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Bookstore renovat
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Six months after the $1.5 million
project to renovate parts of Reed
began, Penn State Behrend students
finally have what Bookstore Manager
Heidi Savage calls a “real college
The renovation was originally in
tended to essentially shear the book
store in half, using the empty vertical
space to create more room for offices
above. In the process, the bookstore
would be remodeled to increase space
usage and visibility.
The result is a bookstore vastly im
proved in visibility and aesthetics.
Though the bookstore has actually
decreased in square footage, the staff
Student Activities to add club coordinator position
“Student Activities is
looking for someone
student-centered, a
good work ethic,
high energy”
Director of Student Activities
News 1
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Community 4
is able to display much more mer
chandise, particularly clothing, be
cause of modernized space usage and
Main features of the new bookstore
include an information desk, much
like at a private bookstore chain,
which will allow students to direct
questions away from the front register.
Also, a desk is reserved for web order
•Inside: See pictures of the
lewly renovated bookstore.
Q Online: Visit us online at
to see more photos of the
Bookstore’s transformation.
news editor
There will be a new face in the Of
fice of Student Activities starting this
Student Activities has decided to
create a student organizations and
program development coordinator po
sition to “Advise various student or
ganizations regarding policies,
procedures, budgets, etc.” and “assist
in the planning and management of
other student special events,” accord
ing to the job description on the
Registered Opinion 5
Sports 7
ons fi
pickups, to make fall and spring se
mester book rushes easier, and less
The half-year process, though, did
not come without its bumps along the
“We’ve been talking about it for
years,” says Savage, “and suddenly it
just happened. Moving to McGarvey
was pretty rough; it was a little
Switching things back over was no
easy ordeal either, she says. The staff,
with help from managers of other
commonwealth campuses, moved the
entire bookstore into its current space
in three days.
As for the staff, they are just relieved
that the project is over.
“It’s awesome; it’s like a real college
Behrend website.
Director of Student Activities Kris
Torok said that in the past, if a club or
organization wanted to host an event,
they would have to go through several
steps for approval and scheduling.
By creating this position, Student
Activities is hoping to streamline this
process and make someone available
to clubs and organizations to “help the
clubs in the preparation for SGA
budget requests SAF proposals.”
The new coordinator would also act
as a resource for club advisors by pro
viding training and workshops and
shed over break
store,” says Savage. “It’s definitely
more inviting. People will enjoy it
more. They’ll just feel better coming
Construction over the bookstore,
out of sight of shoppers, continues.
The Career Development Center will
share space with the Division of Un
dergraduate studies in what Director
of Student Affairs Ken Miller says is a
“one-stop shop” for finding a career or
Those new offices will include inter
view rooms, video conferencing cen
ters, several computer kiosks, and a
large conference room open for use of
any department or student organiza
tion on-campus. Miller expects that
the project will be finished by the sec
ond week of September.
help in other areas, said Torok, such
as assisting clubs with websites, sum
mer activities, and getting publicity.
“Basically what we want is for each
club to have a link to the club’s home
page when accessing the list of clubs
and organizations”
Torok also wants to create a public
ity center for the clubs to use. “What
we envision is a place where clubs and
organizations can get together and
create publicity for their events.”
Torok said.
“Student Activities is looking for
someone student centered, with a
A Penn State Behn
Student Publicat:
Tuition up
last year
managing editor
On July 17, Penn State University
Board of Trustees decided to support
the lower of two proposed tuition in
creases, resulting in a 3.9% raise in
Behrend’s tuition for lower-division
Pennsylvania resi
dent students in
the fall 2009 se
The tuition in
crease marks the
lowest increase in
Penn State’s re
cent history, ac
cording to the
Behrend website.
The increase
raises tuition $226
per semester for
students who
have less than
59.1 credits.
Chancellor Jack
Burke said that
the money from
the tuition in
crease usually go
to three areas:
salary increases,
benefit changes,
and utilities costs.
“Most of the
benefit changes
would have come
out of our budget
cut,” he said.
“Whether some
goes into utilities,
I don’t know, but
no money is going
into salaries.”
Despite the rise
in tuition cost, the
incoming fresh
man class has not
been affected, ac
cording to Burke and Director of Stu
dent Affairs, Dr. Ken Miller.
“I would guess we are going to be up
about 1% (in freshman enrolment) and
that’s about what we were trying to
do,” said Burke. “We were trying to
hold our enrollments. Penn State in
general, is in pretty good shape. That’s
because Penn State is very much in
demand and has a good brand name
and reputation. The other reason is
that as expensive as we are as a public
institution, we are still less expensive
than a lot of privates.”
If Penn State does not get funding
from the state, there is a possibility
that the tuition increase could rise in
between the fall 2009 and spring 2010
semester. However, Burke and Miller
both agree that the chance of that hap
pening is very small.
“It has never happened since
See Tuition on Page 3
good work ethic and a high energy
level to fill this position. We identified
people we would like more info about.
From there we narrow it down to who
we would like to bring to campus”
Torok said that the initial phone in
terviews have already taken place, and
she is looking to include students in
the final selection committee of six to
nine people.
Additional reporting by
Heather McGovern.
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