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    Page 8 - The Behrend College Beacon - Thursday, December J, 1998
Website of the week
Dave Young
staff writer
Did you ever wonder where
William Shakespeare or Tupac
Shakur is buried? Neither did I,
but it is still pretty cool to be able
to see a picture of their grave site
or tombstone. Find A Grave, lo
cated at <www. findagrave.
com>, will tell you where virtu
ally every noteworthy person to
ever walk the earth is buried.
You can find people who lived all
the way back in the 1600’s.
You can search for a person by
name, location, or claim to fame.
You can even look up the memo
rial site for John Belushi, which
Ok, so you didn't get that worK-study position you
wilt hoping for. Good thing thorn's someone out
there that recognizes what you're really worth.
Someone who will let you schedule your own hours,
work with your friends, and let you earn enough
money to pay for that Spring Break you're planning
in Florida. No one but McDonald's can offer you
all that.
Htck, well even treat you to lunch. Just bring in
this coupon, fill out an application and wall treat
you to the Extra Value Meal of your choice while
we answer any questions you haws about becoming
a member of the McDonald's family.
flu EOT* VMM HtJ
Get your choice of any of our Extra Value Meals FREE
When you come into McDonald’s and fill out an application
for employment
At 7855 Perry Highway, Exit 7 on Interstate 90
; (fee coupon per pence per vioL You miut fiO out • McDonald's far (aploymeat
| Offer expires 1/31/99 Valtc only at McDonald's Exit 7 on 1-90
Gain V
is just a big stone that says
BELUSHI with a bottle of beer
and a Chicago Cubs hat in front.
You can also see pictures of
memorial sites such as the one for
the Oklahoma City bombing.
Also available through this web
site are actual copies of some fa
mous people’s wills. Although the
list isn’t as big as the list of grave
sites, you can see wills from celeb
rities such as Elvis or Princess
This is a very interesting web
site in a freaky kind of way. I
would recommend checking it
The Beacon will be featuring a dif
ferent website every week
Extra Cadi
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4 Go over like a
lead balloon
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14 “Aladdin” prince
15 Spoken
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17 Cruces, NM
18 Rawboned look
20 Cup rim
21 Scent packets
22 Fifths of five
24 New World
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50 Song ending?
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63 Soft metal
64 Dexterous
65 French pronoun
66 Playground
67 Check writers
68 Winter glider
69 Aerial RRs
1 Clobber
2 Taxi" cabby
3 Scatter patterns
4 Workplace
5 Puget Sound
6 “Meditations”
author _
slight disappointment
By Michael Coursey
staff writer
I saw Enemy of the State this week
and wasn’t sure what to expect. I
thought maybe it might be a military/
techno-type thriller, similar to Tom
Clancy’s films. However, I was
somewhat disappointed.
The movie starred Will Smith,
Regina King and Gene Hackman.
The film started out like a thorough
bred at the Kentucky Derby, but didn’t
know when to let up on the reins.
Robert Dean (Smith), a Washing
ton, D.C. area labor lawyer, who was
leading the ideal life until it started to
unravel when he became entangled in
an NSA (National Security Agency)
It opens with Will Smith discuss
ing the tough handed tactics of labor/
mob boss Mr. Pintero (Tom Sizemore)
who is cast as the typical greasy, over-
iVe Need Writers
Enemy of the State
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Litter’s smallest
Fire-sale phrase
Isle of
Grow older
Some on the
Silly billy
film, “Lethal
Take to court
“M*A*S*H” star
Electronic signal
Medley meals
Hilo hello
Fragrant flower
Guitar solo
French cheese
Paid attention
Court divider
weight, obnoxious, Itulian-American
mobster. Dean and Pintero are put at
odds when Dean reveals that he has a
video that could put Pintero back in
the Federal Penitentiary for 15 years.
The plot shifts as Dean becomes
caught up in a surveillance web, mas
terminded by a illegal “op” headed by
a NSA administrator (Jon Voight).
Voight's character is trying to put
pressure on Congress to pass a na
tional security act that would broaden
the scope of the NSA. Voight’s char
acter has all the compassion of a
NAZI Gestapo officer with hemor
The next hour of the movie is a
whirlwind of action: Dean being
tracked all over the greater Washing
ton and Baltimore area with bugging
and tracking devices. Satellites fol
low him and computer geeks check
every move he makes.
About two-thirds of the way into
Chest bone
Pass gossip
Soap opera
Plucked sounds
Animal’s den
and crafts
the movie, Gene Hackman appeared
and added a great deal of entertain
ment to the film. Will Smith did a
good job with what he had, but the
tempo of the movie was too fast at
times to keep up with the story line.
The movie raised an interesting
question about freedom snd about the
conspiracy theorists: they should
champion this movie. This would
definitely be a good movie to see at
least for the discussion value. If the
director would have slowed down the
chase scenes, it would have been
much better.
For the Tom Clancy fans, and com
puter/techno-types, this would be a
very interesting movie. I kept think
ing during this movie: if the govern
ment can control this much of your
life, maybe a log cabin in the moun
tains is not a bad place to be for
I’ll give this movie a lukewarm 2
and 3/4 stars.
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