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Tnterviewer-Ro Scanlon
Ro: “How about giving us a
rundown on what happened at
the last SGA meeting...”
Lee: “There are four events
which occurred at last week’s
SGA meeting that I would like
to mention. First, there was no
quorum... Ten senators must be
present to conduct official
business. On Wednesday, we did
not have more than nine at any
one time. Second, the SGA will
send a letter to Mr. Mueller,
Director of Food and Housing of
the University, urging him to
give top priority to the
reduction of sound in the two
residence halls. This is a
supportive effort in behalf of the
more comprehensive report done
by an ad-hoc group of dorm
students. Then, the SGA
endorsed the reorganization of
the Organization of Student
Government Associations, that’s
the OSGA...which occurred at
Beaver Campus on January 16th.
OSGA will become a
less-structured branch campus
organization to deal with
common problems among these
campuses. Fourth...the Student
Court announced its decision
concerning the Constitutional
question regarding the
appointment power of the SGA
Ro: “What was the outcome
of the decision?”
Lee: “The Court ruled that a
2/3 consent of the SGA Senate
is necessary to legalize all
Ro: “Is there anything
happening within the next few
weeks that students should be
interested in?”
Lee: “There will be an
election to fill the several
vacancies in the SGA...and I
encourage all interested students
to run for office.”
Ro: “Can anyone run?”
Lee: “Yes, the only
prerequisite is a willingness to
work for the good of Capitol
Campus...and its students”.
Ro: ‘‘How are the
committees going?”
Lee: “We’re doing okay with
the committees that have
enough man-power. But I can’t
emphasize enough that we’re in
need of students, especially
juniors to volunteer for
committee work. Here’s the
chance for those who are
dissatisfied with Capitol to do
something about it.”
CALL 652-3431
The schedule for yearbook
pictures is as follows:
Feb. 8, 8:00 p.m. to 9 p.m.;
Feb. 10, 7:00 p.m. to 9 p.m. and
Feb. 11, 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
The pictures to be taken will
be group pictures of all clubs
and organizations on campus.
The girls are asked to wear
dresses and the boys are asked to
wear a suit and tie. If any club is
not contacted by February 8,
for time scheduling, please
inform the yearbook editor, Bill
Fre?pian at 944-6126. Please
HOT LINE 944-1033
Ro: “Would you like to say
something especially relevant to
the campus community, to sum
up this week’s ‘Rap With Our
Lee: “How about run for on the handbook
or on cultural planning, or
re-evaluate the student rules
committees, or others, to get
familiar with what we are
facing...ln four words, not four
letters: GET YOUR ASS
to Begin
Registration for area residents
for the 1971 Political Science
Institute is now open. Classes in
practical politics, and area and
state issues are offered at no
charge and on a nonpartisan
Chairman of the Institute is
Stephen R. Reed, President of
the Dauphin County Young
Democrats, the sponsoring
The first classes begin March
2nd and continue every Tuesday
and Thursday of that month to
completion March 30th. The
general topic will be “practical
politics” and in-depth
presentations will be made on a
host of governmental and
political matters and issues. Each
class will be spent on a subtopic
of “practical politics” and the
Institute’s classes will run
year-round with each course
lasting a month.
Independent work study
programs and high school and
college students are especially
urged to participate. Extra credit
can be assigned to existing
institutional classes.
Speakers involved in
governmental agencies and
political office will serve as the
instructors on the subtopical
Contributions of effort and
talent for the Institute are
Registration forms may be
obtained by writing Reed at 217
Pine Street, Harrisburg, PA
Classes will be held in East
Hall, Room 212, Harrisburg
Area Community College,
Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7
to 9 p.m. starting March 2nd, for
the first course to be offered in
the area.
The Institute fulfills a need to
give people the facts about how
their political parties and
government function, and how
they can become better
informed and more involved. It
is strictly a public service
HOWlE—Groovin' at Tuesday's
dance, which featured Locust
Grove, Hollow Axis, and Hard
by Arnold Werner, M.D,
copyright 1970
College Press Service
January 1971
Address letters to Dr. Arnold
Werner, Box 974, East Lansing,
Michigan 48823.
QUESTION: I have just
begun smoking cigarettes.
Whenever I light up, I get
intestinal gas after a few puffs. Is
this normal or abnormal? Also,
can you give me a medical
explanation for this
ANSWER: There are two
physical factors at work.
Nicotine is a powerful stimulant
to intestinal action, leading to
the observation that a fat cigar is
often followed by a bowel
movement. It is also likely that
you are swallowing air while
puffing, aggravating the
aforementioned pharmacologic
While treading the fine line
between accurate, medical
comment and moralizing, I must
say that you’ve got to be out of
your mind to start smoking
cigarettes. It is sad enough that
there are so many millions of
people who have been suckered
into this self-destructive
addiction through what at times
seems like the selfish interests of
an industry that panders death.
QUESTION: I would like to
know the principle behind those
belts one can but to wrap
around the waist and thighs to
rid one’s self of inches of fat in a
matter of days. With the
guarantees that go along with
them, they must work.
ANSWER: The principle was
stated years ago by P.T.
Barnum: There’s a sucker born
every minute. Gullible people
are suggestible enough to pull in
their paunches and impress
themselves when they measure
after using such a device.
QUESTION: Please settle an
argument my roommate and I
are having. He claims that men
first contracted venereal disease
from sheep, which sailors used
for there enjoyment during long,
womanless voyages. However, I
refuse to believe that anyone
could get that horny. Can he
possibly be right?
ANSWER: About the
venereal disease, he’sr wrong.
About getting ‘‘that
horny”—he’s right. The word for
sexual contacts between humans
and animals is sodomy (which
can also refer to certain sexual
practices among humans). Sheep
inevitably seem to be mentioned
when this practice is discussed.
This is probably related to size,
availability and the loneliness of
being shepherd. While offensive
to most people, such sexual
practices are thought to be not
An architect has been chosen
and the money released by the
General State Authority to build
the proposed new Physical
Education Building on Capitol
Campus. It will be located
between the Placement Building
and the University Apartments
on the same side of the road as
the Placement Building (on the
current Softball Field).
Mrs. Twyla Brown, famed
secretary in the Office of
Student Affairs, will dance the
Tarrentella in the Annual
Amazing Talent Show!
Amazing Talent Slum CM!
-<eyV pi
make the Amazing Talent Show a success.
NED IRISH—WouId you believe he's a Humanist? Ned is building a
stage for the Amazing Talent Show.
by Lee A. Nell
Last week I wrote that we all
have a bitch to air. So air it,
right? Wrong! Who cares? No
one. We’ve been bitching for
years and still the bombers fly.
Meanwhile, “the most expensive
moon flight” goes off with all
flags flying. Terrific.
I’m up to my ears in dialogue
over world problems-what’s the
best way to cure them; which
ones do we cure first; or do we
try at all? And I’m up to my ears
explaining why I feel the way I
do to some slob who can think
only that his taxes are gbing to
some “creep” on welfare. And
I’ve had it listening to people
telling me why I feel the way I
do. TTie hell with it.
Do we have an obligation to
try at all? And if we try, will we
end up as raving idiots? Rave,
rave. Yippee. Fd like to hear one
good reason why I should care if
people are getting blown to hell
in Viet Nam. I’m 1-Y and won’t
be touched by a draft system
which should make no
difference to me. Why should I
aim for some goal that may help
to alleviate the problems of the
poor? And surely, even if I do
If you missed seeing us on campus
(toO free)
IfICTA volunteers
Vlo IA in service
to America
icticing for three weeks to
my best to wipe out racism,
some other nut is going to work
his ass off to “keep the blacks in
their place.” And blah, blah,
Are we sitting in our
academic ivory tower, discussing
or learning-helping anything?
Or when we get out are we going
to be like the old man-chasing
the dollar, or the rainbow.
I’m not black, so Angela
Davis can go to the gallows, and
so can the Harrisburg Six-I’m
not Catholic. Hell, 1 don’t even
believe in god. Morality? That’s
a joke. Any society that allows
killing on TV but balks at
showing public hair on the
movie screen, can’t tell me about
marriage and sex and the social
So I’m sorry that I told you
all to bitch. No one listens.
Many people here have already
learned that. I’m down now and
tend to agree. But I’m also
stupid. So the next day or the
next, I’ll be back up trying to do
some vague thing that very, very
few people are going to care or
even know about. Well, c’est la
vie. Some of us never learn.
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