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    Police Blotter:
At Campus Crime Briefs
By Peter Levine
Campus Correspondent -
University of Wisconsin
College Press Exchange
Police at Ohio State University
arrested a man on charges of public
indecency after he was caught
masturbating on the first-floor
stairway of a campus building.
The woman who reported the
Oct. 16 incident said she’d seen the
man masturbating on campus on
other occasions.
Police reports indicate the man
admitted to officers that he has
masturbated on campus six or
seven times since September. Police
also reported that the man admitted
to an average of 60-70 similar
occurrences a quarter for the last
10 quarters.
ANN ARBOR, Mich. (CPX) -
Some students at the University of
Michigan had a hard time finding
a bathroom and wound up with
citations for urinating in public.
In several unrelated incidents
throughout the weekend of Nov. 6,
police ticketed people for peeing in
parking lots, on a golf course and
in Michigan Stadium.
must have been that time of the
month for someone who robbed a
New program aims to clean up after Paris’ dogs
By Anne Swurdson
The Washington Post
PARIS -- This city is finally getting
serious about dog do.
For decades, Paris was known as
the most beautiful city in the world
as long as you didn’t look down.
Generations of poodles and spaniels
did their business on the sidewalks
under the indulgent gaze of their
owners while tourists and non-dog
owning residents fumed.
Taxpayer-paid street cleaners and,
more recently, vacuum-toting
motorcycles did their best to rid the
public ways of the 5.6 tons laid down
by 200,000 dogs each day. but without
any help from owners it was an
Augean task. And the idea ol owners
picking up the messes was not
Via e-mail, surgeon
By Pamela Ferdinand
Special to The Washington Post
BOSTON - The e-mail arrived
from halfway around the world: A
Russian sailor, alone aboard his
competition yacht bobbing ir\ the
stormy South Atlantic, two scalpels
and used gauze scattered about the
cabin, wondered it he would die.
“Have been sitting on the bloody
cabin floor almost completely naked
... watching as my lile drop by drop
leave me,” Victor Yazykov typed on
his keyboard last Thursday.
Yazykov, a former Russian
commando and now a solo sailor,
had sailed two months earlier out of
Charleston, S.C., in one ot the
world’s most difficult sailing tests,
and was still 400 miles from Cape
Town, his next port of call. His
elbow had become infected and he
had been forced to perform
makeshift surgery on himself,
winding a tight tourniquet around
his arm. But the bleeding wouldn’t
At his office here at the New
England Medical Center, physician
Daniel Carlin knew something was
going terribly wrong. Since the
previous Tuesday, Carlin had been
A Weekly
Tampon machine in the student
recreation center at the University
of Missouri.
According to the Maneater,
someone pried open the machine on
Nov. 7 and made off with an
undetermined number of the
feminine hygiene products.
An anonymous tipster led police to
a dormitory at SUN Y-Binghamton,
where they found a large but
undisclosed amount of marijuana.
According to the Pipe Dream, the
Nov. 2 bust served as a reminder to
students that their classmates and
hallmates won’t tolerate illegal
According to campus police
reports, Mohammed Y. Kashef, 21,
of Vestal, N.Y., was arrested and
charged with possession of a
controlled substance, possession of
marijuana and with using drug
paraphernalia. Robert J. Dittus Jr.,
19, of Kingston, N.Y., was arrested
and charged with possession of
controlled substances, possession of
marijuana, possession of a forged
instrument and with using drug
paraphernalia. Lance I. Hudes, 20,
of Monticello, N.Y., was arrested
and charged with possession of
marijuana and with using drug
Now. an experimental program has
built fenced dog toilet enclosures all
over one section ot Paris, and
employed sanitation specialists to
urge owners to urge their dogs to go
inside them. They do. The city’s best
known park has added enclosures this
year and set up plastic-bag dispensers.
The police are ordering owners to pick
up, and is fining those who don’t.
"Globally it’s positive,” said Didier
Beoutis, a deputy mayor of the 13th
district of Paris, where the
experimental enclosures have been
deployed. “We are seeing a 20 percent
reduction in dog turds on the
The most unusual aspect of the
canine cleanup of Paris: It involves
citizens. This centralized country has
no tradition of voluntary
responsibility of the kind that induces
communicating with Yazykov by
satellite e-mail about his injury and
how to treat it. He had sent Yazykov
step-by-step instructions on how to
slice into his elbow and drain a life
threatening abscess. But clearly the
sailor had forgotten to tell him some
key piece of information.
“The slakes were very high,”
Carlin recalled in a telephone
interview Tuesday. “He was in an
ocean with a lot of wind and waves.
Losing his arm would have been a
In the end, Carlin was able to
instruct his distant patient on how
to stop his bleeding, and Yazykov -
- still competing in the ambitious
solo race -- arrived safely in Cape
Town on the tip of South Africa on
Monday, ahead of four ot his
competitors and happy to be alive.
Yazykov and Carlin spoke for the
first time Tuesday morning by
telephone, patched together by
South African radio reporting on the
remarkable long-distance surgery.
It was an experience unlike any
other for Carlin, a 39-year-old
emergency specialist who founded
World Clinic Inc. to provide at-a
distance health care through modem
National Cawipus News ~f aVi , v „, /Vi , ws n t m>
student at the University of Kansas
told police she was assaulted on
Nov. 10 when she asked another
student to remove a Jeep from a
handicapped parking space.
The victim, who has a permit that
allows her to use handicapped
spaces, determined that the Jeep
should not have been parked there.
She called parking officials to have
the car removed.
The victim said a man hopped out
of the Jeep before officials arrived
and threatened her. According to
police reports cited by the Daily
Kansan, police issued a citation to
the woman in whose name the Jeep
is registered.
BOSTON (CPX) * Boston
College’s secretary’s office reported
a suspicious call that has campus
police listening for a man with a
thick Irish brogue.
According to the Heights, a man
identifying ■ himself as a
representative of the Celtic Press
called the office on Nov. 2 looking
for the location of a building on
campus. The caller also voiced an
array of complaints about the Irish
Institute, the treatment of
American Indians, slaves and the
The recipient of the call didn’t
say much to the man - much less
provide him with the building’s
location, police reports state.
World and Nation
dog owners in American cities to
shovel their pets’ leavings. To the
extent most anything gets done here,
the government does it.
"The civic level in France is not
terribly high,” said Patrick Marceau,
operations director lor the 60 “moto
turds,” as the vacuuming motorcycles
that suck up dog do are called. "Your
average owner, he has his dog, he lets
him go anywhere, he thinks, T pay
my taxes, that’s what they’re for.’
Cleaning up after dogs costs Paris $ 12
million a year.
But France is discovering citizen
activism, and nowhere more than in
the domain of dogs.
For instance, on the Champ de
Mars, the long park that extends south
from the Eiffel Tower, an association
of 2,000 dog owners was created in
just a few weeks after park police tried
assists lone sailor operating on himself
telecommunications. Usually his
firm’s clients call for something like
a pharmacy in Portugal that carries
yeast infection medication, he said.
This was different.
Electronic correspondence Hew
back and forth for days between
Carlin, typing from the shelter of his
medical office, and Yazykov,
responding through an emergency
solar-powered satellite
communication system in a
turbulent vessel northwest of Cape
Town with no land in sight. The
Russian could type only by day, and
then just a paragraph at a time once
an hour on an English keyboard,
said Carlin, who spent sleepless
nights worrying about his client.
The series of e-mail messages,
reported here without Yazykov’s
spelling errors, tells the story of a
dramatic rescue at sea.
The messages began Nov. 10 as
Yazykov approached the end of the
first leg of the Around Alone Race.
Carlin was the sailors’ “on call”
“My right elbow does not look
good. Some yellow spot in the
middle of red, and it feels like
dead,” Yazykov typed. Ominously,
Female football player’s lawsuit
against Duke ruled out of bounds
College Press Exchange
DURHAM, N.C. (CPX) - A federal
judge has kicked out of court a suit
filed against Duke University by a
student wanting to become the first
woman in the nation to play Division
I football.
Heather Sue Mercer, a walk-on
place kicker who graduated in May,
sued the university and head football
coach Fred Goldsmith in 1997,
alleging that she was kept oi l the team
because of her gender. She claimed
her dismissal was in violation of Title
IX, which prohibits
discrimination at institutions
receiving public funds.
Mercer sought compensatory and
punitive damages but collected
School drops ‘Chiefs’
College Press Exchange
- Efforts are underway at Oklahoma
City University to drop the athletic
team names of “Chiefs” and “Lady
Chiefs” and to come up with a new
President Stephen Jennings, backed
by the university’s alumni association,
said he would appoint a committee to
choose a new logo and mascot that
would debut in January.
Administrators, alumni, faculty,
students and athletic department staff
will make up the committee, Jennings
to ban non-leashed dogs last year. A
former foreign minister, Herve de
Charette, agreed to be honorary
chairman. A delegation went to see
officials at City Hall. They didn't
whine -- they proposed ways of
getting owners to pick up alter their
pets, in exchange for continued dog
"Instead of repression, we have
communication,” said Lucie Bulleau,
secretary of the association, as her
yellow Labrador, Jason, romped
across the park. The city agreed to
build the dog enclosures and provide
bag dispensers and special trash cans.
The park police hand out plastic bags
and in theory can begin a process
leading to lines, though they rarely do.
"We admitted the dogs could be a
nuisance and accepted the idea of
proposing solutions. In return, the
he added, "Waiting for your help."
Carlin messaged back that it could
be an infection, but that he needed
more information
"All skin is glossy and shiny
white,” Yazykov wrote the next
morning when his communications
system could again transmit. “It is
like a pillow with some liquid
He said he was not in pain. But
the description gave Carlin cause for
Yazykov had injured his elbow at
the beginning of the race but, despite
the worsening symptoms, he
remained calm and rational. Perhaps
because he did not realize that an
abscess could kill him if it burst
under the skin. Or perhaps, Carlin
surmised, because he had once been
a member of the Russian Special
Forces in Afghanistan.
Carlin served as a volunteer
doctor in Pakistan in 1988. Now, he
said, two men who had been on
opposite sides of a war came
together by computer at sea.
“I needed him to do surgery on
himself, and I didn’t want him to be
afraid,” Carlin recalled. “I really just
stuck to the facts. I told him what
we had to do to fix the arm, and he
neither after U S. District Court
Judge Carlton Tilley, Jr., dismissed
her case, ruling that the university
and Goldsmith had "no obligation to
allow Mercer, or any female, onto its
football team.” Title IX, the judge
said, requires athletics programs to
allow members of both genders on a
single-sex team only when there is a
comparable counterpart for members
of the minority sex. Tilley added that
Title IX does not apply to football
because it is a contact sport of a kind
that is explicitly excluded from the
federal law.
"We tire gratified but not surprised
by the United States District Court’s
decision," said John F. Burness,
Duke's senior vice president for
The Methodist-affiliated school is
responding to the United Methodist
Church’s recommendation that all
institutions somehow connected to
the denomination - there are more
than 100 across the nation - take
another look at their existing use of
mascots and logos.
The change is understandable,
Athletic Director Bud Sahmaunt said.
"As an American Indian, I have not
been offended by the use of the name
Chiefs and always have been proud
of the way OCU has respected the
name,” he said. "But I am sensitive
dogs can run free in certain parts of
the park.” Bulteau said.
In the 13th district in southeastern
Paris, Marthe Philbert, 7b, said her
black-and-white mutt, Gus, has
happily adapted to the new regime.
"We take a little walk and as soon
as we get here, woop, he does his
business," said Philbert, who has
lived in the district since 1926 and is
on her fifth dog. “And it’s normal to
pick up. I always do.” She pulled a
wad of paper towels from her pocket.
Some parts of Paris remain
unpatrolled by moto-turds or owners.
In the 20th district, for one, the
sidewalks are smeared.
"My two young children go to
school nearby, and our way there is
very dirty," said resident Andre
Midol. "1 always tell them to look
out. look out. A child spends all his
had already drawn the same
conclusion. This guy is no stranger
to pain
With four hours to go until sunset
in the South Atlantic and the onset
of Yazykov’s communications
blackout. Carlin sent him 13 steps
of instructions on how to operate on
his arm.
The World Clinic had supplied all
the sailing competitors with medical
instruments, including two sterile
scalpels, latex gloves, iodine,
surgical scrub and some cotton
gauze. Some competitors also had
satellite telephones. But Yazykov
could not afford that. So instead, he
took the solar-powered device for
beaming e-mail messages ashore.
Carlin’s step-by-step instructions
on self-surgery got through-shortly
before the transmission went dead
for the night.
On Thursday, Yazykov said he
had successfully punctured the
abscess, but could not stop the
bleeding. Nor could he move the
fingers of his right hand.
They had reached the lowest point
of their ordeal. Yazykov, who never
asked to be evacuated from his boat,
was counting drops of blood and
measuring the time he had left to
Mercer - a third-team. all-state
selection in football in her senior year
in high school - said Goidstmlh told
her she would have a spot on the team
alter she kicked a gamc-w inning goal
during a preseason scrimmage in ISMS.
Goldsmith told reporters the same, but
later said he had spoken too hastily.
A local newspaper reported that
Mercer has indicated she would appeal
the ruling
Still undetermined is a slate claim
of breach of contract that Mercer may
continue fighting in a North Carolina
court. In that case, Mercer argues that
Goldsmith gave her a contractual
guarantee when he told her she would
get a spot on the team.
to the fact that other American Indians,
particularly the younger generation,
prefer that nicknames of this sort not
be used.’
The decision makes OCU the
second Oklahoma school to change its
logo and mascot from names
associated with Native American
culture. Earlier this year. Southern
Na/.arene University in Bethany,
Okla., changed its mascot to the
Crimson Storm. The university’s
teams had been called the Redskins
since 1948.
time looking down and can never look
up at the world.”
Midol is leading a petition drive lor
better police enforcement ol owner
pickup in the district -- he is a
sociologist who specializes in issues
of public security. If the government,
in the form of vacuuming motorcycles,
does the cleaning up, owners never
will, he said.
“The moto-turds are a technical
solution to a political problem,” he
said. "France places individual liberty
ahead of collective needs. Our political
leaders are petrified to interlere with
that. In addition, they don't want to
lower themselves to talk about such
small things.”
live. Carlin sent him some questions
and stayed up all night not knowing
what had gone wrong.
The next morning, Yazykov wrote
that he had previously taken some
aspirin to ease the pain of his injured
elbow. Not realizing that aspirin
thins blood and inhibits clotting, he
had wrapped a tight cord around his
arm to stop the bleeding, and his
fingers went numb.
Carlin immediately sent back an
e-rrail telling him to remove the
tourniquet and apply direct pressure
to the wound. The bleeding stopped,
and Yazykov has since reported only
minor weakness in his thumb and
forefinger. He is expected to make
a full recovery.
“The arm getting better," he wrote
Carlin on Sunday. “Very grateful to
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