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Campus News
Kovach for NCAA
Sophomore diver Krystal
Kovach has accomplished
something that no swimmer or
diver in Behrend’s history has
ever done, compete at the
NCAA championships.
Kovach finished seventeenth
in both the women’s three
meter and one meter events
with scores of 381.75 and
351.70 respectively.
The championships were
hosted by Macalester College
at the University of Minnesota
Aquatics Center in
Minneapolis on March 18-21.
“I think that I did well for my
first year at nationals,” said
By Matthew Schwabenbauer
news editor
October 31,2008
A Penn State Behrend soph
omore has been charged after
a string of bizarre crimes on
Friday night.
The incident began at about
12 a.m. when Citriniti drove his
Subaru Forester into a Pontiac
Firebird that was backing out
of a parking space in the lot of
the 300 building at University
Gate Apartments.
“Once the collision hap
pened, the back end of the
Pontiac flew in the air and
debris was all over the
asphalt,” said Behrend
Sophomore Chris Chovan, who
witnessed the crash. “The
Forester looked like it was
Nick Kniseley, a sophomore
at Behrend, was the one who
made the 9-1-1 call.
“I was just walking from the
one hundreds to the four hun
dreds. We couldn’t see it at
first, but we heard a loud crash
and saw a car’s tail lights shine
into the air like its back end
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What's Inside
Kovach. “I would have liked to
place better but competition
was tight. There were a lot of
good girls there.”
Kovach had to prepare phys
ically by practicing every
day. She was dedicated and
determined throughout spring
break as she practiced when
most students returned home
or headed to the beach.
“Physically, I stayed on cam
pus during break and practiced
every day,” said Kovach. “I
didn't try to do anything drasti
cally different, just keep myself
healthy and rested."
Not only physically, but men
tal preparation was needed
going into the NCAA champi
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went up,” said Kniseley. “A
bunch of people came outside
to see what was going on. As I
was walking up to the crash, I
called 9-1-1.”
After the accident, Citriniti
entered an apartment in the
300 building of the complex.
The residents of the apartment
had witnessed the crash.
“At about midnight we heard
this loud crash and thought it
was thunder,” said a resident
who wished to remain anony
mous. “Literally twenty sec
onds later this guy comes in
our place and puts his hands
down the back of my friend’s
None of the residents of the
apartment were familiar with
Citriniti. “We told him to leave,
but he wouldn’t,” said the resi
dent. “He went and sort of rest
ed his head on our island and
my roommate went to get a
security guard since they were
all down by the crash.”
When security arrived, they
told Citriniti to leave or they
would contact authorities, but
Citriniti “wasn’t phased.” At
that point, security notified the
State Police of the situation.
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Professor Performing
at Jr's Last Laugh
Joe Falocco is not only a pro
fessor at Penn State Behrend
but also an aspiring stand-up
comedian. Dr. Falocco will be
performing this Saturday night
at Jr’s Last Laugh, a comedy
club on State Street. Falocco
will be opening for comedians
such as Andy Woodhull and
Joby Saad.
The admissions fee will be
slightly under 13 dollars and
people under the age of 21 are
welcome. The comedy club
not only offers entertainment
but one can also purchase food
and drink. There will be a
show at 6:30 pm and 9:30 pm.
An interview with Dr.
Falocco reveals an edgy man
with a humorous background
and upbringing. When asked
why he
“Finally, he just ended up
leaving,” said the resident. “We
went back to watching the
crash, and we noticed the same
kid down there and he was try
ing to get into this car that was
locked, threw something on
the ground, and then I noticed
him coming back to our build
ing. So I flew off the couch to
make sure our door was
“Literally, before I made it
back to the couch, he busted
our door down. He broke the
entire door frame, lock and
everything. The entire side of
the door was broken off.”
Once inside again, Citriniti
went after the same girl he had
assaulted before.
“He came back to my same
friend and tried pulling her
pants down again,” said the
resident. “We told him he had
to leave. The security guard
heard the door getting
knocked down and came run
ning up. The kid sat on our
couch, just sat, and stared at
us, and wouldn’t leave for any
thing. The security guard told
us to wait downstairs to get a
state trooper when they come.”
The residents of the apart
ment waited at the scene of the
car accident for the State
Police to come. When the
authorities arrived, they
walked back to the apartment
and noticed the security guard
was outside, holding the door
“The security guard said he
was trying to leave so he was
holding our door shut to stop
him,” said the resident. “As
soon as the State Trooper
opened the door, the kid pulled
down his pants and started uri-
Friday, May 1, 2009
got into the comedy scene and
what age he started at, he
replied, “I started doing come
dy in my 20’s. It was the
1980’s: everyone was doing it.”
He started out as follower and
grew up to be a leader as a
teacher and a comedian with
his own material. His first per
formance “bombed” he said,
but he didn’t stop trying to
make people laugh. He used to
try to do political humor in his
acts, but now gets his material
from “apolitical observations.”
Dr. Falocco’s icon in comedy
is either the late George Carlin
or more recently Lewis Black.
In Dr. Falocco’s “inart” comedy
class the students watch DVDs
about different concepts and
views of comedy.
Found on page 6.
nating on our floor, right in
front of him.”
Soon, more State Police
arrived and tried to apprehend
“We were waiting outside
while four State Troopers and
two paramedics were wrestling
with him, unable to restrain
him,” said the resident.
“Eventually, they told us to
come back in when they had
him wrestled to the ground so
they could get our statements,
but he kept fighting back so
they had to taser him. He still
wouldn’t stop moving, so they
ended up tasering him about
four or five times. They finally
had to strap him to a gurney to
get him out.”
A resident of the apartment
in which the incident occurred
was impressed by the speed at
which University Gates man
agement responded to the
“By 10 o’clock the next
morning, maintenance came
and had our door fixed,” said
the resident. “[University
Gates Manager] Wendy [Hull]
came up and checked on us
later that afternoon and made
sure we were all ok, gave us
her cell phone number in case
we needed anything or if any
thing went wrong. Even more
maintenance came and
checked on us to make sure
our door was ok. They were
very quick to respond, they
double-checked and triple
The charges against Citriniti
were filed at the office of
District Judge Mark Krahe.
The police investigation of
the incident is still underway.