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    page 2 - The Belovnd College Beacon - September 17, / 998
DEEC: Addressing
minority issues on campus
By Ayodele Jones
managing editor
The Diversity and Educational Eq
uity Committee (DEEC) was formed
in the Spring of 1995 to address di
versity issues. On September 10,
1998, DEEC held its first meeting of
the year. DEEC is comprised of stu
dents, staff and faculty from each of
the academic units. The purpose of
DEEC is to "involve staff, faculty. stu
dents in discussions that regard issues
of diversity on campus, - said Ken
Miller, Acting Dean of Student Af
DEEC is divided into three sub
committees, each of which addresses
a certain aspect of campus life; the
Campus Climate Committee chaired
New carpeting is laid in the bookstore as part of the campus
store's major renovations in recent weeks.
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An Equal Opportunity Employer
by Biddy Brooks; the Recruitment
Committee chaired by Melissa
Grimm; and the Retention Committee
chaired by Janique Caffie. The topic
of last Thursday's meeting was to dis
cuss the "Report on Recruitment of
Students from Underrepresented
Groups and Improving Practices for
Students of Color and International
Miller noted significant changes that
DEEC has undergone to enable it to
become more efficient and beneficial
to the Penn State Behrend community.
"We are trying to make DEEC more
attractive to students, by having one
specific topic at each meeting, and by
advertising these topics broadly to fac
ulty, staff and students we hope to in-
crease participation."
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Thursday, September 17, 1998
6:00 pm- 8:00 pm
Reed 117 Lecture Hall
The Campus Climate Committee
is a portion of DEEC that takes a look
at how diversity issues affect students
on campus. Last Spring, students
were given a survey discussing cli
mate on campus and their relation to
sensitive subjects such as race, sexual
orientation and sexual harassment.
Brooks, Assistant Head of the Divi
sion of Undergraduate Studies, said
that Behrend "plans to have a lot of
focus groups and programming ad
dressing the issues that came up in
the responses."
The Recruitment Committee de
velops strategies to increase the mi
nority population at Behrend. By
having innovative programs such as
"Buddy Weekend" and "Sleeping
Bag Weekend" students are given the
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e selected for GE's Fall Interviewing
5 ,‘6 19 We bring good things to life
opportunity to experience college life
first hand. "These programs are more
inclusive, and they allow students to
have more time on campus while be
ing academically focused," noted
Admissions Officer Grimm . The Re
tention Committee collects and ana
lyzes data while attempting to iden
tify trends.
The next meeting will be in Octo
ber and the topic will be in regards to
the results of the climate survey given
last spring. The Diversity and Educa
tional Equity Committee has been un
successful in obtaining student in
volvement, yet the committee urges
all who are interested to attend these
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aware of what is going on around
Studies have found that lifelong
patterns of coping with stress are de
veloped during childhood. Evidence
suggests that people who do not learn
to cope with stress in a positive way
grow up to become adults that deal
poorly with stress. Those who learn
to cope with stress effectively seem
to be more stress-resistant as adults.
Some teens and adults function
well under stress. Psychologists call
this resilience, and the study of resil
iency has provided many clues as to
why some deal with stress better than
others. Studies are trying to find pro
tective factors that enable some to
handle stress wile others do not.
Doctors now believe that the more
mastery a person had over circum
stances, the less stressed the person
feels. The answer would be to train
the mind to absorb stress, discover
ways to take one's mind off work and
express one's individuality. More
importantly, psychiatrists stress that
one should have self-understanding
and set realistic goals. For many it
!could be coming to terms with ambi-
I tion itself. Acompatible life-style can
achieved by getting balance in your
Many people are willing to help if
, ou feel stressed out. Note that as the
. tress you are under increases, you
bility to recognize it often decreases.
igns around campus, contain the
.chool counselor's names and email
:ddresses. Be advised that the coun
.eling services at Behrend and confi
ential. The counselors are available
o talk to students or refer them to
omebody else. As Parr-Plasna says,
`Everyone whr seeks help will re
eive benefits.
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Phone: 899-8782
Police And Safety
09/10/98 Smoke alarm in Almy. No fire. Student burned
object in microwave.
09/11/98 Call received about bike injury outside of
Bruno's. Officer dispatched.
09/12/98 Someone tampered with the fire extinguisher in
Erie Hall.
09/12/98 Caught four students removing a traffic cone
near M&O lot.
09/12/98 Requested access into C+DE so an exterminator
could come in and get rid of bees. Access was granted.
0 9 / 1 3 / 9 8 It was reported that complainant was in an
argument with another individual which got out of hand
09/13/98 Received two reports of strange people in
Dobbins stairwell and as a precaution doors to resident
halls were being locked early. Checked and found four
older males waiting to purchase Neil Diamond tickets in
the morning.
What is your opinion of
the Ken Starr report?
"I didn't read it, but I bet it sucked!"
-Beth Shaffer, 01 Communications Disorders
"I don't care, I'm just trying to graduate."
-Jaime Clarke 07 Plastic
"Who cares?"
"He's just getting paid to do his job.
He's getting paid the big bucks."
-Wendy Holtry, 07 Biology
"I think the report is disgusting. It
doesn't matter who he screws, but how
he runs the country."
"I don't care, and no one else seems to
care either."
+iicts%Altk ,
-Jen Shaffer, 08 Biology
-Marlene Micco, 07 Biology
-Brian Bransen, 01 DUS