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What is the most important part
of the Christmas Season to you?
by Nan Quatchak
and Vail Weller
Entertainment Editors,
Denise Cutruzzula
4th semester
"Going home to be with my
family, getting into the Christmas
spirit (trimming the tree), visiting
relatives and friends."
Marty McElligott
3rd semester
Chemical Engineering
"Being away from school. It's good
to get home with my family."
Andy Oney
3rd semester
"Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve
and being at home with my
Tina McCracken
2nd year
"Sharing things with my family."
Chip Hamilton
3rd semester
"I wish that I could say something
that could wrap it all up. It's
everything , from being in the
kitchen with mom baking cookies
to buying your aster that sweater.
It's just the whole overall feeling.”
photo by Marybeth Zaivistoski
Traveling Professor Teaches at Behrend
Brings a wealth of knowledge and five cats
by Millicent E. White
Collegian Staff Writer
Behrend is fortunate to have Dr.
Duncan White as a visiting
assistant Psychology professor. Dr.,
White has been at Behrend since the
beginning of the semester in
August and will stay here for one
year or longer if his contract is
White took 10 years between
high school and college to try out
different professions and live in
different environments before
deciding to study psychology. He
has lived in various parts of the
world doing many things including
2 years in North Africa, 2 years in
Rome Italy, giving glacial tours in
the French Swiss Alps, Marine art
and boat builder in Maine. Dr.
White believes these experiences
have given him a very broad liberal
arts background and made him
certain that his choice of careers
was the right one.
Prior to coming to Behrend,
White spent 2 years at Kenyon
College in Ohio. White's first
impressions of Erie were good. He
enjoys the scenery and the fact that
on a clear day one can see Lake Erie
and Canada. He likes the scenery of
farm land and hills on the outskirts
of town better than downtown Erie
itself, but he feels some of the
renovation downtown is very nice.
The people of Erie as well as the
scenery have left a very good
impression with Dr. White.
Through a somewhat unfortunate
happening upon his arrival he has
found the people very friendly and
helpful. It seems Dr. White’s old
car had some problems. A few
people were very willing to go out
of their way to get him the parts he
White's thoughts on the future
of psychology are ones of change.
For years the American
Psychological Association was the
main association of psychologists.
It was formed around the turn of the
century. The American
Psychological Association dealt
mainly with the clinical (applied)
side of psychology. Now a new
order of psychologists, the
American Psychological Society,
has emerged as the main
psychological association. This
new society puts emphasis on the
technical or research side of
White said that, concerning
future employment, the psychology
field will be hiring graduates in'
both the cognitive and
developmental fields. He also feels
there will be positions in the
industrial, clinical, and human
welfare sides of psychology, most
of which are applied forms of
psychology. White feels the
emphasis on research in psychology
will grow but not fully develop
until the middle 90's for those
■students interested in the research
end of psychology. Teaching jobs
at colleges and universities will be
hard to find. White believes there
will not be many positions
Dr. White believes the research
and teaching of psychology go hand
in hand. One necessitates and
facilitates the other because in the
lab one gets a better understanding
Spring Break Representive for Natl.
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Centers in Wore Ttun l?J MjpM U S Crtws A Abmart
December 8,1988
of psychology. The ciassroom prefer figures. The cats are not
forces psychology to make sense, it harmed in any way with the
also gives the psychologists a- experimenting. No surgical
chance to make sense of and apply procedures are involved and the cats
their research. Teaching makes are not caged. The animals are also
research meaningful. content, each weighing 10-12
' • White is in the midst of a pounds a piece. They enjoy the
research project right now. In his attention and especially the clam
research he is using 5 cats as juice and milk reward if they choose'
models for the human visual the right figure,
system. He has found the types of When asked if he enjoys
cells in cats to be similar to the teaching better than research or vice
cells of the human eye. Do the eye versa, Dr. White replied that he
cells of cats mean the same to cats didn’t prefer one over the other. His
as they do to humans? That is what
he is trying to find out
The cats are placed in a
specially made box and shown 40
Dr. White is in the
midst of a research
project right now. In his
research he is using 5
cats as models for the
human visual system.
He has found the types
of cells in cats to be
similar to the cells of the
human eye. Do the eye
cells of cats mean the
same to cats as they do
to humans? That is what
he is trying to find out.
figures a day. The object is to
determine how the animal uses
information. They try to make a
distinction between a visual figure
and pattern. The cat must decide
what is more important, figure or
White's results have been that
cats,'like humans and monkeys,
by Pierce Riley
I inhaled the smoke of burning leaves through a paper tube
with a plastic filter
/ when I cried about my Grandfather
dying of cancer.
* < And I don't know why.
Society (or The Danger of Overthinking While Braindead)
In the morning I wipe paste from a tube under my arms.
so I won't smell
and put on liquid from a bottle
so I will.
And I don't know why.
During the night I sleep semi-clothed in order to cover
certain body parts I have
that are just like the ones on half of the other bodies
on this big ball of dust in the boondocks
called Earth.
And I don't know why.
And I don't know why.
The same people that declare war on other nations,
Killing their inhabitants and American soldiers,
Create legislation prohibiting the returning soldiers
from driving over 55 m.p.h...
for fear they might kill somebody.
And I don't know why.
I know that one plus one equals two except when referring
to two healthy animals of the opposite sex
in a confined area for an extended period of time and
I remember that Pierre Curie got run over by a-truck.
I know that tonight I will sleep semi-clothed, that I
will put paste on my armpits tomorrow, drive 55, and
inhale burning leaves until I die.
But please...
Don't ask me why.
photo by Tracy Cross
Dr. Duncan White, assistant professor of Psychology
research is very important to him
and teaching is difficult because he
feels a lot goes into the investment
of teaching.
As far as his future is concerned.
White will stay at Behrend for the
remainder of die year or longer if
his contract is renewed. He enjoys
Behrend and its students because
they offer such a broad range of
interests and capabilities. His
favorite aspect of Behrend is the
people and he is thoroughly
enjoying his time here.
Temporal vs. Spiritual.
Love vs. Lust.
The haze of days and nights,
blacks and whites.
and yellows.