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    October 21, 1971
Tour of Campus •
Members of• the Behrend Campus Advisory Board tour
the campus with Director Irvin Kochel, following a
reception in the RUB Quiet Lounge for administration and
Visitation Hours
Effective Oct 23
The Joint Residence Council
held its elections Monday,
October 18, George Frola is the
new chairman of the committee.
The position of secretary
treasurer was filled by Pam
Reeves (Perry Hall wing
The members of the Council
discussed the outcome of the
visitation survey. Because of the
cooperation of all the residence
hall students, only about 12
people were missed in the voting.
Individual floor meetings will
be held this week. When all the
results are compiled, the new
visitation hours should be in
effect by October 23.
A list of each dorm's visitation
hours will be posted in the duty
offices and on the entrance door
to each floor. That floor's specific
visitation hours will - be un
derscored so everyone will be
able to see them.
The JRC also formed a com
mittee to write the individual
dorm council constitutions, which
will consist
,primarily of
rewriting the old Women's and
Men's Residence Council con
stitutions. Those serving on this
committee are: Judy Falcon,
George Frola, Carol Jupena, and
Bill "Buggsy" Seigel.
In a recent revision of their
constitution, the members of the
JRC will be the only judicial
`We ,evtee 9aEk
4445 Buffalo Road
K-Mart East
Hall Mark Goods
Russel Stover Candy
Candles and Posters
Eastway Plaza Office
r -
board of review. The purpose of
the board is to make sure that
students on campus can live
peaceably together. The JRC
review board can issue punish
ments ranging from counseling to
restitution. Two specific types of
punishment are:
1. The immediate referral of
the case to the Dean of Student
,2. Residence Hall probation
in which case it will only go on the
residence hall records, not on the
permanent record of the student.
(Permanent record goes to
Mr. Fiorentino discusses with
,each person charged with an
official warning whether the case
will need counseling or a more
severe punishment. Dean Seanor
and Mr. Fiorentino then write a
report describing the incident to
which a statement by the student
may be attached. The cases
reviewed by the board are held in
strictest confidence.
A new social committee was
formed consisting of two of the
floor representatives from each
dorm council not residing on the
JRC. Carol Jupera and Judy
Falcon are the Co-chairmen of
the newly formed social com
The Movie "Chamber of
Horrors" will be shown on
Halloween weekend in the Perry
Hall lobby, after the yammy.
' Smentele ea
*ow". Vtepta Soled
Liberty Shopping
When you open your college .account you will receive your first fifty per
sonalized checks imprinted free. You only pay for the checks you use, not in
advance. •
There is no charge for cashing your check, if you still maintain your-account
with your home town bank.
Stop in we are anxious to serve you in every way possible.
Monday-Wednesday 9:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
Thursday 9:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. -
Friday 9:30 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Behrend Colle•ian
Leadership Program
Conducts Sessions
A two-day Student Leadership
Training Workshop will be of
fered November 6 and- 7 at
Pennsylvania State University's
Behrend Campus in an effort to
stimulate the development of
effective student leadership at
college campuses and other
educational facilities across
central and western Penn
This new program, developed
by Continuing Education at
Behrend Campus, is built around
some of the ideas of Benjamin A.
Lane, Dean of Student Affairs
and Associate Professor of
English at Behrend.
Dean Lane, who has held his
present position since 1960, is a
commission member of the
American Personnel Guidance
Association and a director of the
Pennsylvania Association of
Student Personnel
Administrators. He has long felt
that more help should be given
student leaders so they can more
effectively cope with problems
handed them in this period of
almost constant crisis.
The Office of Student Affairs at
Penn State will serve as sponsor
of the two-day workshop, which is
built around the theme: "Getting
the Job Done Through the
New Candidates
In SGA Elections
Five additional names have
been submitted to the Student
Government Association as
candidates for the fifteen
available representative posts on
SGA. The new applicants ex
pressed their ideas and plans for
the future of SGA:
Jim Grimone (1 - Ed.
Emporium) would like to help the
SGA get all of Behrend more
involved in the community. Jim
would also " get some changes in
visitation, and other problems.
The commuters aren't interested
enough nobody really cares
and I would like to see it
Carol Jamison (1 - LA -
Hamburg, N.Y.) wants to get
involved. "I heard they needed
volunteers, so I decided to run.
They keep complaining about
nothing to do on weekends, and I
want to change that." .
Mark Bodycombe (1- Gen. Arts
and Sci. - Los Gatos, Cal.) is
running for SGA because "I want
to give the student more say in
actions on campus that deal with
him, and protect his rights. I'd
like to see more done about the
pollution problem up here, and
more concern on the part of the
, r
SOrbetc's Pizseria..
Free Delivery to Behrend
for 11:00 delivery
call before 10:30 /
Ph. 899-3423
3512 Buffalo Road
Wesleyville, Pa.
Activities of Others."
William E. Mosso, Assistant
Director for Continuing
Education at Behrend Campus,
said the objectives of the
workshop will be to stimulate the
development of effective student
leadership. Emphasis will be
placed on establishing
meaningful communications
between groups and individuals.
"Careful attention will be given
also to the importance of in
terpersonal relations," Mosso
added, "the effective methods
developed through the behavioral
sciences and management
training as applied to leadership
Mosso suggested that the
following people should attend
the conference: student govern
ment leaders, officers of campus
organizations, resident assistants
and resident council officers and
members. student union board
members, judicial boards,
student editors and publication
staff members, student personnel
staff members, fraternity and
sorority officers, and faculty
advisers. Schools of Nursing
throughout the Tri-State area are
also encouraged to send their
student leaders as well.
Sessions will open with
Chris Veith (1 - Hum. Dev.
Levittown) would "like to see
anyone on it."
Dave Wolfe could not be
Besides the 'fifteen vacant
representative positions, the
office of Second Vice President
will be decided by the elections,
which are to be held today and
tomorrow, October 21 and 22.
Voting will take place on Thur
sday from 9:00 until 4:30 in the
lobby of the Behrend Science
Building, and on Friday, 9 until
4:30 in front of the RUB cafeteria.
Young Voters Get Together _
featuring "Ruby Port"
honoring Johnny Seaman
Candidate for County Treasurer
Sunday, October 24, 1971 - 2 :00 to 5:00 p.m.
Calabrese Club 509 West 16th Street
Donation $2.00 per person
George AIM
209 East 21st Street
Plumbing and Heating Contractors
registration and coffee on
November 9 from 9 to 10 a.m. An
address of welcome will follow
from Dean Lane, with formal
sessions getting underway at
10:15 a.m. With the exception of
lunch and dinner breaks, first
day sessions will continue
through a 9 p.m. evaluation
program. A program fee will be
charged each enrollee.
The second-day session will
conclude at 3 p.m.
The workshop will be con
ducted on a Saturday and Sunday
to allow more student leaders to
attend, Mosso said. Sessions will
be held in the new J. Elmer Reed
Building on the Behrend Campus,
which is located seven miles from
downtown Erie on a beautiful 425-
acre estate.
Additional information on the
workshop can be secured by
writing or phoning Continuing
Education Behrend Campus,
Erie, or Office of Student Affairs,
behrend Campus, Erie.
3110 Station Road
Free Pick-Up
& Delivery
Ph. 899-1182
Erie, Pa.
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closest complete grocery
9:00 a.m. to 11:00p.m