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    Behrend's G.E. Computer Center remains untouched by virus problems
(CPS) Still another computer
"virus" spread last week, this time
disrupting Macintosh computers at
California State University at
Despite new precautions and
debates provoked by the
marauding virus supposedly
created by a Cornell University
grad student -- that clogged some
6,000 computers at campuses and
research centers across the country
in mid-November, copycat viruses
also have ar/peared at the University
of Houston, Connecticut College
and Baylor and North Carolina State
Officials heave cured the viruses
quickly in most cases. At
Northridge, for instance, bookstore
employees now test students' disks
before letting students rent
To prevent future viruses,
moreover, some observers predict
students at other campuses may
have to endure disk searches and
scoldings to behave.
"We're going to send out a
message loud and clear that this in
not to be tolerated, this is not a
matter to be taken lightly," said
Eugene Mallove of the
Massachusetts Institute of
Technology, which had the Tech
Talk, the student paper, republish
the campus’s computer policies.
Just after one of its grad
students was identifies ass a virus
author, Cornell held what amounted
to a "safe computing" seminar to
advise people to back up their
disks, to avoid trading programs
PSU 3rd
Penn State University was
recently ranked third in the nation
for industry-supported research.
Penn State reported $20.1
million in industry-sponsored
research and development
expenditures for the 1987 fiscal
year, a $3.2 million increase over
the previous year. Penn State was
fourth in the 1986 National Science
Foundation’s ranking:
The Massachusetts Institute of
Technology was ranked first with
$35 million and the Georgia
Institute of Technology placed
second with $23.6 million in
industrial research supports.
The rank recognizes the strides
of University faculty and
administrators, who are committed
to establishing Penn State as on of
the most dynamic research
institutions in the country, said
Charles Hosier, senior vice
president for research and dean of
the graduate school.
"This shows the outstanding
reputation faculty members have
and the high esteem in which
they're held by industries," said
Industries can be particularly
discriminating when searching for
an institution in which to place
Don't forget your
Behrend Bookstore
when shopping for that
special someone
£ Christmas!
Remain a
"promiscuously” and to "wear
protective software” that can detect
Still others see their job as
teaching computer law to
"They spend an enormous
amount of their lives in front of a
screen. Some are somewhat
introverted," noted James Ball,
Stanford University's computing
director. "Computer scientists, I
don't believe, have the foggiest
notions about laws on such things
as copyright infringements.”
"I would like to see students
more sensitized to this," added
Peter Yee of the University of
Califomia-Berkeley experimental
computing center.
"Before this incident, students
felt that security and privacy were
somebody else’s problems," Yee
said, Now that one of our own has
done this, I expect more
"I think there's a broad
consensus among students and
faculty at Harvard that tampering
with major ’computer systems is a
very bad thing to do, and it can
cause disruption within the whole
social structure," added John
Shattuck, vice president for
government, community and public
affairs at Harvard.
Convincing people not to write
viruses -- actually self-replicating
programs that can destroy data
automatically without the users'
knowledge is the best cure,
Shattuck said, because vaccines
cannot be created fast enough.
in NSF Ranking
their resources for research, Hosier
said, adding that Penn State 1
competes heavily with other
renowned research universities.
"Industries go where the
experience is," he said.
The high ranking reflects the
University's reputation among
industries, said William D. Moir,
director of Penn State's sponsored
programs and contracts office.
"The University has become
nationally known in industrial
circles," he said.
Carnegie Mellon University was
the only other Pennsylvania
institution in the top ten.
Industries contributing' to the
University's resources include
Dupont, General Motors, Gas
Research Institute, and various oil
and telephone companies. Hosier
The increase in industry support
contributed slightly to the thirteen
percent hike in overall science and
engineering research expenditures
that gave Penn State first place for
Pennsylvania and a seventeenth
place national ranking by the
National Science Foundation.
Industrial funds represent twelve
percent of the University's total'
research expenditures, with the
photo by Marybeth Zawistoski
"The technology is moving so
rapidly here that it's somehow
gotten ahead of the discussion and
careful weighing of principles, as
reflected in the slow evolution of
law in this area," Shattuck said.
No one even knows if the
creator of the nationwide virus
broke any laws. The FBI is
investigating, and on Nov. 18-
word leaked that a federal grand
jury in Syracuse, N.Y., was
interviewing Cornell grad student
Robert T. Morris, reportedly the
virus's creator.
News accounts say Morris
invented the virus, but did not
mean to let it out on several
nationwide networks, where it
quickly began making copies of
itself via electronic mail.
His frantic efforts to provide
anonymous clues to halting the
virus, which consumed
memory space but did not
destroy any data, failed to stop its
spread to an estimated 6,000
machines, including systems at
the Massachusetts and California
institutes of technology, the
universities of Maryland, Texas,
Illinois, and Washington, as well as
Boston, Stanford, Harvard,
Colorado State, and Drexel
universities, too name just a few.
Unaffected schools attributed
their escape from the virus to luck.
"We were protected because we
use a different kind of network
protocol and operating system,"
reported John Stamer, director of
the University of Texas-El Paso's
computer center.
federal government providing most
of the remaining funds, Hosier said.
Penn State was the only school
in the state included in the top one
hundred national institutions in the
foundation’s ranking of institutions'
overall research expenditures.
The University's overall
and development expenditures for
the 1987 fiscal year were $165.8
million. Hosier noted that since
September the University has
increased this amount by $5
million and expects to greatly
increase it each year.
Johns Hopkins University
ranked first with $510.9 million in
research and development
expenditures and Massachusetts
Institute of Technology second with
$264.4 million.
The University expects to
increase its seventeenth-place 1
ranking next year by several
positions, Hosier said. Information
taken from the Daily Collegian.
ITALIANI’S 8994888
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across St. James School SHOP
Thurs. - Sun.
4-11 p.m.
HOURS: Monday - Saturday 11 A.M. - 1 A.M.
Sunday & Holidays 12 P.M. - 12 A.M.
December 8,1988
PSU Colleges in US Top Twenty
Penn State University's colleges
generally rank in the top twenty in
ihe nation, according to the most
recent polls.
Availability of national
comparisons with other colleges,,
departments, and individual
programs varies according to how
Penn State's academic units
compare to survey criteria, both
structurally and functionally.
The College of Business
Administration ranked 22nd in a
1987 international survey of 228
schools' undergraduate programs,
said Charles Dußois, assistant to
the dean for communications.
Additionally, the college's full
time bachelor’s degree program was
eighth place in enrollment, he said,
referring to a 1986 survey by the
American Association of Collegiate
Schools of Business. He attributed
the program’s rise from ninth place
the previous year to increasing
interest in business programs.
The School of Communications
was included among the top seven
undergraduate schools in the field
by the Dow Jones Newspaper
Fund’s 1988 Journalism Career and'
Scholarship Guide. The survey
referred to the school as "one of the
journalism (Ivy Leagues),"
indicating it is "one of the toughest
schools to get into.”
"I know we have good students
and we wouldn't have good students
if we didn't have high standards,"
Dorm Rules Eased After Sit-In
(CPS)—Much like a free- 200 students congregated at Floyd’s
floating all-purpose student protest office. School officials allowed the
at Goddard College in Vermont in students to remain overnight but
October, Tennessee State locked the doors so others could not
University students held a day-long J°* n protest. One student was
sit-in November 18 to ask officials locked out on the roof in near
to fire a football coach, liberalize freezing weather for a short time.
dorm rules and start a new Afro- The students demanded that
American Studies degree program. dormitory residents be allowed to
School' officials did agree to have in-room visits by people of
relax the dorm rules. the opposite sex. They also
But President Otis Floyd Jr. demanded that Thomas be fired and
would not agree to fire TSU head an Afro-American studies degree
football coach and athletic director program be established.
Bill Thomas.
The demonstration began when
Arts corn’d from page 1
successful college that bears the
family name.
Martin is a member of the
music faculty of the State
University of New York at Buffalo.
He is also an organist/choirmaster
at Trinity Episcopal Church in
Hamburg, New York. He has
performed in Europe, Canada and
throughout the Eastern United
"Anniversary Psalm" was
performed by Rebecca Felton Spear
and accompanied by the Penn State-
Behrend Concert Choir and the
Fredonia Chamber Players. Spear is
a soprano with the Chataqua
Chamber Singers, and recently
performed with the University of
Pittsburgh/Bradford Chorus, with
members of the Buffalo
Philharmonic Orchestra and with
the Erie Philharmonic Orchestra.
She currently resides in Jamestown,
New York, where she enjoys a
career as a soloist and voice teacher.
Also featured was a seasonal
medley by the Penn State-Behrend
Concert Choir, led by David
Stuntz. The medley contained
several pieces from the 15th, 16th
and 18th centuries. Included in the
medley was a 15th century french
song "Noel Novelet,” performed in
french by the Behrend Concert
Choir. The audience was also
treated to "Miss Brevis St. Johannis
de Deo” by Franz Joseph Haydn,
written in 1775. The piece was
performed in its original latin form
by the concert choir and
accompanied by the Fredonia
Chamber Players. The Chamber
Players include Margaret Cooper
playing the violin, Elizabeth
Gavney also on violin, Eugenia'
Rust playing the cello and Harry
Jacobson performing on the bass.
noted William .Dulaney, the
school's associate dean for
undergraduate eduction.
Penn State's graduate program in
the College of Engineering was
placed 18th in the nation by U.S
News and World Report in 1987,
according to Indices of Excellence ,
an informational booklet compiled
by the Office of University
The magazine polled 241 deans
of engineering colleges.
John Brighton, dean of the
College of Engineering, said he
believes the 1987 survey "really
reflects undergraduate programs as
Brighton also said the college
issued the nation's second largest
number of bachelor's degrees in
engineering in 1986-87. He
attributed the rankings to an
increase in research, tripled
enrollment in the college's graduate
program in the last eight years, and
projects such as a $5 million grant
from NASA to study space
Penn State’s college of
Education ranks thirteenth among
the more than 1,300 schools,-
colleges, and departments
nationwide, said Dan Grow,
coordinator of the Office of
Certification and Education
Services, referring to a 1979
Garry Burkle, director of the
The occupation ended when the
Bazaar in the Garden
by Steve Decker
Collegian Staff Writer
The Winter Garden took on a
special holiday look on Tuesday and
Wednesday when Inter-Club
Council sponsored their annual
Christmas Bazaar.
The bazaar originated a number
of years ago as an opportunity for
clubs to raise money. The
Association of Black Collegians,
the Barbell Club, Inter Varsity
Christian Fellowship, Beta Upsilon
Nu, and WBCR were among the
clubs participating in this year’s
The items sold ranged from T
shirts and albums to holiday helium
balloons and Cabbage Patch
Mazda SE-5: our
best-selling number 1
people-pleasing truck.
For the third straight year, Mazda beat Toyota,
Nissan and everybody else in pleasing owners
and now our 'B9s are here to please you! SE-5 is a
special favorite of truck buyers because it's priced
near Toyota's and Nissan's plain base trucks, yet
you get a 5-speed overdrive, spoker wheels, raised
letter step bumper, sport mirrors,
special stripes, tinted glass, and more-standard!
(814) 452-8441
advising center for the College of
Earth and Mineral Sciences, said the
college's structure—integrating
engineering, science, and social
science—is not conducive to
national comparisons.
"Our programs have excellent
rankings,” Burkle said,.citing the
meteorology program, commonly
considered "one of the top two
undergraduate programs in the
United States.”
Likewise, Penn State's College
of Health and Human Development
is unranked because it has few peer
programs in the nation, said Tina
Hay, assistant to the dean for,
communications there.
Still, the doctoral program of
the Department of Exercise and
Sport Science was slated the
nation's top program in a 1982
survey of faculty at fifty eight
colleges and universities, Hay said.
In 1984, the Department of Human
Development and Family Studies—
called Individual and Family Studies
until this month-earned the third
slot in a survey of family science
programs,' she said.
The National Athletic Training
Association ranked the athletic
training option in the Health
Education Department in the top
two, Hay said. Information
taken from The Weekly
remaining 45 to 60 students met
with Floyd, who tentatively agreed
to the relaxed dorm rules at the
school's three female and three male
residence halls.
In October, a similarly wide
range of "demands" were made
during a protest by Goddard
students, who asked administrators
to moderate investments in firms
that do business in South Africa,
help insure campus safety, start a
Black Studies program and,
somehow, end homelessness in the
United States.
The bazaar was well attended,
but not nearly as many clubs were
involved as in previous years.
"I was disappointed with the
turnout, because we sent out
information and it was known
about,” said Scott Serapiglia, Inter-
Club Council president. He felt that
the poor attendance at ICC
meetings and the busyness of the
end of the semester could be
reasons. Serapiglia added that there
will be another bazaar next year.
"It went well, but we hoped
there would be more clubs
participating, said Ramunda Bazar,
an TVCF member who helped sell
poinsettias. Despite the low
turnout, the clubs who did
participate made out well.
US West l2rf».Si
:rie, PA 16505