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Thursday. December 8
General Reviews Behrend ROTC Program
by Maria Plaza
Collegian News Editor
- Final exams came early for
Behrend's Reserve Officer Training
Corp program this semester. The
program was reviewed by visiting
Brigadier General Wallace C.
Arnold on Friday, December 2.
"I don't want to he treated like a
V.I.P I want to let them know I'm
on their side."
Arnold is the supervisor of 139
ROTC programs from Maine to
South Carolina and it is his job to
review these programs. He also
inspected ROTC programs at
Ganon and Edinboro universities
during his visit
Although the program is
reviewed annually, this is the first
time in several years that a general
has visited. "Most of these cadets
will be in the army several years
before they see another general,"-
said Major Gary "Mike" McDavid,
officer in charge of Behrend's
"I'm high on Behrend," Arnold
said. He credited much of the
ROTC program's success to strong
support from the adminsitration.
'Tve found tremendous enthusiasm
and support of the program," he
Arnold was pleased with
Intense Verbal Exchange
Brief SGA Meeting
by James Martin
Collegian Editor
A brief SGA meeting Monday
night at which the HABIT Senator
Position was again discussed, was
followed by a loud and liberal
exchange of ideas.
The meeting, which was to have
been shortened because of another
group's need for the meeting room,
was called to order by Steve
McGarvey, who explained that
overall discussion time would be
limited to a total of one half hour,
but that no one person would be
limited to a specific amount of
At the outset of the meeting, a
revised version of the HABIT
Night of the Arts Held
Celebrates Behrend's Beginnings
by Ken Anderson
Collegian Staff Writer
This year Penn Statc-Behrend
celebrates its 40th anniversary.
marked one of the highlights of that
The night began with the 40th
annual Hanging of the Greens
ceremony at the Behrcnd Chapel in
the Wintergreen Gorge Cemetery.
The event is held in honor of
Bchrend's founding family.
Professor Emeritus Benjamin A.
Lane opened the ceremony with
brief remarks. The program that
followed included readings by
Marybeth Zawistoski, Dee Gross,
Elizabeth Buck and the Hanging of
the Greens by Steve McGarvey,
president of SGA. Christmas carols
were performed by the general
Peace Day
Merry Christmas 4
Thunderous Floyd 6
A Look Back
Lion's Basketball 10
The Behrend MM
College M *** MlP mmum amm ZTJBB ,1,111,11i8 worn
Behrend’s ROTC enrollment of
about 140 students, a high number
for a school of Behrend's size.
Between eight and ten officers are
being comissioned each year and
Arnold says they will make good
Arnold was also pleased that so
many students consider ROTC an
integral part of their education. "I
think there's something special
about leadership and there’s no
better place to learn about it than
ROTC." He said ROTC also'
teaches teamwork and service. "It's
important to learn how to serve
something other than yourself,"
he said.
As part of his emphasis on
building working relationships
with the cadets, Arnold - began his
day by participating in their 6:30
am physical training. He even
joined their dodge ball game. "I
don’t want to be treated like a
V.1.P..... I want to let them know
I'm on their side,” he stressed.
In the afternoon, Arnold
conducted a leadership seminar for
the cadets.
Arnold began this job in June,
1987 after spending six years
senator proposal was distributed to
those in attendance. In addition to
nearly alFof th& -senators; several
student services staff members were
in attendance as well as
approximately 20 concerned
During initial discussion, which
was conducted in normal SGA
fashion, McGarvey recognized
students who wished to address the
HABIT Senator issue. The majority
of the student’s voicing their views
appeared to be in favor of the
principle of creating a minority
senate position, but several of them
noted they would prefer to discuss
the issue in a less formal setting
than an SGA meeting.
Senator Joan Gelwick opened
assembly several times throughout
the ceremony. "Silent Night,"
performed by the Penn State-
Behrend Choir and the general
assembly ended the 40th annual
Hanging of the Greens.
The evening was highlighted by
the premiere performance of
"Anniversary Psalm." The work
was commissioned to help celebrate
the college’s 40th anniversary of the
The text of the song was written
by Lane. ”1 was very pleased to be
able to write the text for the psalm"
he said. "I tried to show how the
lovely farm has been changed to a
growing school.”
The song describes how the
harvests have changed from those of
the field to those of the mind.
Lane, who has been with
Behrend since 1952, has held the
positions of instructor, Dean of
Student Affairs and Director of
Admissions. Retiring in 1985, he
now serves as an Associate
Professor of English and Dean of
Student Affairs Emeritus.
The music of "Anniversary
Psalm" was written by Roland E.
Martin. "The inspiration from the
music was spurred from the last
three lines of the text," he said.
The lines read, "An anguish passed,
a challenge won, a spirit, now ,
forever freed.” "Anguish and pain
surrounded the Behrend farm as
Mary Behrend lost her 19 year old
son and her husband within a span
of 11 years." He went on to
describe the "challenge won" when
Mary Behrend lived to see the
Glennhill Farms develop into a
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Visiting Brigadier General Wallace C. Arnold and Major McDavid.
stationed in Germany. He has also
served in Viet Nam and Okinawa.
He is a graduate of The Air
Defense Artillery School's basic
and advanced courses, the United
States Army Command and General
Staff College, and the Naval War
discussion by saying that she was :•
in favor of having a HABIT
senator but-felt that it must be 'first'"?-*. -Nearly one . hundred
demonstrated that all other means of >• community health care workers
dealing with the problem had been gathered in the Reed lecture hall
exhausted. on Tuesday to learn about the
In response, Stan Washington £ transmission and prevention of
explained that councils had already >• AIDS.
been attempted but had met with ¥ The lecture, "AIDS and the
limited success. ¥ Community Health Care
Megan Iverson, a freshman
senator had reportedly conducted an
informal meeting on Tuesday prior
to the SGA discussion.
Praising Gclwick’s attempt to ¥
understand her constituents views, *
former SGA presidential candidate ¥
Damon Gray suggested that he ¥
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Freshmen Pat Truitt, Scott Paul, and Otto Williams join Frosty in celebrating the
first substantial snow fall of the year. Those’ used to Erie weather know it’s only a
mild beginning to another snow-filled winter.
College. He received his bachelor
of science degree in industrial
education from the Hampton
Institute and his master of arts
degree in personnel management
and administration from George
Washington University.
Behrend Hosts AIDS Seminar
by Maria Plaza
>: Worker," was presented by Dr.
Ronald O. Valdiserri, M.D.,
x M.P.H., director of the
University of Pittsburgh Falk
Clinic Laboratories. Valdiscrri,
who donated his time for the
lecture, recently wrote a book on
AIDS prevention and has lectured
across the United States.
■ti * ‘ JS
y* ...1 v
.. - *
*'&.**'•* ' V ~
% . \
T*. ****.' **• 7—i
"Vjv- ’*■':**■ '''•'“*
photo by Marybeth Zowistoski
Throughout his 27-year military
career, Arnold has received
numerous awards and decorations,
including the National Defense
Service Medal and the Defense
Superior Service Medal.
Valdiserri complained that the :j
media's interest in AIDS is :•
slipping but-is encouraged that >
women's altitudes towards AIDS :■
prevention are improving. :[
The seminar was sponsored by :•
the AIDS Council of Erie •:
County, Inc. The AIDS Council :j
was formed this year to meet the •:
needs of AIDS patients and their •:
families and friends, help reduce •:
the spread of the disease, and •:
initiate and support AIDS •:
educational programs for the •:
community. •:
Patty Pasky, Behrend's nurse
practitioner, helped coordinate the
,1 ** -
photo by Marybeth Tavistoski
Volume XXXVII, No. 7
New Dorms
by Steve Decker
Collegian Staff Writer
Penn-State's board of
trustees has announced thatt it
has authorized an architectural
firm to design a new residence
hall at Behrend College. The
firm, John C. Hass Associates,
has already been on the campus
several times and is now
developing the plans for the new
residence hall.
Although little information
has been released about the
project, the new hall will be
designed to contain "suites"
instead of ordinary dorm rooms.
The proposed two hundred
bed residence hall is expected to
feature units containing two to
four bedrooms, one bathroom,
and a living room, but no
kitchen. Instead, the meals will
be served in Dobbins Hall.
John C. Haas Associates,
which has designed structures at
University Park plans to adopt a
prototype layout that was
originally used for Nittany
Apartment housing several years
"It's more cost efficient to re
hire a firm that has a prototype
plan already developed for the
university, then to re-hire a new
firm to create new plans," said
George R. Lovette, vice
president of operations at
University Park.
At the present, no
construction date or completion
date has been set, but a dollar
estimate on the project should
be released with the completion
of the firm’s plans. The new
residence hall's proposed
location would be just west of
Dobbins Hall.
Weights Stolen
From Gym
by Laura Weaver
Collegian Staff Writer
The theft of weight-lifting
equipment from Erie Hall was
reported to Police and Safety on
November 17. The stolen goods,
valued at SlB7, included ninety
pounds of weights.
November 19 was the date that
two criminal acts were reported to
officials. An unknown person
pulled the fire alarm on the second
floor of Perry Hall at 2:20 am. At
approximately 12:00 am the same
day a rock was hurtled towards the
fire door at the west end of Niagra
Hall. It broke the glass but caused
no further damage.
A hit and run incident was
reported to Police and Safety on
November 22. Sometime between 1
and 2:15 pm a vehicle struck and
damaged a 1982 Eagle that was
parked in the Turnbull parking lot.
No one has been charged with the
crime at this time.
Santa Visits
Peace Tree
by Janet Ocampo
Collegian Staff Writer
On November 30, Santa Claus
made his first appearance at Behrend
at a Peace Tree trimming party
hosted by the Lion Ambassadors.
The Winter Garden was
brimming with decorations of
Christmas cheer as groups of
students gathered throughout the
evening. Refreshments and some
Christmas tunes were provided by
the Lion Ambassadors. The tree
was provided by Student Services.
The aim of the ceremony was to
celebrate peace and help the poor.
Students were asked to bring socks,
mittens, and canned foods to the
celebration. Anyone still wishing
to donate may place the gifts in the
box beneath die tree.
Lion Ambassador advisor Linda
Cornwell hopes that this will be
the start of a new tradition at