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SGA postpones elections,
holds open forum
SGA senators at last night’s open forum
By Ayodele Jones
managing editor
The Student Government Associa
tion held the first fall semester open
forum at which none of the student
body was present. On Wednesday,
October 7, SGA gave students an op
portunity to voice their concerns and
grievances about campus life. The
only problem was that the only stu
dents present were those who com
pose the SGA Senate.
Several SGA Senators contributed
their gripes about the campus, includ
ing SGA Secretary Michelle Ben
jamin. Benjamin, who lives in apart
ment 506, described how the window
in her bedroom came off track and fell
SGA President Buck Goedicke at Wednesday’s
Open Forum
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on her roommate. Despite this color
ful anecdote, other students com
plained about the dumpster by the
apartments emitting a less than plea
surable smell. The lack of numbers
on apartments in the quad was also
mentioned. Doug Watkins, a leader
of Joint Residence Council, noted that
Housing and Food Services was plan
ning to install a directory of the apart
ment quad at the kiosk at the top of
the hill.
Interrupting the forum was a phone
call for “Chris.” SGA Senator
Michael Kern answered the caller and
told him that he contacted Reed 117
and unfortunately the only “Chris” in
photo by Andrea ZaHino
attendance was Chris Rizzo, Director
of Student Activities.
Senators for the two open frethmeh
scats will officially be appointed next
week. Yolayone Merced has dropped
out of the race leaving the two remain
ing candidates, Michael Ames and
Christopher Buchanan, to gain these
offices by default.
The Joint Residence Council and
the Commuter Council are planning
to host a Police and Safety Forum.
The time and date has yet to be an
nounced. On November 04, SGA will
hold its second forum hopefully with
the addition of more students.
Photo by Andrea Zatfino
October 8, 1998 Volume XLVII No. 7
Computers in Reed prove
popular with students
By Will Jordan
news editor
“Catching up to the 21st century,”
Chris Rizzo, Director of Student Ac
tivities, commented about the com
puters which are on the first floor of
the Reed Union Building.
“The Reed Union Building is the
living room of the campus,” said
Rizzo. The computers are there to
give students a chance to check their
email and surf the internet. Putting
the computers in the Reed Union
Building was a collaborative project
between the Computer Center and
Office of Student Affairs.
Ron Hoffman, Manager of Network
and Information Systems, said, “the
computers are there to try to relieve
pressure off of the computer labs.”
The cost of putting the computers in
Reed Union Building was approxi
mately $7,000. This money was taken
out of the student computer fee. “The
furniture was the most expensive
part,” Hoffman stated. The tables
were specifically built for this pur
pose. The other expenses were the
wiring and networking.
The co) iters which are being
photo by Andrea Zaffino
Students surf the net at the new computers in the Reed Union Building
Married writers
read recent work
By Anne Rajotte
editor in chief
Wife and husband, Judith Kitchen
and Stan Rubin, were described as “a
“are almost as in love
with words as they still
are with each other,”
Dr. Diana Hume George, Behrend English
joint literary institution,” by Behrend
English professor Dr. Diana Hume
George. Each read selections from
their recent works on Tuesday night.
They “are almost as in love with
words as they still are with each
other,” commented Dr. George in her
Judith Kitchen, a creative nonfic
tion writer, read several essays from
her autobiography, Only the Dance:
Essays on Time and Memory. The
topics ranged from a description of
used right now are from one of the convenient since the computer labs
They need some stools because people are tired of
standing. People are always forced to sit on the back
of the couches and eventually they are going to break
And if they are worried about someone stealing a
stool, they should just nail them down
computer labs which was recently
upgraded. The use of these comput
ers instead of bying new ones was to
help keep the costs down. Ron
Hoffman stated that, “this is the best
strategic location for the computers
so that students can quickly check
their email and surf the web.”
Demeca Howard, 01 Business, said,
“being a commuter, it is very conve
nient for me because I do not have to
walk all the way down to Hammermill
to use the computer lab.” Jill
Paetzold, 01 Elementary Education,
said, “I think it’s really awesome. It
makes it a lot easier. It is much more
her family based on their various
shades of blue eyes to a recounting of
all of the forms of art she has at
tempted and failed at which were
singing, dancing, pottery and photog
Kitchen tries to “blur the edge be
tween nonfiction and poetry.” “But,”
she added, “you can only do that for
a second.”
Stan Rubin a self described “lyric
poet,” read poems that ranged from
jazz to the Bog people in Scotland.
He also read several poems from his
book Midnight. He put the poems in
the context of the various places he
and his wife have lived which range
from Massachusetts to Ireland.
“Poetry is partly about self-recog
nition,” Rubin commented.
Both Kitchen and Rubin teach at
SUNY-Brockport, where Rubin is the
Poetry continued on page 2
v . i
Chris Buchanan, 01 Political Science
are always full.”
Heather Hinz, 01 Elementary and
Special Education, said, “I find it con
venient to have these computers in the
Reed Union Building because I’m
able to check my email throughout the
day rather than having to wait for an
open computer in the computer lab."
Chris Buchanan, 01 Political Science,
said, “they need some stools because
people are tired of standing. People
are always forced to sit on the back
of the couches and eventually they arc
going to break. And if they are wor
ried about someone stealing a stool,
they should just nail them down.”
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