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Vol. 3, No. 4-
There are 440 Commuting
Students who attend Capitol
Campus. These students have no
voice in Student Government,
although they comprise
one-third of the student body.
Bob Klugiewicz would like to
see the Commuting Students
become a powerful force at
Capitol Campus, so he is trying
to organize a group of
Commuting Students.
“We’re trying to get
something together for
commuting students. We’d like
to have our voice in SGA, and
we’d like to discuss problems
that commuting students face.”,
said Bob.
Many commuting students
hold jobs, and many of them
have families. Direct
involvement with SGA is
SGA President Lee Levan and
CAPITOLIST Editor Rosemary
Scanlon ratified a Joint Treaty
of Peace Between the People of
the United States and the People
of South Vietnam and North
The document was drawn up
by a delegation of eleven
American students who traveled
to Hanoi and met with official
representatives of the North
Vietnamese National Student
Be it known that the American and Vietnamese people are not
enemies. The war is carried out in the names of the people of the
United States and South Vietnam but without our consent. It
destroys the land and people of Vietnam. It drains America of its
resources, its youth and its honor.
We hereby agree to end the war on the following terms, so that
both peoples can live under the joy of independence and can devote
themselves to building a society based on human equality and
respect for the earth.
1. The Americans agree to immediate and total withdrawal from
Vietnam and publicly to set the date by which all American forces
will be removed.
The Vietnamese pledge that as soon as the U.S. Government
publicly sets a date for total withdrawal:
2. They will enter discussions to secure the release of all
American prisoners, including pilots captured while bombing North
3. There will be an immediate cease-fire between U.S. forces and
those led by the Provisional Revolutionary Government of South
4. They will enter discussions of the procedures to guarantee the
safety of all withdrawing troops.
_ The Americans pledge to end the imposition of
Tmeu-Ky-Khiem on the people of South Vietnam in order to insure
their right to self-determination and so that all political prisoners can
be released.
6. The Vietnamese pledge to form a provisional coalition
government to organize democratic elections. All parties agree to
respect the results of elections in which all South Vietnamese can
participate freely without the presence of any foreign troops.
7. The South Vietnamese pledge to enter discussion of procedures
to guarantee the safety and political freedom of those South
Vietnamese who have collaborated with the U.S. or with the U S
supported regime.
8. The Americans and Vietnamese agree to respect the
independence, peace and neutrality of Laos and Cambodia in accord
with the 1954 and 1962 Geneva conventions and not to interfere in
the internal affairs of these two countries.
9. Upon these points of agreement, we pledge to end the war and
resolve all other questions in the spirit of self-determination and
mutual respect for the independence and political freedom of the
people of Vietnam and the United States.
By ratifying the agreement, we pledge to take whatever actions
are appropriate to implement the terms of this joint Treaty and to
insure its acceptance by the government of the United States.
impossible. “We’re not a static
force on campus. Many of us
fluctuate back and forth
between school and home.”,
Bob explained.
“We must form this
organization to let people know
we’re here. We would like a
representative in SGA, but right
now we don’t even know how
many students who commute
are involved in student
“Why can’t there be a
Commuting Students’
Organization?”, Bob
commented, “even in
Orientation, when the Meade
Heights people go to meetings to
discuss their problems, the
Comm-uters should have
meetings t00...we must know
that we are a part of Capitol
Union and the South
Vietnamese Liberation Student
Union. Representatives from the
three groups signed the Joint
Declaration of Peace.
Many organizations in the
United States and Vietnam will
be receiving copies of the Treaty
for ratification.
The following is a text of the
Peace Treaty, as signed by the
Capitol Campus students:
(Printed by USNSA)
"All The New* That Fit* .... We Print"
“An Organization of
Commuting Students would
defintely be an asset for
Other commuting students
who are involved in planning the
organization are John Hummel,
Daniel Seitz, Tom Zimmerman
and Helen Martin.
Beginning next week, the
CAPITOLIST will include a
Commuting Students’ Column as
a regular feature.
Soc. Sd.
Problem: Students cannot get
work experience during school
years and upon graduation or
during summer breaks are unable
to work in chosen area due to
this lack of experience. After
graduation, they are not familiar
enough with actual procedures
to be efficient or effective.
1. One term of senior year
designated for work-study
2. Term will be decided upon
by the student.
3. Grade will be given by
Dept, head and full credit
received for entire term (12
4. Evaluations will be made
by employer and faculty
5. Dept, will determine and
make requirements as to: what is
to be derived from work
experience, how student will
relate knowledge to PSU
(written test, oral test, paper...).
6. PSU will place student in
appropriate position in
Harrisburg area.
7. This program should
operate similarly to the present
El. Ed. program in this senior
8. The student will or will not
receive monetary payment for
his services (not yet
9. A student committee
comprised of juniors and seniors
in the Soc. Sci. curriculum will
serve as the medium between
students, faculty, and
administration. If faculty
committee fails to get program
approved, then University Park
officials will be approached by
student committee.
10. Employer references may
be placed in student’s file to be
used later in job applications.
11 . This program will
introduce and encourage student
into business world.
12. Student will have an
opportunity to test what he feels
is right for him.
We would like and appreciate
your support and suggestions.
Please call either: 944-5197,
944-7807 or 944-7832.
The Judo Club is meeting
from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. on
Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Newcomers are welcome!
mazing Talent Shaw coming!
FEBRUARY 15th-Is the date to remember. These students will
present the Annual Capitol Campus Talent Show at 8:00 p.m. in the
Prize Wining Cinematographer
To Discuss Motion Pictnre Making
Mr. Ira Laird, of Laird
Productions will present a
demonstration and lecture
Thursday, February 18 at 7:00
p.m. on “How to Make Motion
Pictures”. In addition to
showing exerpts from some of
his prize winning films Mr. Laird
will explain the techniques used
to make good motion pictures,
including composition, editing,
splicing, script writing, use of
different lenses, sound tracts,
and many other techniques
which the professional uses to
produce good films for your
school projects or for your own
In addition to being a still
photographer, Mr. Laird is one
of the few people in this area
adept in cinematography. Laird
Productions is the only prize
winning organization of its kind
in central Pennsylvania.
Presently Mr. Laird is producing
films for industry, advertising,
television, and the trade shows.
This Week’s Happenings
TODAY —Open Pot in
Student Affairs. TONIGHT
-8:00 p.m. Chess at 835 Nelson
Drive. FRIDAY-6:00 p.m.
Mixed Bowling at Middletown
Lanes, 8:00 p.m. Basketball at
Messiah College, at the Main
Street Gym. MONDAY-7:00
p.m. “Turned On Crisis”,
Residence Hall Lounges, 8:00
p.m. Capitol Campus Talent
Show in the Auditorium.
TUESDAY—B:OO p.m. Naiomi
Madgett and Oliver LaGrone,
Poetry Readings, Out of the
Black Experience, in the
Auditorium. 9:00 p.m. Ski
Club’s Dance at the Student
Center. WEDNESDAY-“Turned
On Crisis” 7:00 p.m. at the
Residence Hall Lounges. 9:30
p.m. Mixed Bowling at
Middletown Lanes.
THURSDAY—Open Pot in
Student Affairs.
February 10, 1971
His films won more than a
score of national and
international prizes. Movie
making is now in expanding use
as a dynamic substitute for the
drab term paper. Here is an
opportunity to learn the fine
points which can make your film
project a really great movie.
Mr. Laird, in addition to his
motion picture interest, is
presently Deputy Insurance
Commissioner for companies
with this State’s Insurance
Department. He also teaches
several courses in insurance here
at the Capitol Campus.
HOT UNE 944-1033
There will be a special
election to fill several vacancies
currently existing on SGA on
Tuesday, February 16th.
The offices to be filled are
Treasurer, Junior Business
Senator, and Junior Senator at
large. These are the results of
three resignations. The election
will be held in room W-104 from
9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. All
students may vote for Treasurer;
business curriculum juniors may
vote for business Senator ; and all
juniors may vote for Senator at
large. The same groups will be
qualified to run for these offices.
Nominating Petitions for
interested candidates may be
obtained from Mrs. Brown in
W-103 (Student Affairs) or from
the election committee, Missy
Rotundaro and Luann Berulis.
Petitions must be returned to
Mrs. Brown or the election
committee no later than Friday,
February 12th. ID cards will be
necessary to vote.
In the same election there
will be two constitutional
amendments to be voted upon.
All students are eligible to vote
on these amendments.
If there are any questions,
contact the election committee
at 944-5662 or stop at the SGA
Campaign signs may be
posted immediately.