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A quick lesson in cooking
When I was asked to provide my cu
linary wizardry to the Behrend Beacon,
I was like "No Way! Really? Me?" and
jumped right in. I came up with some
fresh new dishes, provided pictures,
and laid out detailed plans. I was so
excited to bring my style to you, the
readers, that I completely forgot that
not everyone knows how to cook in the
first place. So, for this week's column,
in lieu of some delectable delight, I will
provide my three best tips for working
in the kitchen. I promise, it's all pain
Now, I know it is the week before
finals, but this is a lesson that doesn't
require studying, and in all fairness is
a better way to relax from all the stress
everyone is enduring. ( A big ups to all
my engineering folk out there!) Work
ing in the kitchen is far easier, and far
more enjoyable than most would be
lieve. I often hear "there is no way I
am cooking anything like that, I mean,
I can make a mean grilled cheese, but
otherwise I'm garbage."
This is a fallacy! Everyone and any
one can cook it's just all a matter of ap
plication. Follow these three easy tips
and everything you hope to create will
be obtainable.
Tip #1 - Patience is everything. I
cannot stress this enough. I often
equate cooking to making sweet, sweet
passionate love. Pay attention to the
details, take your time, and in the end
everyone will be happy. When you're
cooking, things take time, and of
ten things burn when you walk away.
Don't let yourself get distracted!
Tip #2 - Taste! Taste! Taste! How
will you ever know the quality of what
you are serving if you don't know how
it tastes at every step. This follows with
the patience. Paying attention to what
you're cooking will provide amazing
Tip #3 - Break the rules! (Not mine,
of course) Be creative! Have fun! Try
new things! Here's a secret, between
you and me. Some of my more cre
ative dishes that I serve, I have first
created after boozing it up. Sure, not
everything is a hit. Sometimes though,
it's a real winner (the hangover of
ten isn't.) Take everyday normalities
and create. Be a Picasso of the Pan
try. Who knows, maybe you'll get your
own column someday.
Cooking has always been a joy to
me, and I want to make sure it is a joy
to you. It's semesters end and these
are rules you can take home with you.
Create something for Christmas din
ner. I'm sure it will be better than the
fruitcake. If it isn't, don't sweat! Just
grab a beer and you'll be hungry in no
soul to
Jason Ramsey, whose voice mes
merized ears last Friday, will un
doubtedly hit the top of the charts.
Despite the snow and cold he
faced, the performer from sunny
Austin Texas didn't bat an eye as he
serenaded the audience and played
his guitar.
Interacting, bonding, and jok
ing about his recent losses at the
casino, his persona reached out to
the audience and seemed to cap
tivate all in attendance. He did a
wonderful job of bringing everyone
onto one level, and making the mu
sic something everyone understood
and felt in their own way. Even after
the show, he promptly left the stage
and shook the hands with those in
the audience, giving him a more hu-
stall writer
man aspect, than other performers,
and giving a real life to the perfor
mance as a whole.
Jason Ramsey's soulful, neo
blues like sound doesn't just focus
on anything, it's inspired by "Beau
tiful women and life's struggles."
A fact that most of the audience
seen firsthand with songs played
like "Bacon and Eggs" and "Those
Jeans" that focused on women he
had encountered in his life.
Despite some of the humor in
the lyrics of a few verses, the raw
emotion that seeped through and
the passion that flowed through his
Zach Bauer / The Behrend Beacon
Jason Ramsey, seen above, entertained students with his neo-blues like sound in Bruno's last Friday.
have mere of a low-key and intro
spective'hound than some of his
previous elbums.
Crystal Bowersox
fiarMer's Daughter is the debut al
iftrn American Idol runner
up , Crystal BOWerSOX. The first
from the project is "Hold
COM owersox has said
shewrote gout 90 percent of the
songs,On thel2 song collection.
There Will also be a cover version
of the Bubble Springfield classic
“Vor What WS Worth."
, *Alt American Nightmare
Hindeetnewed album All
kXzn Meflpnare, is expected to
have monumental success. All
Anterioill Nightmare continues to
follow their
` est and often biographical writ
ing Oe. The album, is filled with
antic lines containing their
' Tichgtritar soutsd as well as bluesy
southern roc*
Racism - Reggie
Reginald Noble, aka rap legend
lkeithntkp,, in starting on a much
, Moto . Promising note than the
prettioUS One, Where his work in
playing showed just how he felt.
The tone of each song changed with
each showing just a hint of a differ
ent feeling, a different time.
Like most performers, Ramsey
started his musical career in col
lege. Back in 2002 he threw out his
childhood dreams of being an Ath
lete, and focused on music. With his
ability to play the guitar, piano and
trumpet, he was obviously talented
from the start. It wasn't until around
2004 however that he stopped fo
cusing on covering other famous
songs, and started writing his own
deodorant commercials was ar
guably more notable than his two
solo release albums. Redman has
promised that Reggie will be pop
pier than his previous albums.
T.I. - No Mercy
Ready to leave the court ordered
halfway home and reenter the
hip-hop world, T.I. released his
aptly titled single "I'm Back" in
March of 2010. He was still releas
ing singles and videos when the
rapper again ran into legal trouble
and promptly renamed the album
No Mercy. He also announced
new guests for the record which
include verses and hooks from
Eminem, Kanye West, and Chris
The Sorrow - The Sorrow
The third, self-titled album from
this Austrian metal band has
entered the official chart in the
band's home country. This album
is unusual, courageous and cre
ates a musical atmosphere from
the first to the last note which
is unequalled in today's metal
world. The Sorrow contains 13
tracks which combine everything
that makes metal great.
Ari Hest and Ray LaMontagne
have stayed two of his main in
spirations throughout the years,
unchanging in what they offered
to him. However, despite the fact
his taste in music did not change
Ramsey did admit that "My style
has changed over the years; no two
songs I write are the same."
Behrend was the last stop on his
tour, though Ramsey when ques
tioned "would love to be able to
make a living from music solely,
and marry Rachel McAdams." So
where does this leave the soulful
singer? Only time can tell.