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Volume XXI/tNo. A
Athletics Attain New Four-Year Status;
Sweeting Looks Toward Promising Future
Behrend Wins Two Ways
Coach Herb Lauffer psyches his team to a 8-0 win over McKeesport in last Saturdays
soccer match. Next year Lauffer and his team will face toughter opposition as Behrend
expands its competition to four year colleges.
Faculty Organization Goal:
Improvement in Communication
by Garry Cochran
Staff Reporter
"Improvement of com
munications between faculty and
students, and faculty and ad
ministration is our prime goal,"
stated Dr. Richard Tomsic,
newly elected chairman of the
Behrend Faculty Organization.
Dr. Tomsic has high hopes for
this year's progress in uniting all
instructors to help improve their
The Faculty Organization is
composed of the Behrend
teaching staff. It is their purpose
to improve or make additions to
the general teaching faculty.
Eight divisions separate in
structors into similar skill
groups: Languages,
Mathematics, etc. A further
In Mishap
Richard M. Plonka (4-th term,
Science, New Castle), 19 years
old, operator of the vehicle and
Richard Nalevanko (4-th term,
English, Hannastown) 19 years
old, were injured in a one-car
accident at the intersection of
Route 430 and - Jordan Road.
According to a report from the
State Police. Both Students were
taken to Hamot Hospital for
Police said that the driver lost
control on the curb due to a heavy
fog. There were no charges, but
arrest and citation are - still
When contacted on Tuesday
afternoon, Hamot 'hospital
reported that both persons in
jured were in satisfactory con
uteT. , ,,-,=.5. •
division is that of the standing
The purpose of the standing
committees is to serve as the
investigative arm of the Senate,
to report, and to make recom
a--The Campus Development
Committee concerns itself
with all aspects of the
physical plants and proper
b--The Academic Planning
Committee is concerned with
all matters pertaining to
academic life of Behrend
c—The Students Services Com
mittee concerns itself with the
aspects of student life which
relate to the educational
d—The Library Committee- is
concerned with the
development and use of the
library facilities.
e—The Improvement of Teaching
Committee concerns itself
with the development of new
teaching techniques, the use
of visual aids and other
materials to promote more
B:Workshop '•+
Published by the Students of the Behrend Campus
of the
Pennsylvania State, University
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effective teaching.
f—The Committee on Faculty
Affairs is concerned with
matters of policy concerning
faculty affairs; with matters
relating to the cultural, social
and material welfare of the
faculty; and with matters
associated with the
educational environment in
which the faculty works.
When asked what power the
recommendations will have with
the administration, Dr. Tomsic
commented, "Last year the
Academic Committee recom
mended seven additions be made
to the fa - culty. The
Administration responded to their
suggestions with only one minor
change." There is no direct
connection between faculty and
administration other than the fact
that they share a similar desire to
improve Behrend.
Items of concern in several of
the committees this year are:
implementing a two-year Arts
and Letters program, making
further improvements in Liberal
Arts, improved registration and
advising services, and getting the
faculty more involved in the
planning of specific courses of
fered._ A committee will be ap
pointed to investigate the total
inadequate number of textbooks
which is due to the failure of the
publishers, the professors, the
administration and the Bookstore
to communicate.
The governing body of the
Faculty Organization is the
Senate, made up of division
chairmen, executive officers, Mr.
Kochel, student representatives,
and University Park senators.
Dr. Tomsic would like to "work
closely with the SGA." Students
will soon be appointed to Nerve on
committees with the faculty, and
will help present the students'
views. Dave Giersch of the Music
Department is the committee
chairman of the Student Services
Committee. •
Station Road, Erie, Pa. 1650
by Dave Ruef
Sports Editor
Another milestone has been
reached in Behrend history as
Roger Sweeting, Athletic
Director for Behrend, announced
that Behrend athletics has at
tained a four-year status. This
will take effect starting in Sep
tember of 1972.
This measure was approved by
Irvin Kochel, Director of
Behrend, and Dr. Robert J.
Siannell, Dean of the College of
Health-Physical Education of
Penn State. James Tarman,
Director of Sports Information at
Penn State, will soon send out a
news release confirming
Behrend's new four-year status.
Behrend is currently at
tempting to affiliate with the
National Association of Inter
collegiate Athletics (NAIA), thus
dropping their association with
the National Junior College
Athletic Association (NJCAA).
Next year will be a transitional
year at Behrend, as letters have
already been drawn up to initiate
scheduling with four-year
To attain games with these
schools is dependent upon the
previous commitments to other
colleges. Another factor that
may present a problem is money.
Schools may find it difficult to
expand their programs because
of the lack of funds. Behrend may
have to continue to play some
two-year institutions.
Athletic Past
The beginning of Behrend
athletics was the 1954 - 55
basketball team, coached by Mill
Simon. The record of this team
was unavailable. The 1955 -56
team was 8 -3, as the baby Cubs
defeated Jamestown Community
College four times. There was
also a golf team that year that
compiled an 8 - 4 record. The
highlight of that season was a
victory over Gannon College.
In 1963, Roger Sweeting entered
the scene with only three sports in
existence: basketball, baseball
and soccer. At that time Mr.
Sweeting was promised that in
the next few years there would be
No Time For Rest
Dr. Richard Tomsic, chairman of the Behrend Faculty
Organi2ation, informally discusses his ideas concerning
communication improvements between faculty and
students over lunch in the cafeteria.
Thursday, October 21, 1971
a soccer field and a baseball field.
This promise was not fulfilled
until a few years ago. Mr.
Sweeting was the only full-time
coach in 1963.
Golf returned to Behrend in 1964
with Mr. Bedford as coach. Mr.
Edward Onorato came to
Behrend in 1966 and started the
wrestling program. Tennis had
its birth in 1968 with the arrival of
Mr. Herb Lauffer, who also
coaches soccer at the present
Sweeting Pleased
Mr. Sweeting was asked his
reaction to the growth of Behrend
since he came here in 1963. "I am
quite pleased that we are now
going to have a four-year
program. Since money is a
problem, we will try to schedule
games with other schools of our
size who also cannot give athletic.
scholarships. As far as the future
of Behrend athletics, I am con
fident that Behrend will continue
to grow. 7 have a lot of faith in the
administrators to keep Behrend
Campus continuously on the move
One thing that will hamper the
development of athletics is the
lack of personnel: Most schools
not only have coaches, but also
assistant coaches, separate
physical education instructors,
trainers, business managers, and
a sports information director.
These jobs are virtually im
possible for just four men to
As Behrend moves on to a new
era of athletic competition, it
seems appropriate to look back at
the best years of the individual
Basketball had its finest season
in 1968 - 69, when the Cubs
finished with a perfect 20 - 0 slate
under Coach Sweeting. This team
was finally eliminated at the
regional tourney at Brandwine.
1969 was the best year for
tennis, as Coach Herb Lauffer, in
his first year of coaching, led
them to a 9 - 0 mark. The netmen
won the Commonwealth Campus
Tournament, finished second in
the NJCAA Regional Tourney,
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