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    The Behrend College Beacon - Thursday, November 19, 1998
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Website of the week
By Dave Young
staff writer
All someone has to do is mention
the word “free” and people will be
interested. If you want to find free
stuff on the internet, Freaky
Freddie’s Free Funhouse of free
stuff is the place to be. Located at
Freaky Freddie is the man when it
comes to complimentary stuff on
the net.
If there is something being of
fered for nothing over the net,
Freaky Freddie has got it. Thirty
five categories of free stuff are
Belly: drugs, redemption
and the Motherland
By Will Jordan
news editor
Music video director, Hype Will
iams, makes his film directing debut
with Belly. Belly is about two child
hood friends who grew up in Queens,
New York and have become involved
in the drug game. The movie takes
place in the year 1999. Several hip
hop artists are featured in the film.
The two main characters are played
by DMX (who released his debut al
bum this past summer) and Nas (who
has an album on the way). DMX’s
character. Tommy Brown, lives his
life in the fast lane. He enjoys rob
bing and selling drugs to make money.
His character’s girlfriend is played by
upcoming R&B artist Taral Hicks.
Nas's character. Sincere, is the more
Send to
WING .30 EACH PIZZA LG.6.75 SM. 2.60
TACO’S WED. 3/1.50 TACO PIZZA LG. $7 SM. $3
RED DOG 12.0 z BTL. $l. ALWAYS
THUR. PONYS 3/2.00
FRI. SAT. 16oz BUD 1.35 8-12
available to choose from. You can
find anything from complimentary
gifts to free graphics. If by some
chance you cannot find anything
you like at Freddie’s, you can get
to the top 50 free sites on the web
through links from Freddie’s site.
Freaky Freddie offers a visually
appealing web site that is very well
organized. The digital postcard site
is highly recommended. Here you
can send anyone a postcard via e
soft spoken of the two and aspires to
become an honest family man. His
wife is played by a member of the
R&B/hip hop group TLC, T-boz.
Method Man, one of the members of
The Wu-Tang Clan, as well as hip hop
artist Scarface, also appear in the
Tommy and Sincere get themselves
deep into the drug game and begin
feeling a \oi of heat from the authori
ties as well as other competing drug
dealers. Sincere, although wanting to
be out of the drug game, stays in it
because of his lifelong friend. Tommy.
Eventually, Tommy sees the error in
his ways and tries to become a better
person. However, the authorities at
tempt to blackmail him into trying to
murder a black activist. Meanwhile,
Sincere makes plans with his wife to
go to Africa. Method Man's charac
ter comes into view around this time.
Place your Free Classified
in the Beacon
PH .899-9012
mail grab's. There are over 400 im
ages and over 100 music files to
choose from. You can also send
your card in 17 different languages.
Freaky Freddie definitely has a
site worth checking out on the web.
What could be better than 35 cat
egories of stuff you don’t have to
pay for?
The Beacon will be featuring a dif
ferent website every week
He is a friend of one of the men who
was arrested with Tommy’s group.
Method Man goes on a shooting
spree, killing one of the rival drug
dealers and attempting to find and kill
Tommy. The film comes to a close
when Method Man’s character is
killed by Tommy's girlfriend. Tommy
decides not to go through with the kill
ing of the black activist leader, and
Sincere goes to Africa with his wife
after being in a gun fight.
Bellv was shot in a very dark style,
hut Williams uses several camera
angles and effects to set the mood of
the story. The artists that act in this
movie are very convincing in their
roles. However, Williams did not
delve 100 deeply into the main char
acters. The movie portrays a lot of
violence and a lot of marijuana.
Jimmy Z’s is the perfect
neighborhood bar
By Roger Burlingame
staff writer
Jimmy Z’s Time Out Tavern (a.k.a.
The Pub), a local sports bar located
on Buffalo Road, receives a lot of
patronage from students right here at
Behrend. If you are of legal drinking
age, you have probably been there
once or twice. Last week I took a
couple of my friends from out of town
to The Pub to enjoy a bite to eat. We
were not disappointed; Jimmy Z’s has
some of the best bar food in Erie.
The atmosphere in the pub is that
of a friendly neighborhood bar:
ripped bar stools, wallpaper with beer
and sports posters; and the bar itself
is covered in sports trading cards.
There is a game room with a foosball
table, a pool table, a dartboard, pin
ball machines, and a megatouch ma
chine to keep everyone occupied. Top
this off with a trough in the men’s
graffiti-ridden bathroom, a six-pack
shop, and a kitchen that is twelve feet
long, and you have a perfect recipe
for a dive bar that you can’t help but
feel great about.
The liquor selection is average.
Latino’s boasts unique ethnic atmosphere
By Michael Coursey
staff writer
One of the best places in Erie to
find Spanish and Latin food and
music is Latino’s Bar at 1313 Parade
St. in downtown Erie. The restau
rant/bar is owned by Pedro Vargas
and offers a full bar and a somewhat
limited menu, with burritos, tacos
and polio (chicken) dishes. Their
tacos have a very delicious, authen
tic taste; they are somewhat remi
niscent of the tacos I used to have in
1 Turn toward
5 Marshy lowland
10 Heave
14 Sea east of the
15 Equipped with
16 Egg-shaped
17 Going down
19 Roman tyrant
20 North Africa,
21 1949
23 Glass containers
25 Banister
26 „ Hills, IL
29 Smack
32 Social stratum
35 Adam’s garden
36 A Gershwin
38 Sch. group
39 Brown shade
40 Bad ‘uns
41 Dad
42 Easter item
43 Lofty
44 Actress Garr
45 Mark sale prices
47 Decline in prices
48 Dimmed
49 Seek prey
51 Writer Hunter
53 Arm of the White
57 Word with block
or failure
61 Departed
62 Native
64 Man with regrets
65 Aired again
66 Best of fiction
67 Concludes
68 Parts of pipes
69 Nolan the pitcher
1 Crazes
2 Vicinity
3 Liquid assets
4 San Diego
5 Detection device
6 Quantity of gum
7 Diva’s song
However, the beer selection is much
better than average. On tap there is
Molson Canadian, Red Dog, Miller
Lite, Woodchuck Draft Cider,
Murphy’s Irish Stout, Two Dogs
Lemon Brew, and even the staple ot
all college students. The Beast.
The bottled beer selection is much
larger. It includes imports that you
would not expect to find at a neigh
borhood bar, such as Guinness and
Boddington’s. This is largely thanks
to the connected to the
If you are lucky you will visit the
pub when Sara is working, because
she is by far one of the best bartend
ers you can find anywhere. You can
be sure that if she wails on you, ev
erything will run smoothly and you’ll
have a great time.
The menu is small but solid, and you
discover that everything has a special
name. The Fat Chic, for example is
one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever
had. It consists of two hamburger
patties in between two chicken strips,
smothered in cheese and Z sauce. It
was so good that I’m going to have
one as soon as I am done typing this
San Diego. The hot salsa they have
is very good; I prefer the verde (green)
salsa and nachos. They also have a
blue malt liquor that is very tasty, but
packs a punch.
The bar has a decent sound sys
tem with a D.J. that plays mostly
Mexican dance music. Usually on
Saturday nights, for a modest cover
charge, one can see a band perlorm
on stage.
This Saturday, "Gi upo Parrandero”
performs from 9:00 p.m. through 2:00
a.m. On Wednesday nights Latino's
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8 Give a hand
9 Ventriloquist
10 Lymphoid mass
in the mouth
11 Covered a
common range
12 Indira’s dress
13 Mess maker
18 Periods of note
22 Knights’ weapons
24 Does barbering
26 Actor O’Toole
27 Pithy saying
28 Elongated
30 Ancient Greek
31 Process for
sorting the
33 Mall unit
34 Pleasantly
36 Golly!
37 Solidify
40 _ Carta
44 Moroccan city
article. Z sauce is a very special
recipe, and it is a well kept secret; so
I won’t spoil the surprise. Just let me
say that my friends and I are very
much in love with Z sauce.
But first let us talk about the appe
tizers. I had the French onion soup,
and it was perfect. It was also the first
time I’ve seen French onion soup in a
neighborhood bar. If you want deep
fried anything. The Pub has it. My
friends enjoyed the combo basket,
before moving on to bigger and bet
ter deep-fried things. Take the
chicken wings, for example. I hold
that they are the best wings in Erie.
With nine flavors to chose from, one
can't go wrong. One of my friends
had the honey BBQ wings and agreed
that they were excellent. My other
comrade enjoyed the Philly steak and
cheese. It was plenty big, and it was
delicious. 1 imagine that one would
have to go to Philly to do any better.
All things considered, I couldn’t
find a better neighborhood bar to send
someone to if my life depended on it.
I suggest you get yourself really, re
ally hungry and go down to Jimmy
Z’s Time Out Tavern.
has $1.50 drinks, as well as other
drink specials, plus a D.J.
As one would expect, Latino’s ca
ters to a mostly Hispanic clientele.
The place reminds me of the Mexi
can bars I frequent in L.A. and San
Diego when I’m out there. Pedro and
his wife Carmen come from Los An
geles, and Pedro is originally from
Mexico City, Mexico. The bar is a
good place to drink and have a good
lime. It would be worth your while
to check out Latino's next time you’re
in downtown Erie.
Hollow tooth
Ski lifts
Blood vessels
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55 Help on a heist
56 Time long past
58 500-mile event,
59 Granny
60 Flair
63 Hit head-on