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Volume XX I I I NO. 1
Concert Tonight
The new Beach Boys with a new sound and a new look will
be in concert tonight at the Warner Theater at 8:00 P.M.
Featuring oldies but goodies with new vibes from "Surf's
Up", they are making the comeback of the decade.
Beach Boys Sound Out
With New Vibrations
The Beach Boys, one of the
hottest and most popular groups
of the '6o's have emerged into a
new sound and will appear in
concert at the Warner Theater in
Erie tonight at 8:00, through the
sponsorship of the SUB. Their
new popularity is a combination
of nostalgia and a progressive
rock which keeps them on top of
what's happening more than any
other existing group.
The Beach Boys have come a
long way from the surfsinging,
sun-and-fun boys of the early
'6o's. Nine years ago three
teenage brothers, Carl, Brian and
Dennis Wilson combined their
talents and cut a record called
"Surfin'," along with two friends,
Alan Jardine and Mike LoVe. The
only three instruments they used
were a guitar, string bass and a
"drum" made from a trash can
lid. The song was a local hit, and
the California-bred brothers and
friends were on the move toward
Now, some nine years later, the
Beach Boys have mellowed into
provocative singers, utilizing the
Moog Synthesizer, a gurgling
sounding instrument. They set up
a $200,000 custom sound system,
the only one of its kind in the
world. They put thought into the
words of their new songs. Brian
Wilson, the main „songwriter for
the group, has come up with-some
profound music. The new sounds
can-be heard in such albums -as
"Pet Sounds," "Sunflower,"
which includes compositions by -
each member of the Beach Boys,
and "Surf's Up", their latest.
Music critics have praised the
singers asthe best sounding
group now performing.
Membership in-the BSU is also
But the group still sings the old open to white members of the
hits as encores and favorites and student body. There is one
they're found in albums like "The stipulation for white members.
Best of the Beach Boys" and White students applying for
"Stack 0' Tracks?.. . membership must have . a
The music of the Beach Boys is "precise and definite knowledge
a sound worth listening to; and of black history." Stipulates
their concert will be a once-in-a- President Debra Lomax.
lifetime chance not to be passed
Elections for the Student
Government Association of
the Behrend Campus will
take place in the Reed
Student Union Building and
the Otto Behrend building on
Oct. 21 and 22. There are
positions for 15 represen
tatives and a second vice
president. Petitions are
available at the Student
Union desk.
At Behrend
Page 3
Published by the Students
of the
Behrend Campus
of the
Pennsylvania State University
Council Recommended
Encampment Recommends:
Form Campus Council
by Ray Geiger
Twenty-nine students, faculty,
and administrative members
proposed the recommendation
that the Student Government
Association, Faculty
Organization, and
Administration via their
respective leaders convene to
explore the formulation of a
campus council. The recom
mendation was made during a
three day encampment program
held at the Behrend Campus
during the summer break,
September 10-12.
The recommendation was
made after discussion of
University Park's University
Council, and several other ad
visory-type bodies.- The purpose
of the University Council is
presently to advise the President
in what ever area he wishes.
The encampment was a first
ever at Behrend. It was
BSU To Form Liaison
With Black Community
by Beckie LaPlante
Staff Reporter
The Black Student Union at
Behrend Campus hopes to secure
a favorable response to their
activities this year.
Chartered in the Spring term of
1970, the purpose of the Black
Student Union (BSU) is to instill
unity among the black students
and the black faculty. The BSU
on Behrend Campus.serves as a
base for its 18 black members.
Prospective members must
take a black history test begin-
ning with the black struggle since
the first slave to the present-day
conflicts. Upon addmission into
the BSU, the white members are
permitted to participate in all
scheduled activities.
According to Lincoln Myers,
BSU vice-president; the BSU will
function as a liaison between the
black community of Erie and the
blacks on campus. The BSU
intends to render services to the
best advantage of the blacks in
Erie. They are also recruiting
black high school students in
hopes that they will attend
Behrend Campus in the -Fall term
of 1972 thus raising black
The BSU is. divided into six
The Educational Committee,
composed of upperclassmen,
provides tutorial services to help
- black _ freshmen -with_ their
academic endeavors - . _
- The Educational Opportunity
Program provides financial aid
to those blacks in need of
financial assistance.
The Recruitment and Com
munity Survival Committees
work primarily with those blacks
in Erie and the surrounding area.
The Cultural Committee en
deavors to display black culture
at Behrend. Debra Lomax,
president of the BSU, stated that
developed from the same idea
used by other college campuses
throughout the nation. Its
organizers included Dean of
Student Affairs, Benjamin A.
Lane, Assistant Dean of Student
Affairs, Betsy L. Seanor, and
Student Government President,
Al Quinlan, and Chairman of the
Faculty Organization, Richard
Goals set forth by the en
campment at the outset were:
1. 'Development of mutual
confidence among constituent
groups of the Campus; students,
faculty, and administration.
2. Development of com
munication among constituent
After an evening of in
troductions and group dynamics,
the body was divided into six
separate topical groups each with
its own resource member.
Recommendations that extended
from these groups were diverse
there will be a Black History
Week on campus in honor of
Martin Luther King Jr., and
Malcolm X.
The purpose of the Political
Prisoner Committee is to
"communicate with national
political prisoners and to take
care of pledges and petitions for
freedom." according to D.
Lomax. The Committee also
keeps abrast of all possible
information on Angera Davis and
David Hillard.
Lastly, the Recreational
Committee is planning several
joint efforts with Gannon College
in downtown-Erie..
'Theprimary goal of the BSU is
to concentrate - on self
development. Lincoln Myers
stated that "the blacks on
Quinlan Ra
Hopes For
- by Carol Turkington
Staff Reporter
Al Quinlan, president of the
Student Government Association
of the Behrend Campus, ex
pressed his ideas concerning the
long range plans of the SGA and
Behrend's place in the Erie
community. •
One of the most important
ideas confronting the
organization, Quinlan believes,
involves Behrend volunteers who
would be able to work in the Erie
community in such places as
NATO, centers for mental
retardation, and voter
registration drives for the inner
city. "A lot of groups need help
and I think we should do it," he
stated:7"We have 600 kW - and a
lot of -them- don't have things to
do. I think a lot of students are
interested in getting involved."
The SGA is also investigating
the present system of meal
tickets and the feasibility of
implementing a new plan
designed to eliminate the
relatively large number of meals
a student pays for but never eats.
In order to change the present
system, Quinlan commented that
September 30, 1971
and numerous
The group entitled "The Future
of Campus Residence Halls",
proposed suggested changes in
the structure of the governances,
physical improvements for the
dormitories, and a more
progressive visitation policy.
"Campus Involvement in
Community Affairs" centered
around helping in children
programs and get-out-and-vote
programs in the city of Erie.
Although the encampment had
no real power, the people at
tending were made more aware
of other's feelings, and it was
suggested that everyone at
tending should informally submit
their ideas to the proper
authorities for consideration.
"For a first encampment held
here, I was greatly encouraged
and I hope that it will be the first
on an on going program," Daid
Dean Seanor. She also remarked,
"Hopefully next year we can
have even more participation."
campus don't want to be con
sidered militants and they don't
want to be dependent on whites."
The BSU wants to be heard as a
unified Voice for the black
minority. Speakers, black
political groups, and black rock
bands will all be sponsored by the
BSU this year.
In order for the white students
to better understand black
problems on campus, the BSU
hopes_ to have a black
representative in the Student
Government Association. They
also feel that it would be to their
advantage to have a space in the
Behrend Collegiate devoted
entirely to black activities.
Debra Lomax .said "I don't
care :what class I am put in
personally because I know where
I stand within the black realm."
ps On
"we'd have to have complete
support. It's going to take time."
Concerning an increase in
visitation hours, he explained
that "we are going to work
continually throughout the year.
There is a very good chance of
receiving more hours in the near
There has been some
discussion about possible
curriculum revision, including
among other things the end of
mandatory physical education
and speech classes. "These are
really long range problems,"
Quinlan remarked, "someday I'd
like to see Behrend reach a point
where students could receive
credit for outside work". For
example, the volunteers whom he
would like to see helping in the
Behrend community could
possibly receive some credits in
sociology or psychology.
In stating his hopes for the
year, which includes optimism
for the potential of the campus,
he concluded, "I'd like to see, by
the end of this year, the Behrend
student body so active on campus
and off that they wouldn't need