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    The Big Hit makes
in action for what
lacks in plot
by Jon Stubbs
features editor
Mark Wahlberg plays the Forrest
Gump of hitmen in this past week’s
release, The Big Hit. Wahlberg’s
character, Melvin Smiley, is charm
ing and polite, but not all that
intelligent. He’s involved with
two women: one who is embez
zling money from him, and the
other who is not quite sure she
wants to become engaged to
Melvin because he’s not Jew
ish. Melvin is a likeable but pa
thetic guy who lets everyone
take advantage of him, even his co
Outside of his quiet family life,
Melvin kills people. He works for a
steady boss whieh informs Smiley
and his associates of whom to dis
pose. It is understood that their loy
alty to Paris, their boss, is of utmost
importance. Which is why things go
awry when Cisco (Lou Diamond
Phillips) plans an unauthorized kid-
Because he needs the extra money
to support his mistress, Melvin
It can be said that there is just as
much invigorating action in The
Big Hit as there was in Face/Off.
There may even be more.
agrees to participate in the kidnap
ing of Keiko Nishi (China Chow), the
daughter of Jiro Nishi, a wealthy
businessman. However, unbe
knownst to Melvin and the other kid
napers, Nishi has just recently gone
bankrupt and Keiko happens to be
Paris’ goddaughter.
Pm State-Behrend students
Bill Ross and Brian Ashbaugh
will be In the spotlight
this summer.
(They're taking Theater 100
during Summer Session.)
Almost 70 classes are being otiered at Penn State-Behrend in 3,4,
and 8-week sessions beginning May 13th or June 15th. Why not get
at least one class out of the way for laN semester?
Stop by the Office ot the Registrar tor a complete schedule,
or look it up on the web at
How about you?
CJq The Bchreml
line College
The plot doesn’t develop much
more after that, however the bril
liantly directed action scenes keep
the audience’s attention throughout
the film. Director Che-Kirk Wong
and director of photography Danny
Nowak do amazing tricks with
light and effects in the film to
keep viewers from getting
bored. explosions reflect
in swimming pools; characters
appear to actually be in danger
as cars roll down hills after
The Face/OJf- like action in
The Big Hit may stem from the fact
that one of the film's executive pro
ducers, John Woo, directed Face/Off.
It can be said that there is just as
much invigorating action in The Big
Hit as there was in Face/Off. There
may even be more.
Along with loads of action, The Big
Im/ I
iff*' ’
(Left to right) Crunch (Bokeem Woodbine), Vince (Antonio Sabato, Jr), Cisco (Lou Diamond
Phillips), and Mel (Mark Wahlberg) are a quartet of hitmen in The Big Hit.
Hit is dotted with light humor in a
few scenes. Running gags through
out the movie such as the harassment
that Melvin takes from a video store
for an overdue tape and Melvin’s hit
pal Crunch’s addiction to porno add
enlightening moments to the film.
Although The Big Hit is packed
with action, it’s not what one would
Bowling club forms
at Behrend
by Scott Warofka
staff writer
If you saw recent films such as The
Big Lebowski and King Pin , did you
feel the urge to go and roll a couple
frames? If you answered “Yes,” there
is a new organization on campus com
prised of others that share this desire.
The Student Government Association
recently voted in favor of recogniz
ing the newly formed Bowling Club
as a student organization.
1 Droops
5 Walked
10 Put away
14 Chicken
15 Revere
16 Finish line
17 Dancer Pavlova
18 Painter of ballet
19 Oklahoma city
20 Green years
22 Stored fodder
24 Meir of Israel
28 Plant secretion
29 Inhabitants
32 Queasiness
36 Cures
37 Splendiferous
38 Individual
39 Humorist
41 Plaything
42 Rock debris at
cliff bases
46 Lather
50 Superlatively
51 Tugboat
52 Shaft of light
53 Hold the tiller
54 Courtyards
58 Mischievous
62 Brogue or
wingtip, e.g.
63 Minute amounts
67 School on the
68 Buddies
69 Muse of lyric
70 Capital on the
Gulf of Guinea
71 Delta deposit
72 Spread here and
73 Pour out
1 Beat it!
2 Top-drawer
3 Departed
4 Tiny, shiny disk
5 Cushion
6 Fruit beverage
The Behrend College Collegian - Thursday, April 30, 1998 - Page 9
call a smart action film. It is predict
able and the plot development and
character development are minimal.
However, the film still remains enter
taining for the most part, probably be
cause of the skillful directing and art
work, as well as the intense action
So, with everything taken into con-
Tricia Michel, 02 DUS, is one of
the founding members of the club.
Michel said that the goal of the club
is “to get people out together to have
fun.” She said that the idea of form
ing a club came to her and several of
her friends when they realized how
much fun they had bowling on a
weekly basis.
So what if you are not all that good
at bowling, but you would still like to
participate? Brendan O’Donnell, 08
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Most macabre
Son of Isaac
sideration. The Big Hit is worth your
time if you think Face/Off and Die
Hard were good action movies. But
if your idea of the perfect action
movie is a plot-heavy film such as
The Hunt For Red October or Pa
triot Games , save your $6.25.
History, said "I’ve never really gone,
but I’d like to learn.” Michel said that
the club is open to anyone and “It
doesn’t really matter what your skill
level is. We're not very competitive.”
Michel continued by adding that the
club aims to “...promote fellowship.”
The Bowling Club will meet on
Thursdays at 10:00 p.m. Anyone in
terested is encouraged to stop by
Eastway Lanes.
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