with different
abilities and experiences. I also
see a need for greater emphasis
or student participation in all
phases of student life.
Recognizing student interest and
concern, I propose that a
committee of students be
formed immediately to provide
direct student input into the
Office of Student Affairs.
Composed of one student from
each undergraduate academic
program, this group would be
involved in the operation of the
Student Affairs Office. It would
be concerned with programs,
policies and staff development.
The student body can utilize any
method of selection it might
desire if this idea is accepted. To
speed the formation of this
committee I suggest that the
junior senator from each
program appoint a
representative. The intent of this
committee is not to bypass the
existing Faculty Student Affairs
Committee but rather to
compliment its efforts and
provide for a more direct means
of student involvement.
“Together, students, faculty
and staff comprise our college
community. Together is how we
learn and grow.”
Decision Set
For March 5
Interview Pat Murphy
and Doug Megla
Doug: “Could you tell me
some of the events that have
taken place since our last
Pat: “I had a meeting with
Dr. Grimm. I did hand in a
resignation. There were reasons
for that, mainly 1 got a little
Doug: “Is there any
information you’d like to relate
to the students?”
Pat: “I am convinced that the
resignation of Sherry and Mrs.
Long were the best things for
Doug: “Can you give me a
date when you will know
Grimm’s final decision?”
Pat: “From what I’ve been
told in the meeting today, Dr.
Grimm said within two weeks
from today, by March sth.”
Doug: “Will you stay if the
administration does not accept
your resignation?”
Pat: “Yes, I will stay.”
Doug: “How would you
define the job of Student Affairs
in the University?”
Pat: “Well, as part of the
university family I think we can
be a liason between the students
and the faculty and to serve the
out-of-class needs of students to
serve an educational function,
giving them directions in how to
handle their out-of-class lives,
channeling them into their
special interest areas so they can
learn and grow from them.”
Students Attend
Lee Levan, Dave Stacks, and
Barbara Brown, all Capitol
Students attended the national
convention of the College Young
Democrats on February 12, 13,
and 14th in Saint Louis,
The convention is the annual
meeting of Young Democrats
from college throughout the
United States.
Lee and Barbara are Social
Science seniors, and David is a
Social Science junior. Lee is also
president of the SGA. David is
the president of the Young
Democrats Organization of
Capitol Campus. All three
students are looking forward to
the State CYD meeting which
will be held at University Park
this weekend.
February 24, 1971
College Girls
Karen Johnson, a junior here
at Capitol Campus, was selected
to represent this campus in
Glamour Magazine’s contest to
find the Ten Outstanding
College Girls of 1971.
Karen, a very active and
involved student is
corresponding secretary of the
Black Student Union, a judge on
the Student Court and a member
of the Cheerleading Squad. She
is an Elementary Education
major and plans to work in the
field of counseling. She has
worked with children in tutoring
programs such as Operation Out
Reach and in day care centers
and camps.
The Ten Outstanding College
Girls of 1971 will be
photographed by leading New
York photographers and
featured in Glamour’s August
College Issue. During summer
vacation the ten winners will be
invited to New York to meet the
Glamour staff. Last year the
winners were the guests of the
magazine for a nip io Spain anu
Semi-finalists will be chosen
by the end of February and on
March 15, the ten winners will
be announced. Karen will be
competing with winners from
campuses all across the United
States. We’d like to wish you the
best of luck Karen, and let you
know that all of us at Capitol are
hoping for your success.
The UDG (Undergraduate
Student Government) of Penn
State is sponsoring a trip to
London for $199. complete. The
eight day vacation is available to
all students, faculty, staff,
alumni and their families, and
coincides with this year’s Winter
Term Break. The flight will leave
New York City March 23 and
return March 30, 1971.
The price includes round trip
airfare via SAS DC-8 jet, airport
transfers, hotel with private
bath, chartered sightseeing, and
two theatre tickets of your
There are still plenty of seats
available, but allow four weeks
for obtaining your passport. For
more information pick up a flyer
at in the Student Activities
Office, room W-105 building or
call David Dallas at (814)
237-8653, between 3 and 12