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    Studio Theatre
to hold auditions
for Fall comedy
By Valerie Trost
staff writer
Attention Behrend students: the
Studio Theatre is putting on a brand
new production this Fall. This
Pulitzer Prize winning production,
Crimes of the Heart, is a dark corn
edy written by Beth Henley. Crimes
of the Heart also won the New York
Drama Critics award establishing
Beth Henley as a major contributor
to the world of women theatre writ
ers. The play looks into the lives of
three McGrath sisters who grow up
in the small town of Hazelhurst, Mis
sissippi. This imaginative production
takes a lighthearted look at the crimi
nal aspects of heartache (hence, the
title). Abuse, affairs, suicide, and
birthday celebrations all greet the
McGrath sisters during this one day
reunion in the town in which they
grew up. Beth Henley provides a pro
duction quite worthy of its awards. It
is sure to be shocking, disturbing, in
novative, and hilarious for both the
oo Goo Dolls to play at Behren
By David Young
staff writer
Students are constantly com
plaining of boredom at Penn State-
Behrend. However, they should
realize that there are more things
to do than any one person can
handle here on campus.
One of the more popular things
to do on campus is to join a frater
nity or sorority. There are many
Greek organizations on campus to
For those of us who are not ath
letically inclined enough to be on
one of Behrend's varsity teams,
intramurals are a great way to have
tun and meet people. There are new
intramunds every season. If you
enjoy sports there is something for
you. Anything from sand volleyball
1 Make a decision
4 Heavy-hearted
7 Uncle
10 Commit perjury
13 Orchestrate
15 First part
17 Loop in one's
18 Basutoland, now
19 Persons of
equal status
21 Laughter sound
22 Papal name
23 Scribed
25 Grasped
27 'The Jetsons"
29 Disfigures
31 Sargasso
32 Second-hand
34 "Lonesome
Dove" author
Quote as an
Pinon seeds
Most of Mali
Author Levin
advocate Ralph
First light
Narrowest part
New Jersey
Sit astride
1997 movie
covers, of a sort
Erik of "CHiPs"
More tranquil
Criticize harshly
Downing Street
Ridge, TN
2 Exact
3 Qualifications
4 Clipped-off
audience and performers.
If any student is interested in per
forming, open auditions are bein ,14
held in the Studio Theatre (next t.
Turnbull for those that don't know
on Wednesday, September 16, 6:00 -
8:00, and on Thursday, September 17
5:30 - 7:00. There are spots open fo
four female parts (the three sisters an
a cousin), and two male parts. Any
one is welcome (and strongly urged)
to come and audition if they are in
terested. One tip: come with you
deepest Southern accent.
For others who have ever done any
theatre in high school or are just in
terested in being involved in an imagi
native group here at school, the the
atre group (otherwise known as the
Matchbox Players) is meeting for .
second meeting on Thursday, Septem
ber 10, at 6:00 in the Studio Theatre.
The group is in the process of orga
nizing projects and functions for thi
year and is always open to new idea
and especially new faces.
to soccer is available to students. wester.
If you're not into all the running Maybe the bluest attraction",
and physical activity required by Behrend offers this semester are
most sports, but you still want to three upcoming concerts: Push wit
stay in shape, the weight room is the play Behrend on September 25:
perfect place for you. The weight The Gathering Held will be hen
room offers a variety of free weights October 23. On November 9, Bo;
and fitness machines. Treadmills, hrend will host a concert many stu
stationary bikes, and step climbers dents are excited about: the Goo
are there to use. The weight room Goo Dolls. Students are already
is also a great place to meet people. talking about the concert "I can't
However, if you couldn't care less believe Behrend got a major band
about anything that has to do with' likethe Goo Goo Dolls to ;day here:
physical activity, don't worry. You I can't wait," says Dave
can always find some form of enter. Hohenbrink, 01 engineering.
tainment at Behrend. There are at If you still can't find anything
least two decent movies shown on here that sparks your interest, you
campus every month. can always find a party somewhere
Bran's Cafe in the Reed Student at Behrend.
Union Building is a good place to
hang out. Bruno's hosts comedians
and musical acts throughout the se-
5 Nixon V.P.
6 Sanitize
7 Longest or
shortest day
8 Mimic
9 Webwork
10 Most supple
11 Breathing device
12 Self image
14 Weapons
16 Actor Beery
20 Wander
22 Golfer's norm
24 Thompson and
26 Night follower
28 Ken and Lena
30 Lazy lady?
33 Needle cases
35 Take care of a
second time
37 Of Rome's
39 Bakery
40 0. Henry, e.g.
41 "No, No, ___"
42 Mailed
44 Soprano Patti
45 Fell back
46 Biblical boat
49 Most certain
52 Arcturus or
Rigel, e.g.
Review: Dead
Man on
By Michael Coursey
staff writer
The joint venture between Para
mount and MTV pictures, Dead Man
on Campus, is an overall enjoyable
experience. It stars Tom Everett
Scott, who previously starred in the
Tom Hanks project, That Thing You
Do, which was based on an Erie, PA,
band that made it big.
Scott stars as Josh, a nerdy,
straight-laced bookworm on an aca
demic scholarship in a six-year medi
cal program. Co-starring along with
Scott as his roommate is Mark-Paul
Gosselaar. Gosselaar plays Cooper,
a privileged son of a toilet-cleaning
businessman who is just at school to
party and escape the realities of life.
The film opens with Josh trying to
rest and get ready for the first day of
classes, while Cooper brings in
twenty or so people to party in their
room. Cooper seems to be so fixated
with his five foot tall purple bong that
he continues to fire up throughout the
movie. Meanwhile Josh meets
Rachel, an attractive auburn-haired
coed, who is an enjoyable distraction
from his studies.
54 Check recipient
57 Ginger cookie
59 Actress Laura
60 Herbal drink
61 Mont. neighbor
63 Theater-sign
When midterms come around, Josh
and Cooper realize that they might be
failing some of their classes, which
would put Josh's scholarship in jeop
ardy and cause Cooper to lose his
father's support. Josh and Cooper
pool their thoughts as to what to do
to survive the semester, and they dis
cover a school code that guarantees
students straight A's for the semester
if their roommate dies.
The two debate the issue, then de
cide to find a suicidal student as a
roommate. They go through three
roommates who they think would be
prime candidates to commit suicide.
The first was a hyper-paranoid, Bill
Gates-fearing student, the next is a
pseudo-British punk singer, and fi
nally there is Cliff, the ultimate party
animal. Cliff takes the roommates on
many adventures, from frat house hi
jinks to high speed chases with the
Although it is integral to the plot,
the lighthearted way in which suicide
is dealt with in this picture is some
what disconcerting. However, the
script seemed somewhat original, the
tempo was upbeat, and the movie as
a whole was quite entertaining.
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Send your
classified to
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Great photo of Beschloss
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Oliver- Jason-
I miss you and lam thinking of you. You are a great camper!
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