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    Page 8 - The Behrend College Beacon - Thursday, December 10. 1098
Website of the week
by Angela Rush
staff writer
Have you ever been driving
around and wondering where in the
world you are? Trying to remem
ber the exact directions on how to
get to a relatives or friends house
on time can be frustrating espe
cially if you have no idea of where
you are and where you are head
Now through technology you can
get on the net and go to a web page
that will create a map and set of di
rections to go any place in the
world. Find the directions from
anywhere to your destination by
going to <http://maps.altavista
.com/cgi-bin/mapcgi>. This website
Top ten
by Micheal Coursey
staff writer
The most sensible thing for a film
reviewer to do as a year-end article
would be a Top Ten Films of the Year
list. Normally 1 would have seen three
times as many movies, but quite hon
estly, 1 was a little low on money this
summer. I have never been a fan of
the big disaster movies, and this year
seemed to have one after tfftolher. 1
didn’t s ee Armageddon, Deep Impact.
or any of the other doomsday- type
I have however compiled a list and
short synopsis of the films I did see:
I. Saving Private Ryan. This is a
Steven Spielberg production about the
D-Day invasion starring Tom Hanks.
This should earn Hanks a third Acad
emy Award. It has a type of realism
in the battle scenes that will make even
hardened war veterans wince.
2. Rounders is a film starring Matt
Damon, John Turturro, and Ed Norton.
Matt Damon is a struggling law stu
dent who has trouble staying away
from the poker table and the easy
money he makes there. Ed Norton is
the bad influence that almost takes him
3. Something About Maty is a com-
PH .899-9012
WING .30 EACH PIZZA LG.6.75 SM. 2.60
TACO’S WED. 3/1.50 TACO PIZZA LG. $7 SM. $3
16.0 z DRAFT ALWAYS $1
RED DOG 12.0 z BTL. $l. ALWAYS
THUR. PONYS 3/2.00
FRI. SAT. 16oz BUD 1.35 S-12
will provide you with information
that will make your trip less stress
ful. All you have to do is type in the
street, state, city, and zip code. Hit
the “Make a Map” key and a map
routing out your course will be
made for you.
You can also create maps by typ
ing in the phone number of the per
son/location you are looking for. My
friend and I were experimenting
with this web page and we found
the location of a friend of hers that
wishes to remain anonymous. Oops,
I guess we know his secret now. The
website provides you with the dos
films of 1998
cdy starring Ben Stiller. Cameron
Dia/„ Matt Dillon and Chris Elliot.
This unusual comedy, set in Rhode
Island and Miami, is about a High
School romance that was cut short by
a unfortunate incident on prom night.
The movie Hows well, and I was re
ally impressed by Cameron Diaz’s
genuineness. Chris Elliot really
played a strong supporting role as Ben
Stiller’s buddy.
4. Primary Colors is a fictionalized
account of President Clinton’s Cam
paign in 1992. Starring John Travolta
as the President and Billy Bob
Thorton as James Carville, this film
shows how Clinton could sell "cot
ton candy to a diabetic."
5. The Truman Show is a surrealis
tic look at a man whose whole life has
been filmed since birth, and spent his
entire life on a huge soundstage. This
film stars Jim Carrey as Truman and
Ed Harris as the controlling master
6. The Waterboy . This film stars
Adam Sandler as a waterboy for a
Louisiana College football team. It’s
predictable, but still very funny.
7. Mask ofZorro is a movie star
ring Antonio Banderas as the new and
improved Zorro. He has the athletic
ability of a gold medal gymnast, the
est location if you only know the
phone number.
This web site is very interesting
and useful because it seems to be
very efficient and accurate in find
ing a person or location. However,
it is also scary because anybody can
access this information.
So next time you want to deter
mine were someone lives, go on this
route to find the directions to your
The Beacon will be featuring a dif-
ferent website each week.
toughness of Rambo and the crafti
ness of James Bond. Other than that
it’s a very believable movie. Anthony
Hopkins stars as the original Zorro
and mentor.
8. Black Dog stars Patrick Swayze
as a truck mechanic who goes on one
last run from Atlanta to New York
City. Apparently he’s the only guy
left in the U.S. who can drive a truck.
It's little ridiculous, but still fun.
9. Enemy of The State stars Will
Smith and Gene Hackman. It’s a bit
of a Tom Clancy knockoff about cor
ruption. graft, murder, extortion, com
puters and agents in the NSA. It
moves about as fast as Rosie
O'Donnell down a water slide.
l(). Dead Man on Campus is a col
lege movie about two roommates who
have to keep their grades up to stay in
school. It’s a good movie to rent if you
don’t have to do the wash or get a root
The worst movie I saw this year was
“Practical Magic” w'ith Sandra Bul
lock and Nicole Kidman. This movie
never seemed to know if it wanted to
be a comedy, a drama or a horror flick.
It was very hard to keep up with.
Hopefully next year will have a bet
ter crop of movies. Happy Holidays!
Behrend celebrates Kwanzaa
By Danielle Marshall
staff writer
Some families celebrate Christmas,
while others celebrate Hanukkah. The
Behrend family celebrated Kwanzaa,
an event sponsored by the Associa
tion of Black Collegians (ABC), on
Sunday, December 6, 1998.
Okay, so you know Kwanzaa isn’t
Christmas, but what is it? Kwanzaa
is a non-religious, African-American
holiday. In KiSwahili, one of Africa’s
major languages and the chosen lan-
guage of the holiday, Kwanzaa means
“first fruits.”
Celebrated first in 1966 by its cre
ator, Dr. Maulana Karenga, Kwanzaa
is based on African harvest celebra
tions and the Nguzo Saba, or seven
These principles, a set of ideals,
developed by Karenga, are: Unity
(Umoja), Self Determination
(Kujichagulia), Collective Work and
Responsibility (Ujima), Cooperative
Economics (Ujamma), Purpose (Nia),
Creativity (Kuumba), and Faith
Imani). Each day of Kwanzaa em
phasizes a different principle.
One of the symbols of the holiday
is a candle holder with seven candles,
one lit for each principle. Kwanzaa
begins on December 26 and ends on
1 Thompson and
6 Flying saucer,
for short
9 Oklahoma city
14 Watered silk
15 Disseminate
16 leaves out
17 Not fulfilled
18 Samovar
19 Fundamental
20 Sketch
21 Watercolors on
a wall
23 Zodiac sign
24 Bird calls
26 Trustworthy
28 Turkey’s capital
30 Fill witti joy
32 Hive resident
33 Of Chilean
35 District
39 Inexactitude
41 Connectors
43 Heave
44 Cowboy, at times
46 _ in the sky
47 Comment to the
49 Missing link
51 “The _of Wrath”
54 Nobel Prize
winner Elie _
56 Gambler’s marker
57 Rely
59 Invitation letters
62 Newly-hatched
64 Squealer
65 Vowel sequence
66 Pool outlet
67 _ had it!
68 Love of golf
69 Pompous fools
70 Solidify
71 Snow-day rides
1 Flightless birds
2 Spiritual hermit
3 Impersonators
4 Singer Franklin
5 Sun’s fall
6 Overthrow
7 Know ahead of
January 1. Although it can be cel
ebrated together with Christmas, it is
really a time to celebrate the past
year’s successes, to talk about the les
sons of African-American history, and
to think about how to improve our
communities using the seven prin
Behrend’s Kwanzaa celebration
began with a poem “Umoja,” written
by Behrend student Russell Jean-
Baptiste, portrayed Umoja’s meaning
of striving for and maintaining unity
in the family, community, and nation.
“Although I am harassed by my
brother, ridiculed by my sister, and
suppressed to my enemies delight, I
have recaptured my faith in spite and
in it found new sight,” stated Jean-
Baptiste, 03 MIS. A poetry, reading
of Maya Angelou’s “Phenomenal
Woman” was given by Channasa
Taylor and Erika Ford, featuring an
other principle, Kujichagulia, which
means self determination.
Lillian Graves topped off the
evening with the inspirational song,”
My Soul Has Been Anchored In The
Lord.” Ms. Erica King, the speaker
of the evening, discussed the principle
of Ujima, meaning collective work
and responsibility. Ujima reminds us
of our obligation to the past, present,
and future, and that we have a role to
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Thurman of
“Henry and June”
Hosiery thread
Fancy tie
Right to vote
Guided along a
Teheran's land
Aid in
Stout’s Wolfe
Recolored fabric
Actress Moran
Lupino and
Make fabric
Family cars
play in the community, society, and
world. “My program, which is Big
Brothers Big Sisters, our collective
work would be to teach the children
today about our past. If we don’t
know about our past, we really can’t
know about our future,” stated Ms.
The evening concluded with a few
words of gratitude from the president
of ABC, Ayodele Jones. “The Asso
ciation of Black Collegians hosts the
Kwanzaa celebration to strengthen
diversity on campus. Unfortunately,
the low turnout of Behrend students
made this somewhat of a difficult task.
Regardless of this fact, those who did
attend, including myself, came away
with a message of hope, unity, and
faith in each other and our commu
nities. And therefore, the goal of ABC
was attained,” stated Jones, 05, Po
litical Science. Brandy Whiting, 06
Biology, stated, “I thought it was nice
to see minority students come to
gether on campus. I just hope that
next semester we get more participa
tion from the other students. Our
youth should represent the promise
for tomorrow. Umoja is the principle
of unity which should guide us
through all we do.
Breakfast food
Comic Radner
Serengeti plaints
Morally smug
Cardless suit
Cat in boots