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    September 30, 1971
Historic Battle Lends. Names To Buildings
Dobbins Hall To Begin Service Next Month
University Park, Pa., June
Two new buildings on the
Behrend Campus of The Penn
sylvania State University have
been given names associated
with the Battle of Lake Erie in
which American forces won
control of the Lake in the War of
The Board of Trustees of the
University has designated a 200-
student residence hall, the third
on the Campus, as Lawrence
Hall, after the flagship of
Commodore Oliver Hazard
Perry Hall was opened in 1968
and Niagara Hall the following
Lawrence Hall, which will
house male and female students
in separate units, is due for
completion by September.
A new food services building at
the campus will be named
Dobbins Hall, after Captain
Daniel Dobbins, the man who
constructed Perry's fleet.
The building will contain kit
chen facilities and a large dining
room for Behrend's 600 resident
students. It also will be com
pleted by September.
The Lawrence began as
Goals Announced B
The Faculty Senate
The Behrend Campus Faculty
Organization is looking forward
to a promising year. The Faculty
Senate is expecting a certain
amount of student participation
(as advice.)
Richard Tomsic, Chairman of
the Behrend Faculty Senate,
stated that the goal of this year's
organization isto satisfy the needs
of all students and interact
students and faculty for "the best
education possible.'
On Thursday, September 30 the
Senate will meet to vote on
members of the six standing
committees. These committees
include: the Campus Develop
ment Committee, which studies
Security Position Vacated;
Officer Ha!berg Resigned
The position of Security Officer
for Behrend Campus has been
vacated by the resignation of
Deforest B. Halberg Jr.,
Behrend's former Security
Officer. Halberg resigned July
16, 1971, ". . . for personal
reasons." according to Robert C.
Baughman, Business Manager
for Behrend Campus.
Halberg, who had served
thirteen years in the Navy, and as
a Pinkerton Guard at five dif
ferent colleges, was hired
originally as a Pinkerton Guard
early in November 1970. At that
time, the Pinkertons heralded the
end of the infamous "rent-a
cops" who formerly had handled
security at Behrend.
Halberg was noted for his in
terest in his work and in students.
On December 7, 1970 he was
formally hired to fill the position
of Security Officer which had
been created the previous
summer, but had remained open
until that time.
Under Halberg, Security
quickly established itself as an
important and viable part of
Behrend. Baughman said,
"Considering what he faced, he
built everything out of nothing."
Halberg established the position
of student marshal to handle
incoming calls after hours and to
be available in the case of
Perry's flagship, but was
reduced to ruins during the battle
in 1813. Perry then transferred
the flag to another ship, The
Niagara, and shortly forced the
British to surrender.
It was following this -battle,
which gave the United States
control of Lake Erie, that Perry
made his famous statement :
"We have met the enemy and
they are ours."
The Behrend Campus tradition
of naming buildings after
historical events can be traced
partially to Alfred S. Brownell a
leading naval historian. Mr.
Brownell was the brother of Mrs.
Mary Brownell Behrend, who
donated the land for the Campus.
Mr. Brownell had more than 30
years experience in model
shipbuilding, giving great at
tention to detail. In 1955 he
donated a model of The Niagara
to the campus, where it is on
display. Mr. Brownell spent more
than 3,300 hours working on the
A series of models by Mr.
Brownell is on permanent display
in the Providence, R. 1., Public
and advises the construction of
buildings and parking areas on
campus; Academic Planning
Committee, which decides what
is important academically;
Student Service Committee,
which emphasizes the interaction
of student, faculty and advising;
`this committee is considered the
most important for students);
Library Committee, which
directs all things concerning the
library; the Improvement of
Teaching Committee, which
relates itself with the adoption of
new teaching methods; and the
Faculty Affairs Committee,
which is concerned with the social
events and welfare of the faculty.
emergencies. policies of Security were
However, during the building of reviewed and rewritten during
the Security Office, evaluations the Spring Term last year.
became necessary as a drifting At the moment, the post of
away from the philosophy of Security Officer is open.
security was noted. As a result Applications for the position are
many of the guidelines and being considered.
Enrollment Expanded
By Freshman Class
Behrend Campus has expanded
its enrollment this year to 1,464
students. This number is ex
pected to reach 1,475 students
after the period of -late
registration. This includes 798
first term students making this
the largest freshmen class ever
enrolled at Behrend. The student
body at present included 1,185
Baccalaureate students, 192
Associate degree students, and 87
Hamot Nurse and Adjunct
students. Also included in the
above figures are 67 Juniors and
The Administration is working
on a new system of registration
for next year which will require
less time for the students and the
people involved in registration.
It will be based.somewhat on the
Behrend Collegian
Hall Unfinis hed
Equipment still litters the dining room of Dobbins Hall
where Behrend students will soon eat their meals. Com
pletion date for the new Food Services building is the lattet
part of October.
Faculty Number Has Expanded
New Additions To The Faculty
Promote A Better Cirriculum
Among the many new faces
found on campus this term are 15
new faculty members.
One of these is Cynthia A.
Barnett, a new instructor in
Sociology. She received her
Masters from Bowling Green
University and her office is in
room 102 D Turnbull Hall.
Dr. Agnes L. Dinn, the former
Miss Agnes Bocan, has been
added to the laculty as a Doctiw
of English. She received her
Ph.D. from the University of
Notre Dame and her office is
found in room 102 G Turnbull
Added to the staff in Finance is
Mr. William C. Bryce. Mr. Bryce
received his M.B.A. from the
Pennsylvania State University.
He is found in room 102 A Turnbull
The new Assistant Professor of
Computer Science is Dr. Terry A.,
Countermine. Dr. Countermine
has received his Doctor of
Education degree from the
Pennsylvania State University.
same principle used for the
sophomores this year. The fresh
men will be mailed sheets during
the summer asking them to list
the majors and electives they are
interested in, in order of
preference. A schedule ,will be
drawn up from this information
and - this schedule will be
presented to them during
orientation week. Using this
system the students will be able
to go to registration with their
schedule already taken care _of
and will only have to pick up their
cards. The entire process will
hopefully only take the student
about 10-15 minutes and it is
hoped that this will eliminate
many of the problems inherent
in the system used this year for
He holds his office in room 202 of
Turnbull Hall.
Dr. Kenneth L. Deutsch is the
new Assistant Professor of
Political Science. Dr. Deutsch
received his Ph.- D. from the
University of Massachusetts. He
may be found in room 106 Nick
Professor in Physics, Dr. Keith
M. Hagenbuch has his office in
Room 136 Behrend. Dr.
Hagenbuch attended the Penn
sylvania State University to
attain his Ph. D.
Dr. Judith Moffett is the new
Assistant Professor in the Speech
department. She received her
degree from the Pennsylvania
State University and holds office
in the North Cottage.
Broadening the College of
Education is Dr. I. Jeffery
Ptaschnik. Dr. Ptaschnik is the
new Assistant Professor in
Education. He received his Ph.
D. from the University of Pitt
sburgh and can be found in the
North Cottage.
A new addition to the Speech
Department is Catherine
Sargent. She received her M.A.
from the Pennsylvania State
University. She is found in the
North Cottage also.
A new English instructor at
Behrend is Mr. Michael Small.
Mr. Small is a Ph.D. candidate
from the State University of New
York at Buffalo and his office is
found in room 207 Main.
An addition to the college of
Education is Mr. Robert T.
Tauber, a Ph. D. candidate from
Trees are good for . . .
Trees are good for a variety of reasons. They provide
shade, scenery, and bring the first signs of Fall. And
sometimes they are just nice to sit under with a friend and
pass the time.
If all goes as planned, Dobbins Hall,
the new Food and Housing Service
building, is expected to be completed
by the end of October. The delay on
the building was due to a plumbers'
strike. When the strike ended, the
work on the dormitories needed to be
completed first to enable students to
live in them.
The building contains the Food and
Housing Offices and a warehouse for
the food on the ground floor. The
second floor houses the cafeteria for
dorm students which will seat ap
proximately 350 students. The up
stairs also contains offices for James
D. Maloney ana William Magee,
Assistant Managers and Housing
Service. Dobbins Hall will be strictly
for dorm students with meal tickets
and guest passes will be sold.
The grill for dorm students will
remain in the RUB. The hours will be
from approximately 9:00 A.M. until
2:00 P.M. leaving the night hours the
same. The menu will be expanded to
give more variety at the grill and the
hot lunch served for commuters will
be the same menu as in Dobbins Hall.
The room the dorm students are
presently using, as a cafeteria will be
turned into a special events room
where luncheons and banquets may be
held for any Campus affiliated group.
There will also be a faculty dining
area in the room.
the Pennsylvania State
University and his office is in
room 210 Main.
Dr. Barry Weller is the new
Assistant Professor in the Speech
department. He received his
degree from the Pennsylvania
State University and his office is
located in room 102 Behrend.
For the first time, Behrend is
able to offer a course in T.V.
Anthropology and additional
Social Science courses. This is
due to the addition of Miss
Loraine Willey, a M.A. candidate
from the Pennsylvania State
University. She can be reached
in room 202 Turnbull Hall.
Also from the Pennsylvania
State University is Dr. Richard
Winslow, the Assistant Professor
of History. His office is located in
room 102 Behrend Hall.
And returning from a leave of
absence is Roger L. Sweeting, the
Assistant Professor of Physical
Education. Mr. Sweeting is a Ph.
D. candidate from the University
of Illinois. His office is in Erie
Due to these additions to our
faculty, Behrend is able to
provide the students with many
new and varied courses and
departments. For example,
there are new Social Science
courses which are particularly
beneficial to the sophomore
student. There also are additions
in junior and senior level courses
such as American Studies,
Political Science, English,
History, Economics and
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