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Students headed to D.C. for spring break
The Political Science Program of
Penn State Erie will be sponsoring a stu
dent trip to Washington D.C. over Spring
Break next semester.
The class is taught by Dr. Robert
Speel, associate professor of political
science at Penn State Behrend.
The Political Science Newsletter for
November, written by Dr. Speel, ex
plains that the itinerary will not be de
termined until February next year, but
on past trips, the group has met with our
members of Congress, with officials at
the International Monetary Fund, the Or
ganization of American States, and the
embassies of Australia, Romania, Bo
tswana, India, Ireland, Canada, Jamaica,
Estonia and Indonesia.
The students have toured the White
House, the West Wing of the White
House, the Pentagon, the State Depart
ment, the Department of Justice, the
U.S. Capitol Building, the Library of
Congress, the National Archives, and the
C-SPAN studios.
"Every year I look forward to seeing
something new in Washington," said
Speel, "On the last trip, we visited the
Speaker's Portico in the Capitol build
ing. On a previous trip, we visited the
West Wing of the White House. We often
visit sections of the Pentagon I have not
seen before or get briefings at embassies
I have not previously visited. On our
free days, I get to visit museums I haven't
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Psych Coalition hosts two events
Here at Penn State Beh
rend we have a unique or
ganization that meets every
Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. in the
Psych lab located in the Turn
bull Hall. This organization is
the Psych Coalition.
On Wednesday, Nov. 10
the psych coalition met in the
psychology lab to make cards
for soldiers. This meeting
came at with perfect timing
because Nov. 11 was Veter
ans' Day. The group's mem
bers decorated the cards for
the residents of the Soldiers
and Sailors Home in Erie. The
Soldiers and Sailors Home is
a home that provides support
and care for veterans and
their spouses.
The psych coalition is con
stantly finding ways to be
come more involved in the
gotten a chance to see before."
The trip is associated with the politi
cal science course POLSC 177 (GS), and
students will be required to sign up for
either a three credit or one credit version
of the course in order to attend the trip.
Among the highlights of the trip will
be meetings or tours with Penn State
Behrend alumni who work on Capitol
Hill or for federal government agencies.
"I also look forward on each trip with
meeting some of our alumni in Washing
ton who went on previous class trips and
now work in government buildings and
offices - those alumni who have been
through the experience themselves can
now talk to current Behrend students,"
Winner of the 2009 -1010 Most Creative Program
community. The cards were
not only a warm gesture for
the holidays, but also an at
tempt to reach out and be
more involved in the commu
Members of the organiza
tion said they had fun mak
ing cards, and it was a small
thank you to those who have
protected us so many free
After the fun of card mak
ing was over, another meet
ing was held, also hosted by
the Psych Coalition. This time
the meeting consisted of rep
resentatives from Alfred Uni
versity, located in Alfred, New
York, who spoke about gradu
ate school for the psychology
The speakers mostly ad
dressed graduate programs
that are offered at Alfred Uni
versity. Students were given a
great deal of beneficial infor-
added Speel.
It is important that any student in
terested in going on the trip contact Dr.
Speel immediately. Any student who
wants to attend the trip and has not al
ready paid the required deposit must see
Dr. Speel as soon as possible.
Brochures with a full explanation of
the trip are available from any political
science professor and in the School of
Humanities and Social Sciences office
(170 Kochel).
Adam Fracassi / the Behrend Beacon
Photos are from the 2008 trip
to D.C. when students traveled
throughout several locations in the
mation that will assist them
when deciding plans for after
graduation. Not only were
the representatives helpful
towards programs at Alfred
University, but they were very
helpful with any of the ques
tions students might have had
about graduate school in gen
After the speakers pre
sented their information and
experiences, the undergradu
ate students were given time
to ask any questions they may
have had in regards to gradu
ate school.
The psych coalition meets
every Wednesday in the
psych lab, which is in Turbull
Hall. The meetings are every
Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. The
meetings are open to all stu
dents, regardless of major,
and all students are encour
aged to attend.
Comm. majors present senior projects 1 ,1 44 e cc
V /1
Being a Communication
major, there is still quite a bit
to learn about the business
world, even after taking class
es relating to the field. It's im
portant to know how to write
press releases, organize and
promote events, work well
with others, and most impor
tantly, how to communicate.
Several students in the
Communication program
were given the opportunity
to present their knowledge in
these areas and more, at the
Fall 2010 Senior Colloquium,
after getting some real world
experience through senior
projects and internships.
The Colloquium was held
in the Metzgar building on
Tuesday, November 30, 2010
at 7:00 p.m.
These students had much
to present, with eight students
completing an internship and
one student who worked on
a sound design project for a
film titled, The Creepy.
The internships ranged
from working with new me
dia at Bensur Creative Mar
keting, to being a mobile
drive coordinator with the
Community Blood Bank.
Along with the completion
of an internship or a project,
the students were required
01711111.1iCatiOnS MaiOr
The Psych Coalition hosts two events on Nov.lo, 2010 at Turnbull
to give a five minute speech
with a visual representa
tion, write an essay about
the experience, and create
a portfolio including impor
tant documents and projects
they worked on through the A
internship and through their
career at Behrend.
Communication majors
who are in their junior year
were highly encouraged to
attend this event, as it gives
them insight and ideas as
they begin planning for their
senior projects. Dr. Troes
ter, Associate Professor of
Speech Communication and
Communications Program
Chair, advises that every stu
dent keep a file folder of ad
vertisements, press releases,
news articles, and anything
else they created, in order
to put together a portfolio to
present to potential employ
Troester says it's "kind of a
way to tie together everything
you've been doing." Employ
ers don't want a description
of your experience, they want
If you have any questions
about the Communications
major or the senior projects,
please contact Dr. Troester.
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