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    Homophile Society
After seeing the film
“Homosexuality in Men and
Women” and listening to Dr.
Frank Kameny, president of the
Mattachine Society of
Washington, guest speaker in ED
499 A, I realized that one of the
largest minorities in the U.S. is
unrepresented and forgotten, on
this campus. Dr. Kameny’s view
is endemic among homesexuals'
in this country, that
homosexualtiy is not a
perversion, but merely a
preference for a partner of the
same sex. Furthermore, the term
“perversion” is relative; a
homesexual might look on
heterosexuality as a perversion.
“Perversion” is unique in the
mind of the individual.
What I would like to do is
initiate thought on the plight of
the homosexual in the U.S. Why
is homosexuality a problem in
this country? Why is he so
discriminated against? First off
homosexuality is culturally
defined and differs from country
to country. In the U.S. it’s
acceptable for females to hold
hands or interlock arms or dance
together in public, but not for
males. In other cultures,
Morocco, Japan, Holland,
England, etc. it is customary for
males to hold hands in public. Is
there any physiological reason
why a man can be amorous
toward a woman but not toward
another man; or a woman
toward another woman? No, just
sociological. We live in one of
the most restrictive cultures in
the world, concerning
homosexuality. There are no
paramount problems raised by
sexual conduct in this regard in
other countries. Something
could be learned by being less
insular in our opinions, but
rather more tolerant of the
human rights and desires of
Many problems are caused by
hecklers and others thrusting
difficult and embarrassing
situations upon suspected or
known homosexuals. A
well-adjusted heterosexual can
live and work in close proximity
and enjoy the company of a
homosexual with no qualms—it’s
just another way of life, not his,
but that doesn’t give him the
right to sit judgment on it for
others. Maybe sports or music
isn’t your bag, but you certainly
don’t ostracize your friends for
differing in interests. Say you
have a close friend or relative.
You hang around and do things
together, travel together—he’s
really a good friend and you
enjoy being with him. Would
finding out that he prefers sex
with his own sex really bother
you? I think the general opinion
among young people today is
“what ever is your bag; do your
own thing”. Life can be very
lonely, miserable, and frustrating
for one having tendencies,
especially vis a vis a society so
vehemently opposed to
homosexuality as this one, until
he can grasp the situation in his
mind and accept himself. Until
he has found himself he won’t
be really at ease within
himself—two anonymous forces
pulling him apart.
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To see an air of live and let
live, a peaceful coexistence in
society would be the realization
of the goal of the homosexual.
In this pluralistic society, people
are necessarily disparate, and so
stands to reason their
preferences would be.
There is a seven point scale in
the Kinsey continuum of
patterns of sexual behavior
ranging from exclusively
heterosexual to exclusively
homosexual, somewhere along
which everyone fits—there is no
dichotomy or trichotomy of
sexual behavior. From this I
think it safe to say that the
majority of people (six of the
seven increments of behavior)
have experienced, or will
sometime in the future
experience a homosexual act.
This behavior is either
temporary or permanent in
There is a misconception that
masturbation, transvestism are
directly related to
homosexuality. There is no
direct relation between any of
them —three separate
phenomena. Massive statistics
from numerous sex studies could
«be used in support of this, but
suffice U here to say that it is
ordinary and usual (even
advantageous) to masturbate;
and transvestism is not
necessarily a derivative of
homosexuality—one need not be
a homosexual to be a
transvestite (although it is
common), e.g. Christine
Jorgensen, now a transexualist.
The archaic laws with varying
lengths of incarceration are
abominable and need immediate
abrogation. Do you consider
yourself detrimental to society
and deserving of life
imprisonment (in two states) for
oral-genital relations between
two consenting adults—
especially your wife or
husband—in the privacy of your
own apartment? The U.S. Naval
Academy at Annapolis considers
evidence of masturbation
sufficient grounds for refusing
admission to a candidate. I think
the need for modernization of
sex laws is ostensible. And to say
that it is not illegal to be a
homosexual but it is to practice
homosexuality is absurd. Yet,
this is where the law stands and
soon it will be legal in two
states, Illinois (now legal) and
Connecticut (sometime this
year) but in defacto it has no
My main purpose is to bring
to Capitol Campus, as is at all
major campuses, the
opportunity for homosexuals
and those interested in related
problems to come together in an
atmosphere of congeniality and
understanding. There is no need
for the homosexual to sit alone,
unhappy because he is unable to
relate, express himself to others
the way he wishes. I think it’s
possible to think of some social
functions where one can really
feel uninhibited and be himself.
This is open to both males and
females. It would be of
particular interest to those
under-age, having limited social
outlets. One would meet friends
to travel with for weekends or
just the evening (there is much
to do in Baltimore, Washington,
Philadelphia, and New York).
Associations of this kind are
called Homophile Societies and
can be found on such campuses
as Temple University, University
of Minnesota and the University
of Maryland (just to mention a
All interested persons are
invited to call 944-6500 between
the hours of 8:00 p.m. and 8:00
a.m. Callers will be asked to
leave their first names only, and
number where they may be
by Missy Rotondaro
Come see “Camelot,” Sat.,
Feb. 20, 8:00 p.m., student
February 22, 7:00-8:00,
Turned On Crisis, “Why Can’t
You Hear Through the Noise in
Your Ears?,” Residence Hall
“Get up, Get into it, Get
Our nice nurse, Mrs. Kresge,
thinks everybody here is great.
We like her, too.
Question: How much money
does the average pin ball
machine make each day?
Rollin right along.
Luann Berulis will be 22
years old February 23.
Mrs. Brown you’re a peach.
Buy a yearbook now. Call
“What you see is what you
All girls invited. The Girls
Sorority is now being organized.
Come to the first meeting at
823 A Nelson Drive, Monday,
February 22, 7:30 p.m.
What is Rossi’s secret?
More questions:
Who is the Campitol Campus
Why is it we don’t have a
nurse at prime hours, 1:30 a.m.
to 8:00 a.m.? That’s when
everything happens.
Why doesn’t Mrs. Starkey
teach her class?
Mary wants to know why this
is a suitcase campus? What does
Mary really mean??
Rossi asks: “Why don’t we
have a bus to ride? It’s cold
Answers may be called in at
944-5662. Ask for Amy.
Food and Drink:
Wine is fine
Beer is better
Food and drink don’t go
Student-Faculty dialogues are
now being arranged to be held at
the Meade Heights Coffeehouse.
Discussions are tentatively
scheduled for Thursday nights,
the first to be this Thursday.
Frank Dulisse, junior
Humanities senator of 9498
Kirtland, and Lynn Solomon,
845 A Kirtland, have been
appointed to the Committee on
Revision of Student Rules.
Dulisse will serve as chairman of
the committee.
The committee wil undertake
a thorough revision of University
rules in an attempt to produce a
set of rules applicable to Capitol.
These rules will govern student
conduct, activities, and affairs in
all areas related to the college.
Anyone desiring to assist in
this project, contact Frank at
Gerry Pappas 9348 Mars, has
been appointed to the
Commencement Planning
Committee by SGA president
Lee Levan. She joins A 1 Litwak
and Ed Frank who have been
working on commencement
since Fall Term.
The committee is responsible
for devising the commencement
program, planning a speaker, and
other details of the June 19th
Any seniors who are
interested in assisting, please
contact A 1 at 944—9063 or Lee
at 944-3840.
Mazing Taieni Show
at “ '
CAPITOL CAMPUS AFRO DANCERS-entertained the huge
audience at the Amazing Talent Show with a traditional African
He Who Is Without Sin . . .
by Luann Berulis
Everytime I talk to someone,
I hear about how aggravating a
roommate can get or how
annoying he can become. Stop
and think! Are you easy to get
along with? Do you make a
rumble when you get up in the
morning? Is your toothpaste
slopped all over the sink? Do
you blast the stereo during study
hours? Do you clomp down the
hall on the way to your room?
The way things are now, it seems
we are all guilty of one or more
of these faults. I never thought
so many people were having
roommate problems.
I don’t believe all the blame
lies on the person accused of
being at fault, the accusing
roommate is just as much to
blame. Why can’t the people
involved discuss the matters
among themselves rather than
complaining to others? We hear
about the generation gap
between children and their
parents, what about the
generation gap between
roommates? Why is it so hard
for people living together to sit
down and discuss their griefs?
CAROL SlMS—singing together
at Monday's Talent Show. The
cast plans a repeat performance
during this week.
Don’t forget the
Environmental Dance, on
Tuesday February 23. Some of
the activities will include an
Environmental Light Show,
music by Locust Grove, Organic
goodies, folksongs from Annie
FFerrino, and anti-pollution
literature. Only 75 cents! The
dance will be held at the Student
Why can’t a person tell her
roemmate when something
annoys her? It is really
ridiculous when you stop to
think about this problem. It’s
funny how two people can be
friends until they live together.
Try this, just stop and think
for a minute. How perfect are
you? And he who is without sin,
let him cast the first stone.
750 Admission
Names suggested in the
Annual Name the Capitolist
Contest are: the Bizarre Banner,
the Capitol Letter, Tabula Rasa,
and Capitol Punishment!
The Academic Services Office
has received from the Records
Office at UP a list of students
for whom they reported student
status to the selective Service
Local Boards for Winter Term
1971. Included is a list of
students with “missing data”.
Please stop in Room E-106 to
check if your name is on the
discrepancy list.
Condemmed to mediocrity,
As most of us all will be,
Tends to make my head go wild
Why will it happen
“Capitol Campus Child?”
James A. McLean
realized on the 9,1725 t day
of my life.
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