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Website of the week
By Seamas O’Toole
staff writer
Depending on one’s major, finding
a summer internship can be very easy,
ar it can be horribly difficult. Many
employers advertise their internship
positions on the Internet, but the stu
dent searching for a job may have to
sort through hundreds and hundreds
Df companies’ websites before he or
she finds what they are looking for.
An easier way to find an internship
position is to point one's browser to
ward <
jobsnow>. At Jobs Now, students can
search for a job anywhere in the
United States. All one has to do is
1 “Primo” dishes in
7 Feminist Lucretia
11 Put in the fix
14 Power failure
15 Suffer
16 Period
17 Merchant
18 Romps in
20 Kiddy
21 Gauges
23 Sultry West
24 Stoltz of “Mask”
26 Wool
30 Track events
32 Author of “The
33 POW possibly
34 Cars
36 To wit
38 Bing and Denise
41 Answers
42 Trial separation?
43 More of a
44 2 on the phone
45 Sulky
47 Night lights
51 Nee follower
54 Do in a dragon
55 Disney dwarf
56 Staff signs
58 Open receptacle
59 Fancifully
62 Sex drive
64 New England
65 Life of Riley
66 Made amends
67 Allow
68 Stepped on it
69 Carreras and
1 “M*A*S*H”
2 Goddess of
3 Having no
4 Small boy
choose the type of internship they are
looking for and a city and state. Jobs
Now will produce a list of matches to
the student’s request. One can even
search for apartment listings on the
same site if they choose to take an
internship away from home.
Jobs Now even features a resume
storage capability so employers can
search the site for potential employ
ees. Jobs Now can also be used to
find higher-level jobs besides intern
ships, so the site is not just for stu
X \
/ \
© 1999 Tribune Media Services, li
All rights reserved.
5 Elderly
6 Base for a letter
7 Gustav and
8 Irish playwright
9 “Hallowed be _
10 Ends
11 Coupon
12 Fury
13 Boastful talk
19 Actor McShane
22 Choir section
25 Discontinue
27 _ Island, NY
28 Delta deposit
31 Biological
Boxer Mike
Sahl and
Study late
Singer McEntire
The west
Before one can start using the site,
a short form must be filled out to reg
ister for a username. However, this
process takes only a few seconds, and
is completely free.
The Beacon will feature a new website
every week.
41 Poem feature
43 Tried to buy time
46 Open a box
48 Unpigmented
49 Pirate
50 Ecclesiastical
Web location
Fine Day"
Put a lid on it
__ voyage!
In Remembrance: Those
who died in 1998
By Jon Stubbs
entertainment editor
If one can look past all of the politi
cal turmoil that gained most of the
media’s attention in 1998, he or she
would realize that the entertainment
world lost some really outstanding
individuals. Some of those who
passed away had become legends in
their own time, and some were well
on their way to attaining that status.
Let us look back to this past year’s
tragic losses, not to weep over their
departures, but to recognize the con
tributions that they made to show
Flip Wilson 1935 - 1998
Born Clerow Wilson in New Jersey,
Flip Wilson grew up in poverty, be
ing moved in and out of foster homes.
Wilson dropped out of high school at
age 16 and later joined the Air Force,
where he earned his nickname be
cause of his sense of humor.
The Flip Wilson Show stretched
four seasons from 1970 - 1974. and
rated number two in the country dur
ing its first two seasons. "I wasn't
the first black to headline a variety
show,” Wilson once said, “but I was
the first with a successful variety
show. My show went on right alter
the assassinations of Martin Luther
King, Jr. and Robert Kennedy, and
racial turmoil was at its peak. And
my show clicked with people ol all
races and backgrounds."
Flip Wilson is survived by his four
grown children. He never married;
his passion was for motorcycles. “If
I could marry my motorcycle. I'd roll
her right up to the altar,” he once
Phil Hartman 1948 - 1998
Phil Hartman was born in Brantford,
Ontario, Canada, but spent most of his
childhood in Connecticut and then in
Southern California. Hartman at-
classified ad to the
BehrcoM @
PH .899-9012
WING .25 EACH PIZZA LG.6.76 SM. 2.50
TACO’S WED. 3/1.50 TACO PIZZA LG. $7 SM. $3
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THUR. PONYS 3/2.00
FRI. SAT. 16oz BUD 1.358-12
tended California State University of
Northridge and studied graphic de
sign. He went on to design album
covers for rock bands, including
Crosby. Stills and Nash.
Before joining the cast of Saturday
Night Live in 1986, he worked in an
L.A. based comedy troupe with Jon
Lovitz and Paul Reubens (Pee-Wee
Herman). He appeared frequently on
Pee-Wee's Playhouse and co-wrote
the 1985 classic, Pee- Wee's Big Ad
Hartman proved to be a very versa
tile actor for the show, playing char
acters that range from the Anal-Re
tentive Fisherman to the Unfrozen
Caveman Lawyer. He left the show
in 1995 and went on to star on the
NBC sitcom News Radio. He also did
voices for several Simpsons charac
ters, including the infamous Lionel
Hutz, an attorney who works at "I
Can’t Believe It’s a Law Firm!"
Apparently murdered by his wife in
a horrible murder-suicide, Hartman is
survived by his two young children.
Harry Caray 1920 - 1998
For the first time since 1944, Major
League Baseball began without the
voice of Harry Caray. Caray was born
Harry Christopher Carabina in St.
Louis and orphaned at the age ot
seven. He later changed his name at
the request of a Joliet, IL radio sta-
tion manager.
Caray became famous as the voice
of the Chicago Cubs, broadcasting
live from Wrigley Field. He is also
well known for singing "Take Me Out
to the Ball Game” over the stadium
PA during the seventh inning stretch.
" Look, I have to inform the fan,
even if it hurts the player." Caray once
said. "If a guy strikes out four times
with the bases loaded, what do you
say ' He had a good swing? Who
cares? I don’t blast players. I just
Submit a free
Beacon at
report what they do, and if they do
badly they get a bad report. I work
the way I do because I’m just an in
veterate fan who happens to be be
hind the mike.”
Caray was also known for being
somewhat of a drinker. Even after a
stroke in 1987, he continued to drink.
However, Harry Caray knew that his
days were limited, just like anyone
else’s. "I have often gotten emotional
at the end of a season,” Caray said.
"First of all, as you get older the real
ization hits that there is an end some
where down the line. And when the
curtain comes down on the season,
you can't help but think: ‘Who
knows? This might be the last one.
And that thought always is with me.
I am not ashamed of it. It is a matter
of fact. Nobody is immortal.”
Francis Albert Sinatra 1915 - 1998
It's a fool who tries to summarize
the life of Frank Sinatra in a few lines,
but it would be a crime to ignore his
passing. Born in Hoboken, New Jer
sey, Sinatra began singing as a child
in the mid-twenties and then went on
to take on the world. No magazine
article or newspaper clipping could
begin to tell the tale ol the Chairman’s
life or career. The reader is urged to
take a look at the Sinatra autobiogra
phy, All or Nothing at All.
These are only a few of the enter
tainers we lost in 1998. However, the
men mentioned above were not just
celebrities, they were groundbreakers,
extremely talented performers, and
believe' it or not, real people with
genuine personalities. Really, would
anybody care if Tammy Faye Baker
just keeled over? Most likely they
wouldn’t. It was these individuals’
dedication to their art, their ability to
communicate with the average person
that made these individuals famous
and also makes their passing so much
more unfortunate.