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Volume XXIII No. 3
Instructional Services Raises Problems;
Claridge Yields To Necessary Changes
Demands Met
Mr. John R. Claridge, Assistant Director of Resident
Instruction, outlines the changes made in the Instructional
Services Department to a member of the Collegian staff.
The changes were initiated by a list of grievances submitted
to Claridge by the Instructional Services personnel.
SGA Elections Oct. 2
Candidates Express I
by Carolyn Beck
Staff Reporter
The Student Government
Association Elections, to be held
October 21 and - 22, will list three
candidates for the office of
Second Vice-President, and 28
candidates for the 15 available
representative posts.
The applicants for office are all
eager and well qualified, and
with very different opinions
concerning Behrend's problems
and future.
Michael Joyce (5 - Pre Law -
Erie) is a candidate for Second
Vice-President. He is president of
the Keystone Society and vice
president of the Veterans on
Campus club. Mike "wants to get
interested in the activities. Last
year I was on the sidelines, so I
thought I would get into things." I
think they're going to get the
campus going, and I would like to
get involved.
Mike Tucker (1 - Journ -
Warren) is also running for the
Second Vice-Presidency seat.
Mike hopes to work hard on
extending the visitation policy,
and improving the quality and
quantity of the social activities at
Behrend "especially on
weekends." Mike also feels that
the S.G.A. should not concern
itself with community action.
"It's not our responsibility to
work in the community when
there's so much to do here."
Bill "Buggsy" Seigal (4 - For. -
Pittsburgh) is a candidate for the
Second Vice-Presidency who
would work with the S.G.A. to
reinforce the suggestions drawn
up by "Summer Encampment
'7l' . (Behrend Collegian No. 1,
September 30, 1971)
The 28 candidates for
representatives on S.G.A. ex
pressed their ideas, plans, and
reasons for running for office:.
Madeline Bednar (1 - Diet_ -
Bridgeville) wants to "get in
volved, meet people, and do for
the school, and being elected to
S.G.A. is a good way". Madeline,
who has high school student
council experience, thinks that
more activities and dances would
create a friendlier atmosphere
and help alleviate apathy."
Kim Anderson (4 - Corn Dev. -
Erie) says : "I want to have the
chance to work for Behrend. I
want to help Al get students in
volved. I don't think enough kids
really care about Behrend. I
think Al's ideas about working in
the community are pretty good."
Amy Bishop (1 - LA - Kennet
Square) wholeheartedly supports
working with and helping the Erie
community. "After finding out
what S.G.A. is doing here, I
decided I would like to -get in
volved in it."
s A dministration
I Privileges
il See Page 3
Published by the Students of the Behrend Campus
of the .
Pennsylvania State University
by Doug Leichliter
Managing Editor -
Problems and misun
derstandings between the Office
Resident Insttudtion and the
personnel of the Instructional
Services Department have been
settled as of lgonday October 11,
The dispute arose over
problems in the handling of the
Instructional Services Depart
ment. The various problems
involved included:
—The number of hours allotted
to the Instructional Services
Department in which to carry out
the duties of handling the
Operation of the language lab,
managing the department itself,
repair of equipment, and showing
the necessary films and other
visual aids as required by the
—The designations between the
two • classifications of student
workers employed by the
department. These include the
student operator who handles all
audio-visual equipment ment and
the student technician who is
responsible for the operation and
repair of the Video Tape
Recorder and the repair of all
audio-visual equipment.
—The lack of tools necessary to
repair the equipment in the
Instructional Services Depart
—The proposed modification of
a tape recorder in the language
lab in order to make it compatible
with the tapes being used, and the
general lack of repair of all other
equipment in the language lab at
the moment.
--The lack of a central
distribution point for the Video
Tape Recorder which
Henry Myers (El Ed. - Erie)
points out that "I'm a member of
the Black Student Union and we
feel that we should have a
representative in the Student
Government Association."
Keith Curren ( 7 - Gen. Sci. -
Westdeer) "just decided to run.
We might be able to get S.G.A. to
do something this year."
Allen Davis (1 - Hum. Dev. -
Erie) emphasizes the need for
unification. "The student body is
not unified. There should be more
involvment in social and
educational activities. With this
unification the S.G.A. could get
things done a lot easier.
Visitation, meal tickets, choice of
classes, all these things need to
be changed."
Bruce Emeigh (1 - Pre Law -
Wilkinsburg) sees the S.G.A. as a
way to "get into the swing of
things," and help Behrend and
the students. He would like to
see the S.G.A. eliminate the
problem of nothing to do on
Maureen (Mantle) Fischer (1 -
LA - Brackney) is running for
S.G.A. representative because "I
want to get into the politics at
school, because I want to get into
government politics af
Larry Bayle (6 - Phil. - Erie) is
seeking election as an S.GA.
representative in order to
"reinforce suggestions drawn up
by "Summer Encampment '7l',
especially in the area of a, system
of checks and balances on the
S.G.A. and the Administration.
Reese Friedman (4 - Arch.- -
West Chester) hopes to help
. (Continued on Page 3)
necessitated moving the sensitive
equipment from room to room.
—Another complaint registered
by the Instructional Services
Department was the lack of a
specialist to head the department
and oversee repair. This position
had been filled byMr. George L.
Bortnick until this August when
he resigned in favor of a teaching
position at Northwestern High
School. The position of Instruc
tional Services Specialist is at
present being filled by Susan
Grumblatt, (sth, Parks Rec.
The Instructional Services
personnel submitted a letter of
Crievances to Mr. John R.
laridge, Assistant Director of
Resident Instruction on October 7.
Claridge reviewed the problems
being discussed and answered
Students Comment
Found Inadeq
by Carol Turkington
Asst Managing Editor
An inquiry was conducted
among students enrolled in the
language labs- and TV courses
following recent widespread
dissatisfaction concerning the
quality of education at Behrend.
The following comments were
made in reference to the
language labs and the conditions
found there:
Mike Karle-(1-LA-Erie)-"Half
these don't work-sounds are
distorted. It's hard enough to
learn a language, but it's worse
when it's distorted. It should be
run by the language department.
Yes I'd go to another campus if I
had a chance. I'm paying for this
lab myself-and I'm not getting
Gene Labowskie - (4 - PRE IVIED -
Philadelphia) - "It's lousy.
Ninety-eight per cent of them
(units) don't work. Anything that
works is better."
Marv., Mellin- (4-EN(*-Lands- -
downe)-"It was run poorly. A
couple of times I had trouble
finding units that worked. If
they're used properly they can be
ver; effective."
Mike Gray - (1 - LA - Warren) -
"Definitely education is inferior
because of the language lab."
Bette Greene-(ILA-Newcastle)-
"I'm not going to get anything out
of it. Maybe because I can't work
the equipment right. I haven't
had a booth that really works
Margie Schlutz-( I-LA-Canons
burg)-"There are a lot of
problems with equipment. The
kids there (technicians) try but . .
Mary Karavolos-(1-LA-Pittsb
urgh)-"I think the language lab
would be very valuable but
they're all messed up. The tapes
are scratchy—about 8 out of 20 of
the units are broken and there
isn't room for all the class. The
headphones don't work. . .the
whole place is just all screwed
The various TV courses (which
include some Health,
Engineering, G. Science; Art
History, and Psychology courses)
which are presently offered at
Behrend have also received
criticism. The . following
responses were elicited by the
question, "What did you think of
your TV course?"
Sue Schuwerk-(4-LE&G- Erie)-
Thursday, October 14, 1971
with a letter of his own to the
Instructional Services Depart
ment on October 11. Claridge's
letter outlined the changes to be
made in the department. These
changes included a clarification
of the hours that the Instructional
Services Department may log in
carrying out their duties. They
may now work up to 70 hours per
week in operating the language
lab, running audio-visual aids as
the faculty demands, and
repairing equipment. Anytime
over the allotment must be
submitted to Mr. Claridge's of
fice for approval. The hours
needed in managing the depart
ment are to be kept separate.
These changes are in effect until a
regular person is hired to fill the
position of Instructional Services
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"It was a waste of time. It was a
good class to sleep through
because I didn't get anything out
of it. I thought a lot of the tapes
were outdated."
Marilyn Gracon-(4-REHAB ED-
McKeesport)-"They were old and
so hilarious that you couldn't get
the message. They did supply
information but I don't think it
was anything that you couldn't
have gotten in class."
Maureen Gattuso- (4-IFS-Pitt
sburgh )-"It was the most boring
class I ever had in my life. I know
I would've learned more in a
regular class It was terrible. If
they could have it live it would be
better." .
Linda Juliano-(6-LA)Erie) "I
thought it was really ridiculous.l
had all the stuff before-and the
person on the tapes treated us
like we were juveniles. I didn't
learn anything from the TV. It
could be made more relevant by
talking about subjects that
everyone doesn't know about."
New J RC
The Student Government
Association of the Behrend
Campus passed the revised Joint
Residence Council constitution in
their meeting Wednesday, Oct. 7.
The main revision eliminates the
Board of Review, making the
JRC the only judicial body for the
infractions of dormitory
"If we could get responsible
people on the JRC," stated
George Frola, (4-BA-Clairton),
"this would gain more respect
from the students."
The Community Services
Proposal (written by Bruce
Behringer-(10-HUM DEV-Erie)
was accepted by the SGA. It's
main points include:
1. To coordinate efforts of people
who want to work in the com
2. To develop programs for
greater community-campus
(see page three for further in