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Editorial Opinions
A Salute To New Students;
The Collegian Lends A Hand
The Behrend Collegian would like to take
this opportunity to welcome all the students to
Behrend Campus. Equally important, we
would like to do our part in orientating all the
freshmen and transfer students to life at
Behrend by offering a • few helpful
If you're a freshmen, cheer up you only
have eleven more terms to go through the
agony of registration. So. keep your chin up
because this was only your first introduction
to University bureaucracy and red tape. You
can't beat them, so just memorize your social
security number and keep your hand limber
for filling out your No's. 2,3,4,5,6,7,8, and 9
cards. (If they don't have your biography
assembled yet, they will when you graduate.)
• Don't forget to learn to complain about Erie
weather—it makes great conversation. No
matter when your classes are, it's amazing
how it always manages to rain right after
they are over. The commuters are the ones
who really get annoyed by the weather. If
you're having trouble finding a place to park
now, wait until it snows! When you don't find
your car under all the snow at the end of the
day, don't worry, you can always stay with a
friend in the dorm until the spring thaw. By
the way, security is tight, so don't hassle them
over your thirteen parking tickets.
Dormies have their own little unique
problems. The food isn't really that bad.
Watch out for that little bowl of salad though;
it will haunt you all year. The only thing that
The recommendations has been made at
the Behrend Summer encampment program
that the organization of a campus council
should be considered. The Behrend Collegian
applauds this recommendation as another
step toward achieving efficiency in ad
ministration needed and expected at a four
year college.
No one single institution, committee, or
council at Behrend represents all three
members of the campus community,
Students, faculty and administration.
Unfortunately each seems to work in isolation
and often in total isolation of what others are
doing. There seems to be no realization at
Behrend that a well planned college program
can only emerge from the coordinated efforts
of all three groups. But the present
organization and interaction of these three
groups inhibit the coordination of a well
e4w l thrtnii Toltegian
311 r prros Assatiattutt
of glinnuunuttealth Mummers
Ray Geiger
Faculty Advisor
David Daniel
Mailing Address - Behrend Campus, Station Road, Erie, Pa. 16510
Office - Student Offices, Reed Union Building
Office Hours: 9:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday
Phone:B99-3101 Ext. 238
Opinions expressed by the editors and staff of the Behrend Collegian
are not necessarily those of the University Administration, faculty, or
the student body.
Published every Thursday throughout the Fall, Winter, and Spring
Terms, with exclusions for holidays and term breaks.
Form Campus Council
Member of
Managing Editor
Doug Leichliter
Well Fe, lks
its Frecky"
t ats j+ l ,,
I) e?Rntl or
same eta
changes in it is the color (from green to
brown). But if you really can't take it, you can
always enlist or get drafted, we understand
K-rations are excellent.
In case you haven't memorized' your
mailbox combination yet, don't bother. The
only things in it will be for your roommate
Most students -find that budgeting their
expenses consumes a lot of time. Don't
bother! Reasons: (1) Forget about your $45
general deposit fee; (There can't really be
that many fires in the dorm, can there?) (2)
Tuition costs just never go down: (3) Beer
prices are always on the increase; (4) All the
money you thought you would need for
clothing will only be spent on blue jeans
anYway; (5) Activity cards? Well, what can
we say? (6) Used books are hard to sell,
especially when they're not the same ones
used in the course the following term.
Differences in college courses and
professors are many and varied, but no
matter what the course or who the professor,
if they say you're in danger of flunking the
course, believe them, you are!
It will also become necessary to cultivate
the habit of rigorously and constantly com
plaining about the Collegian, while faithfully
reading it every week.
If you believe in the old saying, "never
believe anything you read, and only half of
what you hear" okay, but don't forget, we
warned you!
planned program both academically and
President John Oswald has realized that
this was also the case at University Park. He
expressed a need for immediate, -considered
and respected advice from all members of the
University community. He needed a
University Council. He created it.
The Behrend Collegian strongly recom
mends that the suggestions of the en
campment be explored immediately and a
viable representative council be created. We
suggest that three members from each group
be brought together to serve in this capacity.
This campus council could be of tremendous
assistance not only to the advisory board and
the director, but to everyone at Behrend. A
campus council would eliminate the present
isolation between the students, faculty and
the administration and would result in ef
fective and coordinated planning procedures.
Dear Editor,
I wrote a letter to all of the
resident students concerning the
condition of the Gorge on
Tuesday, Sept. 28. At that time
the Gorge was a damn mess with
empty beer cans and all sorts of
trash. It was in definite need of
Today, I'm writing this for a
different reason. Not to bitch
about the condition of the Gorge,
but to give thanks.
On Tuesday I asked for help
cleaning up the Gorge, and on
Wednesday I had the help I asked
for. Today, thanks to the Behrend
students, the Gorge is again a
place of beauty to be alone and to
:1331trOh i l. reall ' di
Behrend Collegian
To The
Bill (Buggsy) Seigel
A Word To Fres
The Party Is Over
by Doug Beichliter zonked out of your mind on
Managing Editor screwdrivers and downing a case
Once again the academic year of Boone's Farm Apple Wine on a
begins for Behrend Campus, weekend is fine, but too many
complete with registration, freshmen lose sight of their real
keggers, and a new crop of fresh- purpose of being at Behrend:
men who are busily engaged in EDUCATION ! It is an
learning all the tricks of the trade established fact that going home
from the sophomores. at Christmas with a 1.5 is not
By now the average freshman condusive to lots of goodies under
knows all about Kelly's and the tree. And with your parents
keggers in the Gorge, and if they shelling out $6OO a term, they
don't it is only because they have might look rather unfavorably
been vegetating in their room upon the possibilities of your
during Orientation Week. bringing a car up for Winter
Orientation Week will probably Term. Also the purse strings
be the biggest blast of anyone's have been known to be pulled
academic career. The only shot during Winter Term in an
trouble is that most freshmen effort to bring recalcitrant
don't realize it until it is over, and students in line with parental
maintain only the party spirit ideas from home.
throughout the term.
This could prove to be the
biggest problem facing many
freshmen. As most have found
out by now, classes have started
and once again it is time for the
Behrend student population to dig
itself in and prepare for the
annual "Winter Hibernation'.
Going up to Kelly's and getting
Behrend Collegian—
New Name, New Image
The Nittany Cub, beginning
with this, the first issue of the
academic year, 1971-72, will
assume a new name, the Behrend
Collegian. "Hopefully, we will
assume not only a new name, but
a new image as well, that of
professionalism." said Ray
Geiger, Editor-hi-Chief of the
The Collegian will strive to
better serve the entire Behrend
Community through responsible
press, progressive design, and an
increased service to community
The Behrend student press will
Zappa Has Returned,
New Mothers Formed
BY Charles Eschweiler any suitable group together.
Staff Writer After the great success of Chunga
Frank Zappa broke the original he quickly packed up the sidemen
Mothers up in early '69 because he used on that album, an
they weren't getting the musical nounced that they were all going
recognition he thought they to be- new Mothers and began
deserved. "Most kids today touring. . , the first example of
wouldn't know good music if it the new Mothers and Zappa's
came up and bit them on the new direction was released late
ass," Frank whimpered, almost August on the Live at Fillmore
hinting that we might not have East Album. The new Mother's
Frank Zappa to kick around tunes are breezy little snatches of
anymore. Frank spent a melody not unlike what you
respectable amount of time might hear a group of
pouting and then burst forth with sophisticated juvenile
his very first solo album, Hot delmq_uents chatting about over
Rats, featuring more of the same the reform school wash basins.. .
very technical and avante garde needless to say the new stuff isn't
complicated "Wow, you sure for everyone's tastes, but no one
know yer music Frank!" type of should be put off for that reason;
stuff that the Mothers had run besides, Frank has the Turtle's
into the ground. Hot Rats was a old lead singer Howie Kaylan do
critical if not financial success a new version of Happy . Together
and Frank decided to reward us that is the proper way for such a
with a second solo effort, bit of tripe to be presented (of
Chunga's Revenge, which turned course if you were one of those
things quite around. Chunga's plinks that stared absurdly at the
etc. was honest to god straight radio and sang along with the
ahead razor sharp playing. . . the original you might be shocked at
satires had none of the pompous how amiable perverted young
attitudes that caused so much of Howie really is) At any rate the
Frank's previous stuff to fall on new playing of Zappa gets off the
its face and in general, no one ground admirable, a lot of people
needed a bite on the ass to see have suspected him capable of
that it was good music. such stuff for Quite some time
and despite the fact that he has
been seen in the company of such
minor talents as John Lennon,
Zappa might emerge as a
musical genius yet.
Zappa became bored at
hanging around studios in the
winter' of 1970 but couldn't find
enough of the old Mothers to get
September 30, 1971
Therefore, in order to make life
easier later on, everyone must
now realize that the party is over
and it is now time to make a
serious effort to wear out that $4O
dollars worth of books that you
purchased for a mere 10 credits.
It will indeed make life a lot
easier for you later on.
begin its 23rd year of publication,
being established in 1948.
Geiger also announced that
the publication dates would be
every Thursday with the ex
clusion of holidays and term
breaks: September 30; October
7; 14, 21, 28: November 4, 11, 18;
December 2; January 13, 20, 27;
February 3, 10, 17, 24; March 2,9;
April 13, 20, 27; May 1, 18, 25,
June 1, 8.
Geiger concluded by saying,
"We would appreciate any
comments or criticism anyone
may have to offer concerning the