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Nation: from coast to coast
staff reporter
Have you walked
around downtown Pitts
burgh lately? If not, let
me paint the picture for
you. The whole town is
covered in black and
gold. Everywhere you
look, you'll find that fa
mous symbol with the
three diamonds, one
blue one red and one yel
low, strategically placed
so that you can see the
shape of a football be
tween them. This town
is all about the Steelers!
Western Pennsylvania is
not the only place where
you can find this famous
symbol. You can go al
most anywhere in the
country and find some
one representing the
black and gold. This is
what we, Steelers fans,
call the Steelers Nation.
It's spreading like wild
It actually amazes me
how many Pittsburgh
fans there are in this
country. It doesn't mat
ter where the Steelers
are playing, whether it's
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at home or in Dallas, just
look to the crowd and
you'll see those Terrible
Towels waving. Seeing
Steelers fans at random
games is my favorite
thing. I was watching
the Detroit vs. New Eng
land game on Thanks
giving Day with my fam
ily. What is to pop up on
the screen right before
they go to a commercial
break but a man wear
ing a James Harrison
jersey and covered in
black and gold. My en
tire family started cheer
ing and going crazy, and
we weren't even watch
ing a Steelers game.
I can tell you from
personal experience that
Steelers fans are some
of the most dedicated
people around. It doesn't
matter if it's 80 degrees
or 20 degrees, those cra
zy Pittsburgh fans will
be at the games. I never
said these people would
be dressed like average
sports fans either. They
will be covered from
head-to-toe in black and
gold with a Troy Pola
malu wig on with their
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faces painted carrying
signs with the cleverest
sayings about the Steel
ers. I can be your perfect
example. Open up my
closet and half of what
you will find is black and
gold, including jerseys,
t-shirts, sweatshirts and
sweatpants. Take a look
in my jewelry box, you'll
find Steelers necklaces,
earrings and bracelets.
Then, you can just look
around my room. You'll
see my Terrible Towel
hanging above my bed,
a Steelers sign on my
desk, Steelers hats and
even a Heath Miller bob
Steelers fans go above
and beyond to show
support for their team
and these people are ev
My favorite experi
ence was going on va
cation with my family
to Orlando, Florida in
mid-September of 2008.
Sunday comes around
and my whole family is
decked out in their Pitts
burgh gear. To be hon
est, I thought we would
be the only ones dressed
in black and gold. I ex
pected to see Miami
fans everywhere, but I
was wrong. Everywhere
I turned, there were
Steelers fans. Even the
bar in our resort, Jim
myZ, was a Steelers bar!
We were so excited to
be surrounded by fans
just like us so far away
from Pittsburgh. There
are bars that support the
Steelers all around the
country, and its seems to
be that the Steelers have
the largest fan base in
the country.
Steelers fans truly
are everywhere you go.
They are extremely pas
sionate about the sport,
the city, and most impor
tantly their team. Don't
be surprised if you're
traveling the country
and you happen to find
a few Pittsburgh fans
here and there. They are
just showing their sup
port so that everyone
around knows that they
are a proud member of
the Steelers Nation.
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