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    17 Thurs
Soccer (W) vs. Mount Union - 4pm
SPC Movie: "Can't Hardly Wait"- 10pm
Harambee Dinner - 6pm Reed Commons
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Behrend Astronomy Series Opens
with "Oceans On Europa". The
1998-99 Open House Nights in As
tronomy Series will begin Thursday,
Sept. 24, at 7:30 p.m. with an explo
ration of Jupiter's icy moon, Europa.
Dr. Roger Knacke, professor of phys
ics and director of the School of Sci-
ence, will present a lecture summa
rizing the results of the NASA Galileo
Europa Mission (GEM). Open House
Nights in Astronomy, which takes
place in the Otto Behrend Science
Lecture Hall, are free and open to the
public. Astronomical observing will
take place following the lectures,
weather permitting. For more infor
mation, contact the School of Science
at 898-6105.
The Lion Ambassadors will be hold
ing two informational sessions in
Cancun * Nassau * Jamaica * Mazatlan * Acapulco
* Bahamas Cruise * Florida * South Padre
Travel Free and make lots of Cash !
Top reps are offered full-time staff jobs.
Lowest price Guaranteed. Call now for details! 800/838-6411
Reed 113 next week. On September
22, the first meeting will take place
and begin at 12:30 p.m. The follow
ing day on September 23, a second
meeting will be held at 5:00 p.m. Free
food and prizes are available. Any
one seeking further information re
garding this organization or these
meetings can contact the Lion Ambas
sador office at 898-7211.
The School of Science Seminar Se
ries presents Dr. Pamela Silver Botts,
Assistant Professor of Biology, on
Thursday, September 17, from 1:00
p.m. - 1:50 p.m. in Reed 117. The
title of Botts' talk is "Biological Pat
terns in Heterogeneous Landscapes:
Too Much of a Good Thing Can Be
Bad." Organisms living in landscapes
may experience differential costs and
benefits that depend upon the spatial
arrangement of resource patches.
Patterns of abundance of stream
dwelling invertebrates were measured
in the field, and computer models
were used to study possible mecha-
Calendar of Events
IM Deadline: Golf - 4pm
Tennis (W) vs. Pitt-Greensburg - spm
SPC Movie: "Can't Hardly Wait"-10pm
22 Tues
Lion Ambassadosr Information Session -
12:30pm Reed 113.
nisms behind the patterns. Dr. Botts
uses microlandscapes in the labora
tory to examine underlying biologi
cal mechanisms that determine how
the spatial arrangement of resource
patches influences life history traits
of organisms. Chironomids often ex
hibit strong competition among indi
viduals for living space and for par
ticles to use for construction of dwell
ing tubes. Subdivision of resources
appears to mitigate the costs of high
density of larvae, thereby increasing
the number of organisms that can live
in a benthic landscape. Please plan
on attending the first in a series of
science seminars. All students, and
faculty and staff are welcome.
The Office of Catholic Campus Min
istry would like to invite anyone, who
is interested in attending, to their
weekly Catholic Mass. Mass takes
place in the Reed Commons every
Sunday and begins at 8:00 p.m. All
are welcome to attend.
19 Sat
Bruno's: Band - "Igniters" - B:3opm
Soccer (M&W) vs. Lake Erie - Ipm/3:3opm
Tennis (W) - Penn State Behrend Invit. -
SPC Movie: "Can't Hardly Wait"- 10pm
23 Wed
Lion Ambassadors Information Session -
spm. Reed 113
'Each fat! season for lernA es, on campuses allover the country, thousands of young men, mast of
them fresh out of high school, have formed college fraternities. 'The vast majority of these new pledge
members, happy with their choice of fraternity, have enjoyed their weeks or months of p&dgeship and
have been initiated into full active membership as a matter of course. Few of them have paused even for
a moment to examine the reason, real or imagined, for adopting the badge of a particular Greekfetter
organization, much less to ask, themselves why they pledged a fraternity at all.
?he generation today is different. Many young men of this age are still rjoining fraternities, but
they are more thoughtful, more deaienru, more inclined to reject the caches once readily accepted as
vatidators of fraternity membership. 'They are kss guided by the herd instinct, less enamored o f prospect
of four undergraduate years o ffraternal heff-raising, more anxious to 'do their own thing'. 'They are not
the image of the beer-guzziling, raccoon-coated, utterly irresponsible 'fro man or frat of an earlier
day ( an image, by the way, some fraternity men richly deserved as a pathetic character, which it is.
'They sense nevertheless, that the fraternity experience may be worthwhile. At /east they hope so, yet
they are not all sure. For many of them, joining a fraternity represents an act offaith.
Let us first define what afnzurnity is. A coffege fraternity chapter is an organized group of
undergraduate men bound together by tics of close friendship. Customarily the chapter is composed of
pa4es, actives, and a body of alumni. A college fraternity e.tiset on the premise that man is by nature 4
social being and wants to associate with his feffow man. a fraternity provides a structure, an
environment in which intimate friendships can flourish.
fraternities are a pecul'iarl'y American institutions. White cornpara64 student organizations
exist ahroad, the college fraternity in Me United Sates and Canada has grown up as a response to real'
needs among students in American institutions of higher education. Students created them, and they will
survive so long as Me serve Me needs of undergraduates.
to make a commitment to something outside themselves, to something larger than themselves, In a
fraternity the commitment is directed in part to the program of the organization, to the things the group
does as agroup, but mostly it is a commitment to peop4. lb friends. Xituat is but one way of (Arming
a fraternity's ideals and aspirations. Closely associated with it is symbolism. fraternities 1114, passi64 a
unique mmrience in corporate living
of Me same fraternity prove to 6e rernarkally Jivers in tastes and talents, in Mought and behavior. A
fraternity can provide its numbers a means of findng a humanising experience in Me midst of Me
crowds and masses of modern-day institutions of higher learning.
'But after all has been said and done, friendship, 6rotherflood in the context of a meaningful,
rrusnagea64 group relationship is what fraternity is di about. It shouts( come as no surprise to anyone
that a fraternity's rentarka64 capacity to foster the making and keeping of friends is the chief reason for
its e.xistence and the best assurance for its survival:
a college fraternity, not unfikr any other worthwhile human institution, encourages its metnbers
A fraternity provides striking opportunities for self development. 'Upon examination, members
Thursday, September 17,1998 - The Behrend College Beacon - pa
Why fraternite
Tennis (W) vs. Frostburg and Lake
Soccer (W) vs. Mount Union - 3pm
Catholic Mass - Bpm Reed Common
SPC Movie: "Can't Hardly Wait" - 9p
24 Thurs
Astronomy Open House - 7:3opm -
Otto Behrend Science Building
SPC Movie: "The Truman Show" -
1 Opm
-Xpbert 'E. Capwdt
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