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    Deathly Hallows:
Beginning of the
continued from Back Page
Heavily based off the infor
mation revealed in the previ
ous Harry Potter and the Half
Blood Prince, Potter in his
spare time takes lessons with
Albus Dumbledore to educate
himself in Voldemort's enig
matic youth. Through these
lessons, Potter learns that
Voldemort has obtained im
mortality by splitting his soul
multiple times and hiding the
fragments in items called hor
Setting the premise for
the final installments, Potter
and his friends embark on a
mission to destroy all seven
horcuxes and simultaneously
attempting to prevent Volde
mort from his alternative goal
for immortality by obtaining
the three Deathly Hallows:
the resurrection stone, elder
wand, and invisibility cloak.
All the while the characters
struggle with destruction,
death, and the unavoidable
corruption Voldemort has
brought upon the governing
bodies and other supernatu
ral factions within the wizard
ing world.
All in all, the multiple di
rectors have done an accept
able job in keeping the Harry
Potter films congruent with
their respected novels. Rowl
ing's novels are riddled with
vast amounts of illustrative
paradigms to help the reader
Cudi Cuts New Album
After listening to the new Kid
Cudi album, Man on the Moon
II: The Legend of Mr. Rager, it's
obvious that the artist wasn't on
par with his earlier release. In
contrast, the amount of people
featured on this album lends to a
more enjoyable Cudi, in a sense
answering the question of how
he can collaborate.
Often times on Mr. Rager,
he gives away the chorus of his
songs to the selected featured
arist: Cee-Lo Green, Mary J.
Blige, Kanye West, Cage, St.
Vincent, Chip Tha Ripper, or
Nicole Way. Another success
for this album was the bonus
track, "Maybe", as it reverts to
Star &
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Mouthing words, swaying gently, and a few
even shedding tears at a few songs, it was a
touching seen to behold.
Star performed for an hour, playing original
pieces. He switched off playing the keyboard
and guitar and singing. He took suggestions
from his loyal fans as well as to which of his
songs he should play for them, and even had
everyone laughing with his renditions of 'The
Bed Intruder Song'. Being very hands on with
the audience, not only made him more human,
and added another aspect to his music. None
of his songs sounded the same, and with each
he performed, you could see the passion he
exerted into it, and the joy he received from
expressing himself through the art.
After the main show, and after most of the
equipment had been packed up and fans were
leaving, he did a special song he promised a
fan. Off stage, guitar in hand, all those left
standing watched in awe. This commitment to
his fans is what makes him unique that he
attempts to make a personal connection. Ac
cording to Star, "it's a truth to myself, an hon
esty that my music comes from me, not selling
Star originally was part of a rock band
called Stage that he started with friends. After
one hit album and a tour, he left the band to
fully understand the world
she has created. Any exclu
sions that have been made in
the previous films are satis
factory in the sense that they
do not detract from the plot or
storyline significantly.
The premiere of Harry Pot
ter and the Deathly Hallows
marks the beginning of the
end for the series. Though
many might find this finale
to be bittersweet, Potter will
live on through film and ink
for the years to come. All one
has to do is pop in a DVD
or revisit the book self to be
submerged once more in the
magical wizarding world of
Harry Potter.
Where: Cinemark
Tinseltown 17
When: November 19th
12:40 PM
3:50 PM
7:00 PM
10:10 PM
the somewhat happier styles of
his previous album. As most can
admit, themaybe" at the end of
an immensely dark album rings
hopeful. In the song, he talks
about finding an end to "the ma
niac" in himself and walking on
the moon. The addition simply
felt like it reverted to the more
fluent, faster styles of End of
Day, his previous album.
showcase editor
The track "Scott Mescudi vs
The World", literally an autobio
graphical track, emphasizes his
depression melodramatically.
He refers to his life as a "dark
journey" and a "clusterfuck of
darkness and evil." The song
redeems itself, however, be
cause it features Cee-Lo Green
of Gnarls Barkley. There's also
a song called "Marijuana", obvi-
start his solo indie career. When asked if he
ever regretted leaving Stage, he responded "I
always dreamed of being a Rock Star in a band
called stage, I always pictured being on Roll
ing Stone." Despite that though he also added,
"I can't change the past, and I'm happy where
I am." The transition from rock star hopeful
to indie artist wasn't overnight either. In his
transitional album "Songs from the eye of an
elephant" you can get a real sense of all of the
emotion and raw feeling being experienced at
the time.
The LEB did a great job having Star come
entertain students. With the great turnout, and
the number of fans who were eager to have
him back again, it's likely Behrend will see
this Indie wonder yet again.
Saturday night, after a long drive, Evro a
band that has been together for six faithful
years sat down to eat before the show. Coming
all the way from Philadelphia to entertain us,
the alternative, all original band was energetic
and ready to go.
As they took stage, the energy from the
stage flowed outward. With Brian Vail on
Bass, Janelle Korkus offering up Vocals, Chris
DeFusco going away on the drums, and Matt
Gordon on the Guitar it was a sight to behold.
Evro, the band that got their name from 'Chev
rolet' when the rest of the letters fell off the
truck, made an impact on Saturday night to
those who attended the performance.
The hour filled with almost non-stop soul
churning original pieces kept the attention
of the audience and delivered. Nobody knew
quite what to expect coming from this obscure
group, but as Korkus sang out, and the band
followed, Bruno's was stunned into silence.
The passion they have for their music could
not only be seen, but be felt in the air. DeFusco
pounded away, the determination and pure
ously emphasizing his use of it,
but there should be a line drawn
somewHe're befweeri lyricizing
about weed and actually making
it the name of a song. It comes
off as the artist dedicating his
success partially to the drug,
essentially it makes the song
tacky before it's even played. In
"Don't Play This Song", he talks
about how his mother's "sloppy
drunkenness" effected his child
hood and now his own drunken
ness affects his current relation
ships. In the chorus with Mary J.
Blige, he tells his audience that
they might as well not listen to
him if they want to know "what
he sounds like when he's not on
Cudi describes his depression
further in "Maniac". Within the
song: "I am the maniac, I am
the fool" who "love[s] the dark,
maybe we can make it darker."
"Mr. Rager" outlines how the
world beats Cudi down, but
he's "on his way to heaven." In
"Trapped in My Mind," he raps
about how he's stuck in his mind
and "embraces the darkness".
Needless to say, these lyrics
become less of a fresh sound
and more of an artist falling into
a trend which is almost never
good. Artists are artists to chal
lenge themselves and move in
original new ways. They should
never stick with something too
much. In this case, Cudi beats
his listeners over the head with
his depression, which lends
more to thinking his depression
is more gimmicky than valid.
enjoyment connected those watching the per
formance and created an intimacy between
the band and audience. Gordon and Vail held
their own, focusing on their respective instru
ments, almost as if every note were a precious
treasure that couldn't be wasted. In the end,
it was a pure triumph for the original band as
those who filled Bruno's applauded them.
Being an all-original band, and writing all
their own songs, the members of Evro claim
the creative process "Is a collaborative effort
all the way." Music has always been entwined
in the lives of the group members, and is what
brought them together. From friends in school,
to meeting band mates in the most random of
places, eventually they wound up creating the
sensational group they are now. Right now in
regards to their career as a band Evro feels
as if they are in limbo. "[We] want to get big,
be famous, and if we could make some money
from it while having fun, that would be great,"
said Gordon, the lead guitarist for Evro.
Two of the best have performed there, and
have left their mark. For those who have seen
them they will certainly remember the mind
boggling performances for decades to come.
If Behrend is lucky, not only will we see these
wonderful acts again, but have the chance to
watch them in a bigger venue as well.