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    page 4 - The Behrend Beac,;,l - ,-11c4thst 20, 19Qs
Provost and Dean John Lilley
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Athletic Director Brian Streeter
1. Describe your job
It's a job that never stops. If there is a
slow moment, you know something
is going to happen. The nice thing
about it is that I am always working
with students and faculty and am in
volved with everything on campus.
We arc still planning the multipurpose
building The design phase is about
MK; complete. The new intramural
complex won't he used until the
spring and the bridge will he in by Oc
-2 What are some activities you sug- tohcr.
gest first-year students should get
involved with?
Students should all become specta
tors. Be the reserve player at every
game. You can still participate from
the stands. Games are a great place to
meet new people.
3. What new or exciting things are
Roger Knacke, Director of the
School of Science
I.Describe your job
As Director of the School of Science.
I supervise the teaching. research. and
service activities of the faculty and
students. I work with the faculty and
students to foster an outstanding en
vironment for undergraduate
2.What are some activities you sug-
M\ I:: IF I Tll 11 IE
happening in your department this
4. What advice would you give first
sear students?
Bc patient and willing to realize there
are one hundred ways to do things and
no one way is the right way. Before
you react. see it through the other
person's eyes. Bc practical and have
conunon sense
gest first year students should get
involved with?
I'd suggest that first year students
should join a club or two related to
their academic interests, as well as
participate in the athletic and social
lite of the College. These out of class
activities, which are very good at Be
timid, can help you succeed in your
academics. Make the effort to be-
Roberta Salper, Director of the School of
Humanities and Social Sciences
1. Describe your job
As the director of the School of Hu
manities and Social Sciences I work
with the faculty who teach in our
majors and minors: English, History,
Political Science, Communication
and Media Studies, and Psychology
as well as Women's Studies and In
ternational Studies , Since I I&SS of
fers a little more than half of
Behrend's general education courses,
a lot of my time is devoted to select
ing and staffing these courses too.
The job has many other interesting
facets too; two of my favorites have
been to help in the creation of Be
hrend-based study abroad programs
in Germany, England Spain and
France (the one in Paris is slated to
begin in summer 2000) and to he a
part of the team that initiated the Be
hrend Fifth Year Elementary and Sec
ondary Education Program.
2. What are some of the activities
you suggest first year students
should get involved with?
I think that getting involved in
acedemically-related activities such
as the discipline-based clubs (psy
chology, history, political science,
etc.), working on The Beacon and at-
come a part of them
3.What new or exciting things are
happening in your department this
This year, Science is introducing ex
citing new programs in computational
physics, analytical chemistry, and ori
gins of solar systems. Programs that
we introduced or developed last year,
including biomathematics, develop
mental biology, a statistics minor, and
a computer science minor, are matur
ing. Faculty interests in these sub
jects provide great opportunities for
Behrend students, opportunities that
are unusual for an undergraduate col
4.What advice would you give first-
year students?
My advice to new students is to de
cide, and be determined, that you will
make a success of your college career.
It will take much more than it did in
high school, but don't let anything
stop you. These can he the greatest
years of your life. Good Luck!
Provost and Dean John Lilley
John Lilley, Provost and Dean of
the Behrend College, says, "If there's
anything I like about Behrend, it's the
whole thing." Dean Lilley is respon
sible for all of Behrend College, and,
as he puts it, "Responsible is the right
word." Dean Lilley oversees all four
schools of the College, as well as op
erations, the physical plant, develop
ment, and faculty. Dean Lilley is in
volved in the selection of the faculty,
as well as their promotions and ten
ure, "This year we have appointed
some terrific new faculty. You have
to have great faculty and great friends
to have great students."
There have been many changes to
the campus since last semester, said
Lilley. The Reed Commons was reno
vated over last spring and summer.
The new athletic complex will begin
construction this spring. The bridge
tending as many as the first-rate lec
tures and readings we have on cam
pus is a wonderful way to deepen and
broaden the intellectual excitement of
starting college. Ideally, first-year
student might attempt to combine aca
demically oriented activities with par
ticipation in athletics at some level.
There is something to be said for a
good balance between mind and body.
Richard Progelhof,
of Engineering
1. Describe your Job.
My responsibility is to oversee the
operation of the school and in many
instances to speak for the school to
companies, main campus, etc.
2. What are some activities you
suggest first year students get in
volved in?
All students should be in involved
in some form of extra curricular ac
tivities but carefully balance their
time between class work homework
and activities.
3. What new or exciting things are
happening in your department?
to the new athletic fields will be com
plete later this fall. Construction on
Knowledge Park has already started,
and there is a company slated to move
in next year. This company will offer
internships to Behrend students.
There are also two new dorms
planned for the next few years, along
with more parking, which Lilley ad
mits will he tight again this year.
Dean Lilley emphasized that he
wants first year students, "to go to bed
and go to class and go prepared and
take their studies seriously. Just go go
go." He also tells students, "Do not
go home until Thanksgiving and just
have fun. It is very important to work
hard and play hard."
"Every student we admit can do the
work," stated Lilley. "We predict ev
ery student can at least make a 2.5.
but not every student will do it. When
3. What new or exciting things are
happening in your department?
We are in the throes of welcoming
eight new full-time faculty members
-it's wonderful to have so many gifted
young intellectuals teaching in our
4. What advice do you give to first
year students?
The same advice I gave to my
Director on the School
The school continues to grow and
improve its physical facilities. This
last year the school obtained:
a. Six sets of Hewlett Packard test
equipment integrated to PCs
b. Obtained a CNC router and sur
face grinder to expand the manufac
turing capabilities.
c. Obtained a grant from the National
Science Foundation to obtain digi
tal signal processing equipment for
d. Upgraded computer memory in
the school's two advanced design
you drink too much or don't go to
class you are hurting no one but your
self. I don't believe college is the best
time of your life, but it should be the
best time so far."
Tilley also advocates getting in
volved outside of class. He com
mented. "I learned a lot in college
outside of class." He also stated that
faculty played a large roll in his suc
cess and has high expectations for the
faculty at Behrend. "I want our fac
ulty to push our students intellectu
ally, but pull them personally. Stu
dents should also create inspiration for
Lilley said that Saturday will he a
fantastic day for him, as will gradua
tion. "It really means something to
me. It's a thrilling day."
daughter (Who actually listened to
me...she graduated with a 3.6 and is
in law school now): these four years
as an undergraduate can be the most
crucial experience in your life--
plunge in, work hard, and try to do
the very best you can in every task
you undertake. Good luck!
4. What advice do you have for
first year students?
Make sure that you get a good start
on your school work, develop good
time management skills, and a study
team for each of your courses before
getting involved in extra curricular
It is very important that the stu
dent gets a "jump on his studies" at
the very beginning of the school year.