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Volume XXIII N 0.2
Outlook Good
Benjamin A. Lane, Dean of Student Affairs confers with a
member of the Collegian staff about the proposed visitation
policy. Lane expressed optimism over the passage of the
proposal which is nearing completion.
by Doug Leichiter
Managing Editor
A change in the philosophy of
the student marshal has been
expressed by Robert C. Baugh
man, Business Manager of
Behrend Campus for the up
coming year_ Baughman said
"The present - feeling is that
students will be employed by
security, but that student mar
shals, for example, as such,
would be used only for outside
events, such as directing traf
fic...". Baughman went on to say
that at the moment one student is
being employed by security, but
solely for clerical purposes.
Baughman emphasized that
the entire concept of student
Nowak Appointed
New Security Chief
Frank J. Nowak has been
appointed new Chief of Campus
Security on the Behrend Campus.
Nowak, 63, has worked in the
juvenile division of the Erie
Police Department for the past 15
Mr. Nowak attended both Penn
He graduated from East High State University and University
School, Erie, Pa. and held a of Pittsburgh, taking courses in
number of jobs in related fields
the field of Police Work with
until 1941, when he was appointed
children. He also has completed
Patrolman for the Erie Police
the Federal Program in the area
Department: From this position
of Narcotics, Dangerous Drugs
Sergeant and then Captain of and Law Enforcement.
detectives. Mr. Nowak participated as
In 1956 Mr. Nowak was ap-
instructor and lecturer for the
pointed Head of the Bureau of
Advanced Institute with Children
Police, Juvenile Division and was and Youth, sponsored by Penn
thenS tate Health and
promoted first to Deputy
/ Welfare Department.
Chief and then Captain.
The Student Government i!i : i;. :
B Boys
held Association elections will be ii:!:i!. : i .: each oysß;
held October 21 and 22. ::: i
Those desiiing to run for a i::1;g Reviewed i . i•l!•i:
position must have their
applications in by October ii!1:;i;i; :.:.
13. Applications may be ii;;;Ri • See ....,
obtained in the SGA office:! . :liiiiina
i :i;i s rage 4 & 1
from either Al Quinlan or
Joe Zani, or at the Reed
Union desk. .........................
Plans Chan
marshals is up for disbussion.
"We don't even know that we are
going to be calling them student
marshals as such. We might,-we
don't know." Baughman went on
to say. He added, "What we are
going, to do is let it grow more
naturally, and it is not going to
have a militaristic structure as
we had last winter and spring.
The structure will be much looser
and more casual."
Baughman particularily
stressed that if the student
marshal concept is continued this
year, those persons employed
will be students first. "We don't
want to compromise the position
of any student," Baughman said.
The telephone switching duties
Mr. Nowak has had great
experience with youth through
his job, because of duties in
cluded relating to individuals 18
years and younger.
Published by the Students of the Behrend Campus
of the
Pennsylvania State University
JRC Elections October 11;
New Visitation Proposed
by Beckie LaPlante
Staff reporter
An informal meeting of the
Joint Residence Council was held
September 28, 1971. According to
George Frola (4th, Business,
Clairton), president of the Joint
Residence Council (JRC),
several new proposals were
The JRC is hoping to have the
visitation hours extended, and
proposed the hours between 8 and
12 for weekdays. Quiet hours (7
p.m. 7 a.m.) will still be in
effect during the week The
Council also proposed a two-hour
extension of visitation hours on
Friday and Saturday - from 7 pin.
to 2 asn. Benjamin A. Lane, dean
of Student Affairs, is optimistic
about the passing of these new
The JRC also worked on
several points in their new
constitution, which includes
elimination of the Board of
Elections for dormitory floor
representatives will be held
Friday, October 8, 1971. Six floor
representatives will be elected
from each hall. The Chairman
that the student marshals for
merly performed is being han
dled from 5:00 PM to 12:00 AM by
a nonstudent in the Security
Office. After midnight, any in
coming call will receive a tape
message informing him to call
another number. When this
number is dialed, the person is
put in contact with the Pinkerton
guard on duty by a professional
switching service.
Baughman was concerned that
the philosophy of security should
be understood as being,
"...preventative all along."
Baughman also added that the
security operation,"... is a very
low key operation, and is to be
available when students need
Security At Work
One of Behrend's Pinkerton guards makes his rounds on
the Behrend Campus. Behrend has 24 hour police service to
prptect buildings and be of assistance to those needing aid.
and Secretary-Treasurer of each Council officers elected in the
dorm will automatically sit on the Spring term of 1971 had the option
JRC. Art Sprague (4th, Pre-Law, to remain on the JRC or to with-
Phoenixville), vice president of draw. Under the new system it is
the JRC reported that the duty of stated that only the chairman and
a floor representative is to, secretary-treasurer of each dorm
"Represent the people on their will reside on the Council.
floor in the Council; and to hold
floor meetings and to stimulate Those electing to stay were:
interest in academic and social George Frola (president), Art
activities." Sprague (vice president), Bill
Several Men's Residence Connor, Sudee Porter and Linda
Council and Women's Residence Juliano.
Lane Optimistic
Toward Visitation
A change in visitation hours is
being reviewed this week by
Benjamin A. Lane, Dean of
Student Affairs and Mr. Irvin
Kochel, director of Behrend
Dean Lane reviewed the
proposals with his staff (on
September 29) after speaking
with representatives from the
Joint Residence Council.
The proposed hours are
Monday through Thursday from 8
to 12 pm and Friday and Satur
day from 7pm to 2 am. The new
hours for the weekdays will
contain certain stipulations; each
floor in each dorm will be given a
chance to accept or reject
visitation hours. Any floor will be
able to work within the hours of 8
pm to 12 pm, making
modifications according to the
wishes of the students.
Dean Lane forsees a change in
residence facilities if the logistics
problem can be overcome. If
there is enough interest among
those students not wishing to use
visitation privileges, work will be
done to see that special rooms are
provided for them possibly in the
winter term.
Those rules set up last year
concerning visitation, such as
signing in and out, escorts, and
quiet hours will still be in effect.
Dean Lane stated that "if there
were more facilities to cover a 24
hour visitation program, it would
certainly be looked into. But
because of the three residence
Thursday, October 7, 1971
halls we are a little more
restricted as to what we can do as
far as 24 hour visitation." Lane
also feels that it takes a level of
maturity to be accepted at Penn
State, and he hopes students will
use this maturity in handling
Mr. Kochel has not yet signed
any statement concerning
visitation. He said that he will
issue his statement after the
evaluation of the proposals set
forth by the Office of Student
Both Dean Lane and Mr.
Kochel are optimistic about the
situation. Dean Lane added he
"hopes that the individual floors
and the Joint Residence Council
will maintain the enthusiasm for
the program."
The Student Government
Association of the Behrend
Campus accepted the revised
constitution of the Behrend
COLLEGIAN and voted to join
the Council of Presidents on
Wednesday, Sept. 29. Work in the
community was also introduced
as a goal of the SGA.
stitutional changes include the
new name (formerly the Nittany
CUB) ~ and changed the formerly
unlimited term of office of a
faculty advisor to one of annual
The Council of Presidents is an
organization designed for branch
campuses to aid in expressing
their needs and wishes to
University Park. Campus
problems are forwarded to
President John W. Oswald from
COP, and, according to Dean
Benjamin A. Lane, "I would
think it would be the primary
liason...". The Council replaces
the former Organization of
Student Government
Associations, which is no longer
recognized as a governing body.
In accordance with president
Al Quinlan's wish for student
involvement, Bruce Behringer
(10 Huindeve-Erie) addressed
the SGA concerning volunteer
work in the Erie community, and
how Behrend students might
conceivably help. Behringer
proposed a "Behrend Student
Services Committee" to aid in
this work, -and stated that he
would have a written proposal for
the next meeting of the SGA. "I
really think there's a need for
student participation in com
munity activities" he stated
"...We've got to get out of the
Ivory Tower of Behrend."