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    Friday, April 24, 2009
RUB Desk to be
By Heather McGovern
copy editor
With the new renovations
occurring in Reed building
over the Spring 2009 semester,
a lot of departments and
clubs/organizations are mov
ing as a result. The Reed Union
Building desk is one of the
departments relocating with
ing within Reed, in acklitio,wto
many other facets of the build
Penn State sent an email out
earlier this year informing all
students of the renovations
and relocations of certain
departments and organizations
in Reed. The renovations
include the bookstore, aca
demic offices, student activi
ties, and other organizations
within Reed. Penn State is also
talking about the relocation of
kiosks, which are currently in
the lower portion of Reed, and
they may be moved to the bal
cony outside of Bruno's.
The current location of the
RUB desk will become another
public restroom. The new RUB
desk location will be in the
Student Activities suite or cur-
Facility Fee Proposals Under Way
By Emily Reichert
assistant news editor
Chancellor Burke accepted
the Student Facility Fee pro
posals on Monday, April 20.
According to Director of ranked students highest priori-
Student Affairs Ken Miller, ty according to the survey.
with the Chancellor's approval Miller states that the corn
the project committee is able to mittee will need to know what
move into the next phase, the students think should be
which •is renovation of Reed provided in a convenience
117 end' . fhe,' lounge room in store, and when students think
Reed. it should be open.
X osals for
„1 „ - , ,,.. • :,, ,
~,.,:!,.. , 'ffke' . en
i ' renovation of ::. --, , ... 1 .-.. i : ri,r , - forme ':. a
AT lounge space, fek•riki su ' iTtil ed out. by... 1,200
studies for the construction of Behrend students in January.
a convenience store on cam- The university-wide fee is a
pus, a copy center in the Reed $lOO charge to each student's
Union Building, establishment tuition and is used for non-aca
of a game room on the ground demic space, according to
floor of Lawrence Hall, a work- Miller.
out space similar to the
Jageman Fitness Room in the
Junker Center, and a radio sta
The survey results also
showed that 71 percent of stu
dents preferred to spend a por
tion of the fee and save a por
tion for projects in the future.
"The committee did an
excellent job collecting infor
mation from students," says
He adds that student involve
Free • Confidential
Erie County Department of Health
606 West Second Street
(Corner of West 2nd & Cherry Streets)
Monday 9:ooam -11:00am
Wednesday 1:00pm-3:00pm
Thursday 3:oopm-s:oopm
Questions? Call 451-6700
By Lauren Dißacco
staff writer
Dr. Hall is this year's recipi
ent of the Penn State Alumni
Achievement Award, an award
that has previously never been
won by a former Behrend stu
dent. The award is presented
to alumni from the university
who, upon graduation, were
able to accomplish a great deal
of success.
Hall graduated in 1995 with
a Bachelor's degree in
Psychology. Upon her depar
ture from Behrend she went on
The RUB Desk is currently located in Reed Commons
rent WPSE 1450 radio station
office. The relocation starts
May 6, and moving will be fin
ished by May 11.
" The RUB desk staff will
continue to work during that
time," says Christa Morris,
director of the RUB desk.
"Students might experience
brief interruptions of certain
services during the transition,
but we'll work very hard to
keep that to a minimum."
As for the ATM, it is not
affected by the relocation of
ment will be required as the
committee moves further with
the upcoming projects. "For
instance," he says, "we will
conduct a feasibility study this
fall for the construction of a
convenience store on campus."
The convenience store was
The Spring 2009 Committee
Report states: "The committee
recognizes that Penn State
Behrend is in a constant state
of change. The growth in the
student body over the past five
years is reflective of the stan
dards of high-quality college
demands. The Student Facility
Fee Committee has established
[these] priorities in the spirit of
creating high-quality, high
impact space for use by stu
Alumnus Wins Coveted Achievement Award
to medical school at the
University of Texas Medical
Branch at Galveston. After
school she went on to complete
her residency in three areas of
study: adult psychiatry, child
psychiatry, and forensic psy
She then decided to venture
into the business world and
opened her very own private
practice, DeAnima Psychiatric
Services, which is based in
Florida. After opening her
practice she dabbled in helping
those with addiction problems.
This eventually gave way to
her opening her own facility,
Hallway of Life Recovery
the RUB desk. The ATM will
remain rooted during this time
of transition and temporary
departures in the Reed build
Morris says that "construc
tion of the new restrooms
[replacing the current location
of the RUB desk) should be
completed by July."
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
High: 75°F High: 71°F High: 61°F High: 61°F
Low: 56°F 56°F Low: 50°F Low: 51°F Low: 49°F
Mostly sunny. Mostly cloudy with a Mostly cloudy with a Sunny.
chance of a shower or chance of rain.
thunderstorm. -z-
Interesting eat er act: ,--
The amount of energy that an average one-day hurricane produces could power the United States for three years. cj,
Center, which she explains is a
center for "women who have
substance abuse issues and
eating disorders that are in
need of more support as they
transition back into the com
While Hall has accomplished
a great deal in her short
amount of time since gradua
tion, she owes it all to the start
that she received while at
Hall enjoyed, and got the
most out of, her experience
here at Behrend. Despite the
cold, which she wasn't a huge
fan of, she really felt at home
while attending Behrend.
2008-2009 winter season
to be second snowiest in
Erie history
By Matt Alto
weather editor
With the weather forecast
showing nothing but season
ably warm temperatures the
next several days, the chances
of Erie receiving measureable
snowfall is quickly diminish
ing. According to the National
Weather Service, Erie has
received 145.8 inches of snow
Top 5 Snowiest
Winters in Erie
I 000-2001
I 008-2009
Courtesy of the National
Weather Sen,iee
While thoughts of transferring
to University Park did cross
her mind, she eventually nixed
them due to the small class
sizes that Behrend afforded
her. She felt that the small
class sizes not only made it
more intimate, but also provid
ed her with "accountability"
which she believes you do not
receive in the larger class set
ting that are found all too often
at University Park.
Hall also feels that Behrend
prepared her for her career
through the various organiza
tions that the campus has to
offer. "I think I was not only
able to get the academic side of
this season.
The 2008-2009 winter season
will go down in the Erie clima
tology record books as the sec
ond snowiest on record.
Currently, it would take anoth
er 3.4 inches of snow to top the
all-time record of 149.1 inches,
which fell during the 2000-
2001 season. The chances of
that happening are slim to
For Erie to receive another
3.4 inches of snow would
require unseen record snow
amounts fall this time of year
in this area. Erie tends to see
little to no snowfall during the
late parts of April and the
entire month of May.
According to the National
Weather Service, the snowiest
May saw 1.7 inches of snow
fall in 1923. If in fact that
much snow would fall, it still
would not be enough.
The extended forecast shows
temperature well above freez
ing for the next 10 days. In
fact, Erie should see tempera
tures at or above average the
next week or two as warmer
air moves into our region. The
forecast shows lots of sun and
my education, but also the
extracurricular/social part,
making me much more attrac
tive to those who were inter
viewing me for medical
school." Hall also mention that
getting involved is paramount
while in college because it ulti
mately helps students appear
well-rounded on their resume.
When it is all said and done,
Hall could not have asked for
more out of her experience
here at Behrend. It helped pave
the way for a bright and suc
cessful future.
The Behrend Beacon I 3
Shoveling 145.8" is no fun and games
some rain
While the 2008-2009 winter
season gave the 2000-2001 sea
son a run for its money, it will
end up falling just short of set
ting the all-time record. In the
meantime, break out the shorts
and t-shirts, buckle up, and
enjoy the nice weather the next
few weeks.
for residents in Erie