The capitolist. (Middletown, Pa.) 1969-1973, October 30, 1970, Image 1

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VoL 2 No. 3
Awareness Committee
To Aid
Olivetti Employees
by Roger L. Hawkins
The main purpose of the Capitol
Campus Awareness Committee is to
work closely with workers and unions
in the nearby area in trying to show
them how the Vietnam War can in
fluence their job security.
Gary Clement, an employee of Oli
vetti Typewriter Company, pointed
out some of the ways the Vietnam
War can influence a worker’s job se
curity. For example, he discussed
how an employer can profit from the
war but that very same employer will
continue to pay inferior wages, di
spite his increase in profits.
He also used the situation of the
workers at Olivetti as a prime ex
ample how businessmen exploit work-
in the case at Olivetti, workers are
required to put in 50 hrs. per week,
that is 10 hrs. on Tuesdays. Women
are paid indiscretely less money than
men and are still demanded to lift
the heavy typewriters. Discrimina
tion against blacks is extremely bad.
Blacks are paid subsquently lower
wages than whites to start. And out
of 900 employees only 75 of them are
black. These are just some of the
decaying situations present at Oli
What the committee plans to do to
help situations such as this at Olivet
ti and elsewhere is to help organize a
union by handing out pamphlets to
workers coming to and from work to
persuade them in trying to organize
a union to better their working con
ditions and wages.
The Capitol Campus Awareness
Committee is also a peace organiza
tion. The committee will take an
active part in the moratorium which
is to take place on October 81, 1970
in Harrisburg.
The purpose of this peace rally, as
outlined by the committee is to fight
against imperialism in Vietnam and
to show the workers that the situa
tion abroad affects the situation at
Any students having the time and
desire to participate in this vital or
ganization will gladly be welcomed.
Being for being, and seeing
For seeing, life is not hard,
For bracing is defacing, and
Time so short goes on, racing.
But we together, as one mankind,
Must go, and return in
Greater force, until forever
Gods, believing nothing we
Shall all be united.
We Print”
“All The News That Fits
CAPITOL CAMPUS Middletown, Pa.
Harrisburg October 81, 1970.
Dedication To The People of Capitol Campus
This issue is dedicated to the many students and faculty members
at Capitol Campus who are reaching out. . . .
To the Capitol Campus Awareness Committee, working to end the
War in Vietnam, to end racism, to end discrimination at Olivetti, to end
imperialism.. . We thank you.
To the Environmental Committee, working to make our world cleaner
and safer, not only for us, but for future generations. . . We thank you.
To the Tutoring Society, working long- hours to help the students in
Middletown, passing on the knowledge they have, acquired. . . . We thank
To the. Black Student Union, holding meetings to end polorization, to
help us live together, to affirm the black cultural heritage. . . We thank
To the professors who care, who realize that education never ends,
who want us to discover ourselves. . . We thank you.
To the students who are working in the November elections, who be
lieve that change can come from within the system. . . We thank you.
To the students who pray for peace, who still have a Dream. . . We
thank you.
We believe in you, Capitol Campus. Work for Peace October 31st and
October 30, 1970