The capitolist. (Middletown, Pa.) 1969-1973, October 30, 1970, Image 2

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    Capitol Campus: Seed-Bed For
Neo-Nazi Elitism?
by Roger Nielsen
There is a very dangerous current
of Elitism circulating at Capitol
Campus. It is widespread. Many
students here are going to college to
use their degrees as barriers between
themselves and those who are less
fortunate, those who couldn’t come.
Why is this happening? Perhaps
it is because many of those who are
here are from lower-middle class
homes, or middle-middle class homes.
They want a piece of the action, and
education has flamed the fires of am
Many of these college Elitists
learned these things from profes
sors here. The majority of the facul
ty are ostentatious status-seekers.
They are not above the rat-race; they
have created their own little rat-race
right here. If we want to talk about
the failures of our educational sys
tem, here is one example.
At any rate, the majority of stu
dents here do not see themselves as
one of the “people”, of the “public”,
of the “masses”.
Is this feeling natural? Baseball
players, actors, teachers, politicians,
servicemen, all see themselves as
separate and apart from the public.
They fail to realize that they are the
“people”. To inflict injury upon the
“people”, is to inflict injury upon
Another reason that many students
see themselves as elite is because
they possess the ability to think, to
analize, to revolt against, to question.
True, the greatest majority of the
„human race does not question. They
have their habits, customs, traditions
governments, religions, and they
don’t question them. They simply
Thou Shalt Not Steal!
by Ann Ostroski
It’s been approximately only four control this situation,
weeks that Capitol Campus has been The thief trend is slowing down,
in session and regretfully it’s been due to the alert bulletin, but careless
reported there have been 14 attempt- ness on our part may cause reoccur
ed larcenies on campus. ances of the robberies. We can’t
Mr. James Paul, director of securi- distrust our friends and neighbors
ty, is presently investigating all pos- due to one or two persons, but dont
, .. . , , , ~f be an accomplice to these crimes by
Bible clues which lead to the person allowing temptation to prevail. LET’S
(s) involved. He can only do so NOT HELP OUR VILLAIN LOCK
much it’s up to us students to YOUR DOOR.
Staff of the CAPITOLIST
Rllßi ne SB Managers- ROGER HAWKINS r
Business Managers. MICHAEL RIX vps RR% M Rpo/oTT
t cheryl johnstonbauoii undecided 9.5/oM, 5.5%-F
photographers: Jim lewis 6. Were you aware of the October 31
John fanelly dan durrante Moratorium before von ant tbis
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It is the duty of these academic
Elitists to encourage revolt among
the people. These Elitists may feel
an obligation to “take care” of the
people, only in a moral manner. This
idea, is of course what has screwed
up the human race. Instead of en
couraging people to think indepen
dently, to neutralize social pressures,
our group of Elitists would prefer to
control the people, they still want to
separate themselves, and power and
control is a good way to accomplish
this. So our group of Elitists will
become lawyers, professors, politic
ians, businessmen and social workers.
They will do their best to keep the
people in darkness; they will not at
tempt to encourage revolt, the ques
tioning process. The Elitists had
better take a look at themselves; they
are leading us to another Neo-Nazi
Spiro Agnew recently called for a
new wave of intellectual Elitism. He
decries students who attempt to solve
social problems. He refers to see a
great return to the ivory tower; he
seeks an end to the “relevant educa
tion”, in his own words. He does not
have to worry. Our students are do
ing this of their own free will.
If they chose to reverse this trend,
they could show the “people” how to
think for themselves. We would
then have no need for churches,
armies, rigidly-run schools, contem
ptuous social workers, caste systems,
master-slave relationships, racism,
and imperialism. Freedom and unity
is the ultimate destiny of the human
race. But our Elitists are holding us
tony McGovern
Letters to the Editor
I would like to express my grati
tude to all social science students and
those of other programs who voted
for me in the recent student govern
ment elections.
I will be available to any student
in social science who has ideas, pro
blems, or anything of which I may
be of help.
I am your representative and if I
am to pass legislation for your cur
riculum without personal bias, I will
need your ideas.
I want anyone interested in con
tributing any ideas or in just rap
ping to contact me at 850-A Kirtland
Avenue, or call 944-9751 anytime.
Remember, I am your representative
and my job is to work in your best
interests, so please keep in touch.
Thanks again,
Len Thompson
Soc. Sci. Senator
Students Share
Views On
Peace Action Day
Compiled by Bill Winkler
In an attempt to gain some insight
into Capitol Campus students’ senti
ments toward the up-coming Mora
torium, a student opinion poll was
distributed to a sample of the stu
dent body. The opinions were based
on the students own personal beliefs,
previous experience and the project
ed goals of the Moratorium as they
perceived them.
The results of the poll were as fol
1. Do you approve of the general con
cept of a Moratorium? '
approve strongly 47%-M, 57%-F
approve somewhat 38%-M, 43%-F
disapprove strongly 7.5%-M
disapprove somewhat 7.5%-M
2. Have you participated in any of
the previous Moratoriums?
yes 38%-M, 63%-F
no —• 62%-M, 37%-F
3. In your opinion, have the previous
Moratoriums accomplished any
yes 57%-M, 38%-F
no _ 28%-M, 44%-F
undecided 15%-M, 18%-F
4. Do you approve of the up-coming
yes _ 66%-M, 81%-F
no 9.5 %-M
undecided 4.5%-M, 19%-F
4a. Will you support it?
yes 66%-M, 75%-F
no 15%-M, 6%-F
undecided 19%-M, 19%-F
4b. Will you actively participate?
yes 50%-M, 38%-F
no 25%-M, 6%-F
undecided 44%-M, 37%-F
5. Do you feel such a Moratorium
should be permitted?