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Vol. 3, No. 1
Students at Capitol Campus
were reminded at registration to
notice the changes in the
Student Vehicle Regulations
which became effective on
January 1, 1970.
In paragraph 111, A: “Each
registered vehicle shall display its
use permit by affixing the one
bumper sticker marked FRONT
to the registered vehicles front
bumper and the one bumper
sticker marked REAR to the
registered vehicles rear bumper.”
Paragraph 111, C: “The speed
limit in Meade Heights Area is
20 miles per hour. The speed
limit at all other locations on
campus is as posted or as
governed by prevailing
conditions and safe driving
practices, but in no case in
excess of 35 miles per hour.”
In paragraph VI, A, the
changes are: “Car pools for
full-time students NOT living on
campus can be arranged with the
Vehicle Registrar. However, only
one use permit can be issued for
one fee and the members of the
pool are obligated to display the
permit in the windshield of the
vehicle in actual use. Because of
the low cost ($.lO per night)
pool stickers are not issued for
evening students.”
Students were also asked to
iiote tne section, Violations, A:
TOBY SINGER EXHlBlT—There's still plenty of time to visit. It
will be open until January 29th, sponsored by the faculty wives.
by Tom Hagan
Toby Singer is an artist.
Although she doesn’t usually
travel from her home in
Washington, she did open her
“Toby Singer Arts Exhibit” here
at Capitol Campus on January
The exhibit consisted of a
variety of types of art, including
woodcut prints, clay sculpture,
glass and metal works, and, most
notably, plastic forms.
Some of the more intriguing
works were produced from
copper or silver wire, shaped
into a figure. Clear or colored
plastic had been dripped onto
the wire. It sometimes took as
long as two weeks to dry.
Most of the works that were
shown were from plastics. The
artist started working with this
material extensively after she
had a small amoung left over
from a previous project. After a
little time, she produced her first
plastic sculpture, "Horse”.
Miss Singer has had a
“Actions in violation of the
Vehicle Code of the
Commonwealth will be dealt
with by either campus
authorities or public authorities,
or both.” And Section C:
“Failure to display the use
permit (bumper stickers or pool
stickers), failure to report a
change in vehicles, failure to
respond to a violation notice
within two days are all
troublesome and
time-consuming problems for
the Vehicle Registrar. After two
days the Vehicle Registrar will
regard the violator as in default
and will report the
circumstances to the office of
Student Affairs for action.”
Section D: “Violations of a
non-moving nature, i.e., parking,
failure to display campus
registration, are subject to fines
as follows: First Violation,
$1.00; Second Violation, $3.00;
Third Violation, $5.00; and
Fourth Violation, $lO.OO.
Violations of a moving nature,
i.e., stop sign violation, speeding,
driving on grass, reckless driving,
not handled by public
authorities will be subject to
actions in accordance with the
seriousness of the violation
charged. These violations are
counted anew in each vehicle
registration period. Fines are
relatively limited amount of
formal training. Some of her
experience is from the American
University which she attended
eight years ago. Other attempts
at expression in different media
were initiated by observing the
techniques of others.
Her favorite medium is clay.
She has been told by many
people that she should
concentrate in that area alone in
order to develop it even more
fully. But she feels that she must
explore new ideas in new
materials and forms.
Her exploration of new ideas
can be demonstrated by an
incident where she spent an
entire afternoon sorting through
a neighbor’s collected junk for
materials and inspiration. This is
certainly one way of recycling
materials for new uses to save on
Besides this area of interest,
Toby Singer is also a talented
dancer and a member of a
Washington choir.
"All The New* That Fits .... We Print"
paid to the Vehicle Registrar,
114 Main Building, and must be
cleared before the end of the
term in which they are incurred.
Fines are credited to Student
Activities Fund.”
The time during which
appeals can be made has also
been changed, paragraph B: “An
appeal must be filed within two
business days after the date that
the violation notice is issued. If
the violation is not appealed
within the two day period, the
fines as stated in Paragraph
VII,D, will be upheld.” And,
Section C:‘Any violation that is
not cleared (excused or fine
paid) prior to the end of the
term will result in a hold being
placed on records. A hold means
(1) no transcripts are released
(2) the student cannot re-enroll
(3) the student does not receive
a diploma.”
Resigns SGA
by Miss Rotondaro
SGA, not being a very strong
organization, does not merit
much respect or interest from
the siuuent body. Now, it seems,
it has come to the point that the
members themselves are also
loosing respect and interest.
Decide for yourself.
Terry Wimmer, junior
senator-at-large, resigned
Monday, January 11, from
Student Government. To some
this move came as quite a
surprise, but there were others
who say they expected this and
knew the reasons why. Some
say, “Terry did a brave thing”
others called it a “political
move.” I wanted to hear Terry’s
reasons for myself and I must
say he didn’t hesitate
expounding on them.
Terry started off by saying
that the senate was inefficient,
insincere and unable to cope
with the problems of the
students, let alone play games
with them. He stressed this point
of the SGA playing games with
the student body. He feels it is
going to take at least 5-10 years
to build a good student
government and it can’t be done
the way the organization
operates now.
One of the big points was the
“supposed” Black Student
Union threat that was to be
made if Patty Patterson, SGA
treasurer was fired. Terry felt
that Lee Levan didn’t have guts
enough to fire Patterson who
had violated rules established by
the senate and recognized by the
senate. Again Terry stressed,
“Levan is playing games with the
people.” If Levan thought there
would be trouble with the Black
Student Union, he could have
appointed a Black student to
take her place.” He said he
doesn’t think Levan has the
abilities to be president. He also
feels Chandler Wolf, Vice
President of SGA is playing
games along with Levan. Wolf
made comments that he was
going to claim racial prejudice if
Patty was fired. All Chandler
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An exhibition of sculpture,
glass art, ceramics, prints, and
crafts by Toby Singer, nationally
known sculptor from
Washington opened Thursday,
January 14, at the Capitol
The exhibition, sponsored by
the Capitol Campus Faculty
Women’s Club is being held on
the first floor of the Main
Building on campus.
It will be open from 10:00
a.m. to 3:00 p.m. weekdays
through Friday, January 29.
The exhibition features a
wide variety of works by Mrs.
Singer, who is the daughter of
Cantor and Mrs. Henry
Borenstein, of Harrisburg.
A former student of sculpture
and ceramics at the American
University in Washington, Mrs.
Singer has also pursued the
study of copper enameling and
She has taught at the District
of Columbia Recreation
Department glass craft program
A comprehensive plan to
piovitic aiid improved
facilities for Student interaction
and support of student groups is
now nearing completion in the
Main Building. According to
John R. Grimm, Dean of
Student Affairs, the total
program includes the creation of
a large student lounge and art
gallery, a drug information
center, offices for student
organizations, a TV lounge and a
new Student Activities office
suite. The plan was developed by
the Student Affairs office in
conjunction with students and
“These steps should go a long
way toward providing a more
adequate setting for leisure-time
learning programs,” Dr. Grimm
noted. “We have long strived to
create an environment which
would encourage and strengthen
formal student groups as well as
more casual student
New student organization
offices are arranged in a suite
pattern with the entrance being
through W-110. Six student
offices are included in the
complex. At present, the
Student Government
Association will continue to use
its current office in W-104.
Radio Station WZAP will
expand its facilities in Room
The student lounge and
gallery will be located across the
hallway in W-107 through
W-113. The room is currently
being used as a library reading
room, pending the arrival of new
lounge furnishings. The motif of
the lounge was designed by a
student-faculty committee.
“We earnestly hope that the
new facilities and rearrangement
of staff locations will better
serve student needs. We would
appreciate the comments of
students and staff in regard to
our efforts toward increased
effectiveness”, Dr. Grimm
January 20, 1971
MRS. HEINDEL—HeIps with the
Toby Singer Exhibit.
and has exhibited her work in
several shows in the East,
including an exhibition in
November at the Jewish
Community Center, Harrisburg.
Furniture is scheduled to begin
in cui iy i ebruary.
In order to provide a closer
relationship with these new
facilities, the operations of the
Student Affairs Office have been
realigned. Functions related to
Student Activities (student
groups, functions and activities)
will be centered around Room
W-105. This should provide the
opportunity for closer contact
with all students. In order to be
more accessible to student
records, Miss Toni Jennings,
Financial Aid Counselor will be
located in Academic Services,
Room 104.
The offices of Dr. Grimm,
Miss Vance and Mr. Millman will
be in W-l 01. Mr. South and Miss
Murphy are located in W-105.
Committee Appointments
SGA President Lee Levan
announced the following
appointments to the Physical
Education Building Committee
which held its first meeting this
Tuesday. The appointments are:
Linda Fischel of 8338 Nelson
Drive (944-9759) and Donald
Bill” Garrett of 1765 Rosedale
Avenue (939-7941).
Dr. Moore
New Division
Dr. J. Herbert Moore has
been named head of the new
Division of Engineering and
Technology at The Pennsylvania
State University’s Capitol
The appointment was
announced by Dr. Richard H.
Heindel, Dean of Faculty.
The division to be headed by
Dr. Moore is one of three to be
established under a new
academic administrative
structure effected at the campus.
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