The Behrend beacon. (Erie, Pa.) 1998-current, December 03, 1998, Image 2

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    page 2 - The Behrend College Beacon - December j ,1998
SGA- continued
from page 1
plained “We, as the SGA Senate, feel
that the student body as a whole is
being taken advantage of by li
brary in regards to the Venda Card
system. First, the students are un
aware of this system. Second, we are
being charged 10 cents per copy, of
fering the student body no incentive
to use this system. (At University
Park, student are charged 6 cents per
copy). And third, the library makes
no real attempt to supply the average
student the opportunity to buy Venda
Cards unless he/she goes to the MISC
to purchase one. We, the SGA Sen
ate, feel that the student body is be
ing wronged and would appreciate if
the library would reconsider their cur
rent Venda Card system.”
The Resolution will be sent after the
next meeting.
Bond- continued from page 1
because once the problem is recog
nized, a solution is forthcoming.
Sean Mascoll, 05 Communications,
said, “Julian Bond was very inspira
tional in what he was saying. He
knew his subject material and 1 felt
proud of his representation of black
Melissa E. Davis, 01. International
Business and Finance, said, “I am
very appreciative that the minority
population was so adequately repre
sented by such a prestigious leader of
the Black community. He was an in
spirational speaker and his speech was
highly enthusiastic.”
Angeliquc Parker, 03, MIS, said, "1
believe that Julian Bond proposed a
Trista Rupp on
and counting
SGA President Buck Goedicke
very inspirational speech. His views
and the information that he presented
were both informative and direct. I
was glad to be able to be in the pres
ence of a Civil Rights leader and 1
know this will be a privilege I won’t
Erica Cobb, 01, Pre-med/Biology,
said, “He was a really good speaker.
His humor helped me relate to what
he was saying. He made me aware
that the NAACP was still a strong
force in the civil rights movement for
all people, not just black people."
Shimira Williams, 05. Business
Economics, said. "1 thought that Julian
Bond was a very enlightening and in
spirational man. He made me w ish I
The Beacon
71 days
in It to Win It”
VW Beetle.
photo by Andrea Zaffino
could have experienced the move
ment in the sixties.”
Chimere Allen, 03, Accounting and
Business management, said, “He said
things that reinforced thoughts that I
previously had about the NAACP. I
especially liked the part when he
spoke about one of the classes that
he teaches where they reenact what
happened to the students who partici
pated in the sit-ins.”
Cheon Graham, 03, Psychology,
said, “He was an intellectual speaker
and seems to like what he is doing.
It was very informative. He cleared
up my thoughts about the nonviolent
approach in the Civil Rights move j
in the
11/08/98 Complainant reported a disturbance outside Lawrence Hall South side. Upo;
our arrival the non students that were involved left campus . No action taken.
11/08/98 Someone broke into truck and stole mountain bike and tools
11/09/98 Duty RA called and requested an ambulance for complainant due to a severe
headache. Brookside responded and transported complainant to St. Vincent hospital.
11/09/98 Change stolen from the change machine in Perry.
11/09/98 Call for ill student. Upon arrival found student hyperventilating which may
have resulted from prescription drug reaction. Student refused transportation tor
medical attention.
11/09/98 Complainant called to inform us of a student worker in Reed with a broken
arm. East county contacted an ambulance. Officers dispatched to Bruno’s.
Police A.nd Safety
Do you think the KKK had the right to
march in downtown Erie last week?
“Yes, because it’s a free country.”
-Mike Huston, 03 Secondary Education
“They had the right to say their view, but I
don’t agree with them marching because it
cost the community extra for police protec-
“They had the right, but it should have
been in an inconspicuous place.”
-Eric Numberg, 07, Business
“Yes, because it’s their Constitutional
right. Censorship is a dangerous thing.”
-Molly Prosser, 03, English
“Hell no!”
-Elizabeth Oslak, 05, Psychology
-Erika Ford, 03, Psychology