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    Friday, April 24, 2009
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By Evan Koser
arts editor
Last Friday, the All-American
Rejects and their opening acts
brought down the roof of
Junker - literally - while con
cert-goers had lined up from
the Junker Center to Jordan
Road to the Bayfront as early as
noon that day.
Material fell from the cieling
Super Bowl XLIII champs play in Junker Center
Men's tennis claims back-to-back championships
By Christine Newby
sports editor
The Behrend men's tennis
team proved they are the best
in the their conference for the
second consecutive year by
winning the 2009 AMCC Men's
Tennis Championship on April
19 at the Oxford Club in Wex
ford, Pa.
By winning the champi
onship, the team is back-to
back AMCC Champions and
this,' also, marked the fourth
time in eleven years that they
have claimed the title.
"A lot of our success is based
on players working hard and
working together," head coach
Jeff Barger said. "They are a
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The All-American Rejects sold out the Junker Center for a performance on Friday. A crowd of over 2,500 attended the event
of the Junker center during the
sound-check of the sound sys
tems around•three in the after
noon. "It's not a problem,"
Kris Torok said, who headed
the entire event in place of Jill
Caldwell. Caldwell, who would
normally act as head of the ac
tivity, was out for maternity
It's not so extraordinary to
see celebrities at Behrend. Last
year the Junker Center played
host to comedian Jim Gaffigan
Jon Henderson led men's tennis to victory for the second time
Forecast courtesy of student meteor,
A Penn State Behrend Student Publication
in the fall and 90s alternative
band, Third Eye Blind in the
spring. "This whole day is or
dinary," Torok said. "As of right
now, I'm the person between
band, staff and students. I am
acting as the trouble-shooter.
Today, my job is to make sure
everything is in place and runs
Prior to the day of the events,
Torok said it's "all planning and
programming." Concert Chair
and student Caleb Rodgers said
By Christine Newby
sports editor
Players of the Super Bowl
XLIII Champion Pittsburgh
Steelers came to Behrend to
play a different sport than their
usual hard hitting style of foot
ball on April 19 at the Junker
The Steelers basketball team
competed against the Behrend
Community All-Stars on the
hardwood rather than out on
the football field. In the game,
both teams lived on the three
point shot.
"It was good day," Behrend
head men's basketball coach
see STEELERS on page 6
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that to get the whole event re
quired "ordering everything,
renting equipment, and setting
dates." In the past, Rodgers
acted as the production chair
for the Gaffigan performance
and helped with putting to
gether the Third Eye Blind con
Rodgers says that it takes
months to set up a show like
this one. Other than getting the
necessary funding, provided by
the Student Activity Fee (SAF),
This is the last installment in a
four-article series examining
the ways in which Behrend is
growing. After examining
physical expansion, admis
sions, and technology changes,
the Beacon will wrap up the
series with an analysis of how
Behrend's academics are
changing with the college.
One of the many classic chal
lenges that any university faces
is the constant quest for rele
vancy. In a constantly changing
external environment of soci
ety, colleges must react to
changes in their surroundings
in order to provide students
with the best education possi
ble in their field.
Dave Christiansen,.the Asso
ciate Dean at Behrend, explains
that change can originate from
any a variety of sources: stu
dents, faculty, industry, or even
challenges within a field.
Chancellor Jack Burke, who
is set to retire at the end of next
year, says that change usually
happens one of two ways.
-A section of The Behrend Beacon ran in the Agri] 17 issue that mistakenly had images of football helmets
within articles about John Madden retiring and the anniversary of the Virginia Tech shooting. These were
meant to be images of John Madden and the Virginia Tech logo, respectively. The mix up was a result of
technological errors when the newspaper's data was delivered to the printers.
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ETT - 1
logist Matt Alto
, 1 1 I 1
111 dili
By Connor Sattely
managing editor
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the concert required a lot of
pre-show setup. "As soon as we
choose the band [to perform],
we get in touch with their tour
manager." From that point on,
it's all about signing and re
viewing contracts and getting
the student community in
volved as well. According to
Rodgers, phone calls between
offices and the tour mangers
"took about about a month."
Aside from delays
see REJECTS on page 1 I
i 1
I 1
The School of Nursing is a great example of academic growth at Behrend
"There's the bottom-up ap
proach, where things start from
students and work up to admin
istrators," he says, citing the
Creative Writing program as an
example. "Or, it can be top
down; either way, we need to
look for synergies, and keep in
mind what students care
Each school at Behrend, re
sponsible for many different in
dividual programs, has
responded in its own unique
way to demands from changes
in an amorphous society. From
changing specific elements of a
teaching strategy to creating an
entirely new major, the schools
Vol. LV No. XXVI
victims of
exposure at
By Matthew Schwabenbauer
.news editor
Students have been victims
of indecent exposure near the
Wintergreen Gorge on two sep
arate occasions this month,
according to an alert issued by
Police Services.
The most recent incident oc
cured Saturday at 5:40 p.m.
"Me and one of my friend
were in the Gorge by Cooper
Road," said one of the victims.
"We noticed a guy up the hill
waving something at us. At first
we thought it was a flag, but
then we realized it was his un
derwear and he was completely
According to the victim, they
immediately contacted the po
lice and relayed a description of
the perpetrator. A few days
later, the victims were notified
that the description matched
that of a suspect for an incident
that occured a few weeks ear
On April 2nd, an unidentified
male exposed himself to sev
eral students walking on the
paved path along the Bayfront
Connector at 3:30 p.m.
The suspect is described as a
white male in his 40's, approxi
mately 5'7" with balding red
dish brown hair, green eyes and
a thin moustache.
Faculty, staff and students are
advised to use caution when
walking through the Gorge.
recognize that in order for
Behrend to stay a relevant uni
versity, change must come
bearing gifts.
This is
imthe last
of a four
part se-
more in
formation or to catch
up on other articles,
check out
News 1-5
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mjss3B7 psusedu
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ries. For