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Vol. 3, No. 2
by Ro Scanlon
A public forum was held at
Harrisburg Area Community
College on Sunday night to
acquaint the public with the
facts on the Harrisburg Six. The
purpose of the meeting was to
gain information on the trial and
what legalities are involved, to
gain information about the
people involved, and to look at
the particular group of people
and what will be happening to
them during the coming week.
Ned Irish, a Capitol Campus
Humanities senior, opened the
program by singing “Blowin’ in
the Wind” and “For What It’s
Worth” and by urging the
audience to sing along with him.
The first speaker of the
evening was Arthur Berger, an
attorney from the 19th district
in Harrisburg who is also a
volunteer ACLU lawyer
representing some of the
witnesses in the Harrisburg Six
trial. Mr. Berger discussed some
legal aspects of the case.
According to Mr. Berger, the
Harrisburg Six have been
indicted by the Federal Grand
Jury for two counts of
conspiracy to commit an offense
against the United States, that is,
against a federal law. The
possible punishment for these
offenses is $lO,OOO or five years
iiupi'isunuiciii or both. The
punishment for conspiracy to
transport a kidnapped person
(i.e. Mr. Kissinger) is a possible
life imprisonment. These two
charges have been filed against
Chinese New Year is coming!
Capitol Campus will celebrate
the occasion in authentic fashion
on Saturday, January 30. The
celebration will include Oriental
films, fortune cookies, Chinese
tea and families from the
Harrisburg Chinese Community
(with some in traditional garb).
The festivities will get under way
at 3:00 p.m. at the Student
Center. It is open without charge
to all students, faculty, and
The primary film to be shown
is entitled “Gaining Sons
without Losing Daughters”. The
production won top awards at
the recent Oriental Film
Festival. The film has been
received from the Embassy of
the Republic of China.
The event is being
coordinated by the Student
Affairs Office, in conjunction
with the Office of the Dean of
Faculty and Dr. Shih-Chuan
Chen, Associate Professor of
Humanities and Oriental
Civilization. Stephen D.
Millman, Assistant to the Dean,
Student Affairs explained that
the project was undertaken as
part of the campus cultural
programming mandate.
Dr. Chen explained that the
particular New Year being
honored at the campus is
according to the “farmers’
calendar”. In this system, there
are 12 animals representing a
cycle of 12 years. This coming
year is demarcated the “Year of
the Pig”.
all persons involved. Miss
McAllister and Mr. Berrigan also
are held on three other counts,
each carrying up to ten years
The Harrisburg Six will be
arrained next week, then the
defense will use “discovery
proceedings”, and then the trial.
Mr. Berger commented that a
very obvious problem in a
conspiracy trial will be the very
nature of the charge, “a very
vague kind of crime.” Another
problem encountered in this
conspiracy trial will be the
change in the Immunity Statute.
Formerly, if a person was called
on to testify, he would be
absolved. Now, the three-week
old Immunity Statute states that
if a person is called on to testify,
his testimony will not be held
against him. Mr. Berger called
the new statute “very limiting”.
Following Mr. Berger’s talk,
Tom Davidson gave an appeal
for money. Davidson is the
Co-ordinator of Peace Movement
in this area. “We have a very
drastic need for money...three
law schools have turned over
their staffs to legal research,”
Davidson said.
It was expected that one of
the defendants would show up
for the meeting. However, it was
later disclosed that the
defendants could not come
because they want to counsel
with the other defendants first.
There will be a Press Conference
during the week in which they
are expected to make a
A Happy New Year—Written by
Dr. Chen.
Mr. Millman indicated that
“the event could symbolize the
great knowledge that can be
gained by mutual sharing across
different cultural traditions.”
"All The News That Fits .... We Print"
The next speaker was Sister
Susan Cordas, a Dominican nun
from the East Coast Conspiracy
to Save Lives. Sister Susan gave
the audience the history of the
“Catholic Radicals.”
Father Phil Linden, a
Josephite speaker, discussed the
disruption of the Selective
Service. “The draft is immoral
and unjust because 0f...r00t
inequity,” Father Linden
commented. The poor are still
hardest hit by the draft. “And
for political and economic
reasons, we commit genocide in
Southeast Asia.”
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Amazing Talent
Show Coming!
by Missy Rotondaro
Are you tired, run down? Has
your perk gotten up and left?
Well, this will put the perk right
back into you. Do you know
why? The talent show is coming.
That’s right kids. On February
15, 8:00 p.m. in the auditorium,
the amazing talents of Capitol
Campus students will come
together to put on a show you
won’t be believing. ' —
Have you ever seen Len
Thompson dance a tarrentella?
No, well you will that night. Dan
Hoss will be there, too, singing a
few tunes. Then there’s Ned
Irish and Doe Perkowska.
They’ll be there. A couple
senators from SGA will be there.
You won’t want to miss their
act. There are many, many more
who will be there that night,
singing, dancing, and making
you laugh.
Working together as
organizers of the talent show are
Mrs. Brown, Miss Murphy and
Skip Lewis. If you know these
three people, you know that a
great show is guaranteed. And
the spirit is fantastic, says Mrs.
Brown. Everyone is cooperating.
Invaluable assistance is being
provided by people such as Miss
Vance, Dean South, Mr. Bierly
and Mrs. Stettler, Larry Myers
and Ramon Harris are just two
of the students who are also
aiding in making the talent show
a success.
Emcees, Bob Lewis and
George Hardy will be on hand
throughout the evening, carrying
the show along. Be there, too,
ok? Or better still, Be In It. If
there’s anything you’d like to
do, come along and join the fun.
See Mrs. Brown in the Student
Affairs Office. You never know:
“A star may be born” that
Professor Lewis, chairman of
the Faculty Council, reported
that the faculty has indicated its
approval of the addition of an
Afro-American Studies Option,
pursuant to the endorsement of
the proposed option by the
Faculty Council as academically
feasible. Forty of the 55 faculty
votes were for approval.
VISTA (Volunteers in Service
to America) representatives are
sponsoring a special recruiting
campaign on the Capitol Campus
of Penn State University,
January 27 through 29 to recruit
specialists and generalists who
want to help solve some of
America’s domestic problems.
VISTA is seeking mature,
skilled men and women to live
and work with America’s
disadvantaged. For one year, a
VISTA volunteer will live and
work side by side with the poor.
For ope year, a VISTA volunteer
acts as a bridge between those in
need and existing services and
opportunities. On a personal,
one-to-one basis, the volunteers
apply their skill and dedication
to helping low-income groups
solve specific problems.
Volunteers live and work in a big
city slum, a rural hollow, or an
Indian reservation.
In addition to young men and
women with natural ability and
a well-rounded education,
specialists-those with training in
business, teaching, health
services, architecture, city
planning, law agriculture, and
other special fields-are needed.
"Harrisburg Six" Ratty
from the Harrisburg
Peace Group
“We are a group of radical
Catholics who have identified
ourselves with non-violent
disruptive activities to focus
attention of institutions and
people on alternatives and
options for peace.” (Father Phil
Linden on the peace group to
which the Harrisburg Six
Harrisburg is the scene of new
indictments against leaders of
the peace movement. This time
it is not campus rioters,
Weathermen, or violent
protestors being indicted, but
priests and nuns whose
philosophy excludes violence,
whose philosophy is the
development of the brotherhood
of man guided by the principles
of non-violence and the sanctity
of human life.
This group of peacemakers,
known as the Harrisburg Six,
have expended their lives
questioning the seeming injustice
in a system which permits
economic exploitation of
underdeveloped countries and
murders an Asian people under
the guise of “preserving
freedom”. Officials of that same
system accuse these six of a
crime which has brought the
public eye to focus on a
“conspiracy” of such
proportions as to make it look
like a national emergency.
The media has further
distracted the American public’s
attention from the ultimate ends
which these peacemakers
p u rsue: to place the
development of the entire
human community before'the
political and economic
advancement of one nation:
secondly, to quote Daniel
Berrigan, “To pull the mask of
legitimacy from the inhuman
and blind face of power”; and
January 27, 1971
V I STA offers the
opportunity and challenge of
service, and can provide an
essential part of education,
representing a necessary
complement to academic
educational pursuits. VISTA
volunteers are willing to tackle
the tough jobs, because they
have made a commitment to
serve America.
If you’re mature, dedicated
and capable, and want to donate
a year of your life to helping this
nation’s poor quit being poor,
make the VISTA scene. Check in
with the VISTA representatives
on campus January 27 through
Have a question on VISTA?
Dial toll-free 1-800-424-8580.
The Jewish Student
Association of Capitol Campus
(Hillel) will hold a Sabbath
Service at 8:00 p.m., Friday,
January 29th, at the B’Nai Jacob
Synagogue, in Middletown.
Rabbi David Ben-Ami will
thirdly, to awaken in the hearts
of people a respect for human
What cause today is worth
living for and worth dying for?
This is a question these six have
come to terms with, a question
we might well consider. A cause
so noble could never be
accomplished by one person or a
few. It demands the support of a
loving community expressing
itself, not in theory, but in deed.
There is still time for all who
cherish peace, freedom, and
moral integrity to stand up,
speak out, and work together.
We must meet together and
demonstrate publicly where we
Finally a mass rally with a
number of speakers is planned
for Friday, January 29 at noon
of the State Capitol Building.
From this rally point a march
will proceed to and around the
Federal Building.
January 29, 1971